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Monday July 13, 2020


OK my biggest concern is about my Cataract surgery on Wednesday.

We already decided to close our out door tasting because it is too hot out side this time through the summer.
Our two tasting room employees are concerned to be around anyone here So we may need new.

I want to open up when our county is OK with inside tasting. We have a secure area beyond large Glass doors so our tasting employees would be safe. Then inside our air conditioned winery we could have tables for three groups and our employees would only come out when wine is needed to be refilled into glasses.

We hope to start bottling next week.

TSLA, I have said a lot of TSLA and I did not sell this morning when it went up as high as 1799 and in extended trading it was as low as 1450 and closed at 1527, A big range. Are some people like me think in 20 years there may be more electric cars. And I am so happy with my power walls so energy aspect is not into this. And what about Starlink, Space X idea to give us internet. OK, who knows

Too much..........Tomorrow is another day

One more thing, I have to give some input soon about what is happening on all our backup projects...........

Tuesday July 14, 2020


OK, tomorrow is another day in my life. I have to be down to have Cataract Surgery at 7:30. After Lasik years ago I went from 20-400 to 20-40 in my left eye, the eye which will be tomorrow. It has been great to see better over all these years so I hope I can have the same results and even better after tomorrow.

Wednesday July 15, 2020

One Eye Dave today, I survived the Cataract surgery, but one eye is not good to navigate. I still got a nice dinner together with Pat's help, but I cut down my alcohol. I did like the 2018 Cab............

So they give some light drugs, not as much as a colonoscopy, Then I felt some scratching on my eye but but too bad. The whole time took about 10 minutes. I tried to peak right away through the corner of my mask and could not see anything........
Then i tried a few hours later and it was a little OK. Then another few hours I could see some fog........now at 7:30, 11 hours later, it looks like I may be seeing tomorrow without the fog. I tried to look in a darker place, the outside is dreadful, and in the darker area inside, I could see detail so I have hope...........

Big developments on our back up projects so I hope to go into that tomorrow.

We hope to start bottling next week. Jose and I are going to pick up labels tomorrow, but we have to find a place for all these bottled wines, a problem that will be figured out by next week..........

Tomorrow is another day?

Thursday July 16, 2020

I am back from my follow up today and it looks like my eye doctor did a great job!!! My left eye is still cloudy but my eye test came back at least 20-30 already and the best news is my pressure test for glaucoma came out at 10. I have been on drops before and the best pressure test before was 12 or 13. Doctors want a reading of 10 which is perfect. My great doctor did a procedure which he hoped to remedy my glaucoma problem and I won't have to do the visual test again, whoopee!!

so you know I keep saying 7,500 people die every day, Mostly from Cancer or heart and other things. Now deaths are going up because of Covid-19 and at 500 or so, so that is OK because it is way less than the total of people dying every day.......no way because the people who are dying are older people and they could have lived longer. It is so depressing.................

I am still into Tesla. I go out tomorrow, 150 miles round trip to pick up my Model S. It now has Full Sell Driving capacity, so will I drive FSD..........no way...............I want to be in complete control so I keep my hand on the wheel like I am reminded all the time.............if we move our hands away from the steering wheel. I like Tesla......... So below is one person on a forum stating what I think about.....he has hope like I do for a fantasy which could happen:

>>>>>>>>>>>>"Tesla is using the auto to fund its renewable energy goals. Musk in an interview said, we did the math and 100 giga factories is needed to power earth on 100% renewable energy. When looking at the planet as a whole, you can nail a system together pretty easily. Deserts, that’s where you have your solar collectors and batteries. From there you need distribution. Based on geography, political climate, and some other factors, you can start to put together a good distribution plan. Is Berlin strategic? Absolutely. Texas? Absolutely. Desert in CA? Heck yeah. Trust me, it’s no coincidence Musk has a relationship being built with the Saudis. China too! Shanghai benefits Musk and China. Musk also stated that when Tesla is fully mature, the auto sector, will only account for 25% of all profits. Chew on that! Then there’s SpaceX and Tesla working together. Tesla is going to be having trips to the moon!
Does my argument on Tesla’s future sound crazy? Yes! Is Musk crazy? Absolutely.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Saturday July 18, 2020

I got down to San Rafael yesterday and picked up my Model S. My eye was still somewhat cloudy but I drove carefully.

Today, Now after the third day, the haze is getting much better. What is interesting my left eye after surgery is seeing larger objects, I looked it up and it is called: "Aniseikonia (ANK) and occurs in 40% of patients after cataract surgery". As it is clearing up I still think I may be able to see 20-20.

