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Sunday January 12, 2020

Some of you may have noticed my investment in Tesla has paid off. The stock, TSLA, is now well over 450 a share. Besides my love of my Tesla Model S, the best auto I have driven, I invested in Tesla because I am hoping to see the start of the demise of Oil.

Jose and Salvador have finished the blending of our 2019 wines. I got a taste of many of them and I was very impressed. The sample of Petite Sirah I tasted was the best I have tasted at this early time. We held back many barrels, mostly Zinfandel blends because there was too much sugar left in them. We hope to use those barrels next year to create our DC Fusion non vintage wine for 2020. BTW, I tasted our new DC Fusion for 2019 and at 12.3% alcohol it was very nice so I have decided to hold off bottling until July. Since we held back a lot of Zinfandel, Our production of My Zin, 100% Zinfandel, Dave's and Estate Cuvee was far less than usual. Please order soon. As a matter of fact our Dave's Cuvee is now sold out.

Here's another "Dinner Last Night"  - Sausage and Bell Peppers

Fried Calamari Po'Boy

If you have any questions, hints, requests or anything else, let us know at foodnotes@coffaro.com


Monday January 20, 2020 Three 2's and three 0's

Most of you I suspect are not into NFL football? Bryan my new son was here and we rooted for Green bay because he was from Wisconsin. It was really hard for Bryan but we got over it with a nice shrimp Pasta.

Now I have to get ready for Tennis.

Susie has some time off because she left Lyft to get a job she likes more SO

Pat and Susie are off to Hawaii for a week. I will survive..............

Friday January 24, 2020

This has been in the distant past a controversy. Velcorin...........look it up if you want to know more. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimethyl_dicarbonate

We had a lot of activity the other day. First the three people came in to service our Velcorin dispenser. It is required and it costs us a lot of money every year.

Velcorin has been used for over 50 years in Fruit drinks and it was certified for wine in 1988, over 30 years ago.

The controversy is that it is a chemical and there is some concern about smelling it.......seriously, I never understood that. So we had this required maintenance of our Velcorin dispenser which costed us well over $50,000. The first thing the head guy did was smell our machine and said he smelled some Velcorin so he suspected there was a leak. I was interested since I heard the only thing of concern was it may have some smell which could hurt us????

The Velcorin container in our dispenser has to be kept at a certain temperature so it is plugged in all the time to keep it warm, otherwise it will become solid. Since our electricity was off for many days back in October we suspect PG&E was the cause of the problem. I had to dispose of the bottle and I now have a new one for bottling next month at the cost of $1000.

We make a Late Harvest wine which has 22% residual sugar left in it. Less than a drop of Velcorin will kill all yeast cells so that is why it is used in fruit juices, thus to make sure the juices do not start fermenting in the bottle. That is why we use it in our Late Harvest wines and we also use it in all our wines. We do not filter our wines. Sterile filtering does remove most active yeast, but by applying less than a drop of Velcorin in our bottles we have prevented any spoilage yeasts to grow in our wine. Let me make it clear, we have not had any problems with our red wines over the years, even when we did not use Velcorin, but it is satisfying to know that we will have sterile wines that will age for many years.

We are still waiting on our labels for our 2018 16 Month barrel aged wines. We also are bottling a 2019 Luminaire and a rose. We are hoping to receive the labels on February 5 or a day or two later. We have tentatively scheduled our bottling to start on February 10.

Sunday January 26, 2020

Originally I posted this diary 30 minutes ago so if any of you read it then there have been several changes and there may be a few more.......

Way back when I started tasting IPAs even before I met Bryan. I tried several Lagunitas beers. At that time I thought they had too much sugar. Then I heard they are laying off people. Of course I figured it was because they are making sweet beer...........remember I do not want to make a wine with any sugar.

Now I have read it isn't sugar it is Carbohydrates...........

In the last few years I have been enjoying IPAs. So I started looking up my favorite IPAs to see how many carbohydrates are in them. Remember I think it helps me to intake less Carbohydrates. I always want to lose weight. 

I looked up Pliny of course and did see they have less carbs than most beers. I looked up Stone, my everyday favorite for a few ounces a night, and it was higher in carbs. Gee, now I Know why I liked it, because a little bit of carbs, make me happy. I checked my recent Favorite, Dog Fish 90 and it had a little less carbs than Stone...........

The big surprised was that Lagunitas has low carbohydrates and Maximus is nice.............

I am mentioning IPAs because I think about how different they are than most wines. They all have carbohydrates in the bottle, just like most sparkling wines have sugar (our sparkling wines are bone dry). SO, Some carbonation can cover up the carbohydrates? I know little about making beer so I want to learn more, why do beers have so much carbohydrates?

Now some articles say beer does not have residual sugar, but as I said correctly they do have carbohydrates at high levels. Carbohydrates do convert to sugar. Here are two links to opinions:




I am really depressed, Kobe maybe the best player to play in the NBA and his daughter are gone.........sorry some of you believe in heaven...........

I was not a big fan of the NBA, but I am into all sports.............He was one of the best, in sports

Life must go on, but we all will be gone.........inside all people with memories all those people still a live will pass on to all others still alive. Heaven is what I am here for to just make memories............

OK, what are my interests, I know Kobe had many more than I. He will be a big loss to all of us.

Tuesday January 28, 2020

I had one nice person ask what I meant by "sorry some of you believe in heaven"? Here is my reply:

I do not believe in God or Heaven. My Father died of an accident when I was 10 years old, I know some think the Devil did it, I think it just is part of life and from that day forward, I felt there was no God. What I meant, if God does exist, He is in all of us and we pass everything we do, good or bad, along to everyone we interact with.

Thursday January 30, 2020

I want to make this clear again, I do not want to offend anyone. This is just my diary and I am happy some of you want to hear what is in my mind. 

It is hard for me to look at these impeachment hearings. We all know the results and like I said before Trump has been good for me, personally, but I do not like liars..........

SO I know some of you know i have been invested in Tesla stock for years, right after my first purchase of a Model S...........so I am happy I have made money in the stock. I am on my third Model S...............So...........if I can drive down to Santa Crruz and back on a charge I may buy another S. There may be a new battery coming.............BUT I really like my S now.......still, 300 range before a charge..............

Saturday February 01, 2020

OK, the Super Bowl is on again. The Second Super Bowl the Raiders lost. I had made many bets in 1967........The The Raiders would win. I was working at the Post Office in Rincon Annex in San Francisco. I was making about 2.50 an hour but it gave me enough income to pay $129 a month on my 1964 Corvette.

Those days none of us had much money so I think I bet $7 and I lost..................

Then two years later The Chiefs got a controversial call in the AFC Championship and beat the Raiders in Oakland, I was there.Then the Chiefs went on to win Super Bowl 4...........and now it is 50 years later so I am not rooting for the Chiefs because I was originally a 49er fan back in 1951............


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