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Sunday January 12, 2020....

Some of you may have noticed my investment in Tesla has paid off. The stock, TSLA, is now well over 450 a share. Besides my love of my Tesla Model S, the best auto I have driven, I invested in Tesla because I am hoping to see the start of the demise of Oil.

Jose and Salvador have finished the blending of our 2019 wines. I got a taste of many of them and I was very impressed. The sample of Petite Sirah I tasted was the best I have tasted at this early time. We held back many barrels, mostly Zinfandel blends because there was too much sugar left in them. We hope to use those barrels next year to create our DC Fusion non vintage wine for 2020. BTW, I tasted our new DC Fusion for 2019 and at 12.3% alcohol it was very nice so I have decided to hold off bottling until July. Since we held back a lot of Zinfandel, Our production of My Zin, 100% Zinfandel, Dave's and Estate Cuvee was far less than usual. Please order soon. As a matter of fact our Dave's Cuvee is now sold out.

Here's another "Dinner Last Night"  - Sausage and Bell Pepprs

Fried Calamari Po'Boy

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