We picked up the labels so we are going to start bottling our 2019 10 month oak aged wines on Tuesday.

I have my new scooter. It is low to the ground as you see but it does a great job navigating the vineyard, even in loose gravel. I made it out 1000 feet to the top of the vineyard where it drops off to the creek. I will wait for Catarino to come on Monday and make sure it can move up from the steep grade. There is lever you can press to make it easy to move if stuck.

The old man and his scooter!

Sunday July 19, 2020


I know, I look old!!!!!! but I know what I do!!!!!!

My pizza may be the best ever, a lot of air pockets and real crispy on the bottom.  This picture was the pizza when cooking and later came out even better. 

best pizza

Big week ahead, bottling


Monday July 20, 2020

8.....For some of you new, 8 means 8PM.....I am mellowing out after having a nice dinner and of course some wine...Also some times I post and need to correct, so always update.............................................

TSLA is up again so I have sold another 10 shares. I still have 380 shares ........and I have 350 shares that are long term at 280 a share.......so I will not be selling them. I still have 30 shares I bought at a high price, thought then at 565 so tomorrow if up more from now 1664........what do I do?

Bottling tomorrow, always an adventure!! First day can be an adventure, with down time trying to figure why the capsules or the labels have a problem......Our bottling line which cost 120K..........Now I was told by the dealer, I may need a new bottling line at $150K. We only bottle 5000 cases a year and I think the bottling line would last 30+ years so I told my employees, I would rather give you a raise...........

We moved so many stacks of wine today to leave room for the new bottled wine. It was nice to have Catarino, Martha and Cristian back. My scooter is great and Catarino and I will go out in the morning while Jose is setting up the bottling line AND to check our new fruit........!!!

Tuesday July 21, 2020


Pat made a dish tonight, We have fresh eggplant and squash and she mixed with onion and pasta, great, of course I had some sausage on the side, but if she wants to do it next week I would be fine,,,,,,,,,.......nice

I did make it down to the creek today with my old Man Scooter. It was fun!

My eye is getting better, but I had to go up on the forklift today many times so as usual, my back is not great.

We bottled today!! As usual on the first day we had a few problems. We bottled our new DC Fusion, 2019 Pinot and Italiano Style. DC Fusion was light as I expected and had good acid. I put one ice in it which i would suggest.

The Pinot, 2019 is lighter than the 2018 and the Italiano was heavy in both 2018 and 2019

What can I say about the virus, it is consuming all of us like nothing before!! I still think, most of us will be exposed to the Covid-19 just like many other virus. So far it looks like most of us are having no problems after recovery. I have not been tested but I do know some who were positive and they are fine now after two weeks. It is sad but for some reason, older people with health problems are not doing as well. At some point we will figure what is more important. Most of us would like to get back to what we had before.......tomorrow is another day

Wednesday July 22, 2020


I want to say first Cory, our Cat of now 6 years is learning.........so don't say you can not teach a cat. Cory if you go back know he was sitting down in front of me, this old guy, me, and I had to move over him.............

So Cory needed to have Pat to feed him every night, not me. Pat was so nice and took up the requirement.........it is not much.......Cory wants Fancy Feast, he grew up with it, so Pat now gives him a half a can a night.........he still wants more, he is fat, Mice got down in my Model S again so it cost me. Cory is only interested in Fancy Feast.............................................

We bottled today and it went well. We bottled our Block 4, 2019 10 Month today. Wow, I found it different. I would have to look but I think we added some Block One which had a little sugar left, not much, but we  may have .02 Percent, 2 Carbs for the whole wine.  I liked it........That said, I still would like to have wine that finishes fermentation to DRY.

The Problem last year........PG&E shut us down so we could not process wine and some fermentations did not finish to DRY. Yes I am obsessed as usual.

We are trying to do a backup so this does not happen again.......a lot of money........I like spending money

So I like spending money and I love my three model S I have had. I hear there may be a new Model S coming so I will buy one!!!

Thursday July 23, 2020


Today........I got down to Petaluma for an update on my left eye after Cataract surgery on the 15th. Everything looked good for the next eye, my right eye on August 19. I was told I still have cloudy eyes so that will improve over the next few weeks and I go back 6 days before my next surgery to make sure I am ready. Next surgery, August 19...........I am happy so far..........time will tell

Like I said I was gone today so my great workers, were done by the time I got back AND we bottled our new Block 6

Tesla reported great earnings yesterday and the stock was up good today but then fell after the Market went South. So I bought back 10 shares at much lower prices. I want my Model S Plaid option will be a tri-motor so soon it is for sale?
I may buy more TSLA tomorrow!! I have now made enough profits on TSLA to buy a Tesla Roadster, but I am too old for one...........?????


Friday July 24, 2020


We bottled today as usual we did Estate Cuvee and Zinfandel and My Zin. I have plenty up in my kitchen for the last few days  so I will try them tomorrow. We still have 2019 10 month Terre Melange, Carignan, and Aca on Monday. I will have a lot of wine to taste.

We have so many vegetables here on our Vineyard and I went out on my scooter with Catarino today before bottling started at 10Am.

We saw so many vegetables down by our creek on this 25 acre Farm. I was lucky to find this great place.

Late at night I read books to escape.............

I like crime novels or especially suspense. It moves me away from what I live..........

Tuesday July 28, 2020


Susie, our second born has been here since Sunday so we have been discussing many things. She has moved into the Condo in The City where Kate and Bryan were so she has asked for new windows in this Condo which was built in 1896 and she wanted to get away. Kate and Bryan are having a nice time in there new home in Albany.

Not much happening with stocks just bought some TSLA for a trade and have added to my Cruise stocks.

Bottling? We finished today!! I really like the 2019 wines, they do have a touch of sugar, like I said maybe 2 carbs for the whole bottle. It does smooth out the wine. I will have to taste more.............

Wednesday July 29, 2020


Not much has happened here today. We are blending our 2019 16 Month wines now which will be bottled next January. There are some of our wine which are bottled in both 10 month and 16 month versions. SO today Salvador and Jose blended Cab, Aglianico, Lagrein. and Escuro. Tomorrow will be Petite Sirah, Zp2c and Ultimate Cuvee........along with Dry Creek Road Red.

I have tasted some of our new bottled wines again tonight and I think they will be well accepted..........

Thursday July 30, 2020

We have had a few people come in to pick up wine during each week and we also have a few people who want to taste so we do our tastings outside and keep our red wine chilled a little to keep it under 75 degrees. For me, red wine should be tasted at 68 to 70 degrees, but it is hard to do that outside since in a few minutes in your glass it can heat up, especially when it is 90 degrees outside.

In the summer here in the past we did not have a lot of people coming by to taste. In the past families have been out on vacations and now people are not going out to wineries because of the virus. Catalina will be here tomorrow to taste wine with two appointments and Jesse will be here on Saturday.

Friday July 31, 2020


OK, big problem today. Dave, ME did something crazy last night. I tried to adjust my projector to make sure it was perfect. It is hard to explain, because most people do not care if the image on a projector is perfect.........

That is because most of you have nice displaces with automatically perfect image.......

But with Projectors which are usually up high on the ceiling, it can be a problem.

Since it is a way from the screen, it is not like a small display. I like a 8 foot wide image in my Movie Room in my house.........

so it needs to be set up right

I messed up last night. I tried to get the great projector up on the ceiling to give a perfect image by moving up and down by hand, up and down. It is complicated, but there are adjustments I forgot about.

So I tried to move the projector up a little to make a perfect image and................I did it too many times and so at 8:30 last night when I wanted to look at more video............the projector dislodged from the ceiling at one side

I survived, I just read for an hour and got ready for The Stock Market at 6am this morning

Today of course I was upset, abscessed.............

I needed to get the projector up again. I tried several methods but eventually...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The nice projector I had crashed to the floor. Pat head it way down in the office and made sure I was not under it...25 pounds

It did hit my hand but I could not stop it from falling, 8 feet. I said right away: I think it is dead!!!!!!

I think I am still smart at times so it was easy for me to see if it was still working......So still on the floor I started it up again, and too my amazement it fired up!!! But it was up on the ceiling away from the screen, obviously distorted.

I had tried everything including tape and I went out and looked........and there was a nice table and I brought it in to the movie room............

I had a little hope but I was not ready to go down hill.......

I got the the 25 pound projector somehow on the table,,,,,,,,My back is killing me so I need some beer right now..............

So I did a lot of moving around and sticking it on eventually a carton I got today with 10 pounds of Lobster tails, Styrofoam is holding up my projector now........

So I stacked this cleaned carton on a table and it took another hour but I now have a better image from the past!!!!!!!

I love what I do.  


OK, I had some beer after great Coffaro red wine earlier

I have said before to some, I have never had the flu. I can't remember when I last had a temperature. I can't remember when I throw up last time. Now I hear today some of us could be immune to this new virus. I sure hope I am one of them. I will say again, I think we will all be in contact with this virus, let's hope we will be OK..........


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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