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Sunday June 21 2020

In the last few days we had customers come in. Some were here over 1 hour and 30 minutes so that concerned Jesse last Thursday.

I had a long discussion with Jesse and he decided he wanted to pour outside where it would be 100 degrees, I said fine but he forgot I do not want my wine at 85 degrees. I checked

After over an hour I went out to see how things were going with these nice customers who purchased many bottles of wine AND I checked and they were consuming red wine at 85 degrees. I prefer red wine at 68 to 70 so I suggested he use more ice in the bucket and things were much better the last two days. We do need a lot of Ice though. We are storing ice in bags to get ready for today in case someone comes in. Pat and Susie have a new appointment system so we hope it will work out for everyone.

Susie tested negative so she came up for a visit Friday and is staying though today for pizza. It has been so much fun!! Susie has made a great loaf of bread and also a berry pie. I am trying to control my desire to eat all the pie!

This next few days will be a challenge. I will have to wear a mask.

Tomorrow, I see my primary care doctor so she can give me the go ahead for my cataract surgery. On Tuesday I go for a check up and measuring  for my cataracts. On Wednesday I have Best Buy come by to figure out which new projector that I will buy. On Thursday I have two teeth removed for the upcoming Implants in a few months. These two teeth have been giving me a hard time. It is hard getting old when things start falling apart..........

Tuesday June 23 2020
Kate, my first born, Happy Birthday

I hate masks, does everyone agree.

So I went into town yesterday. I had to wear a mask and it was hard!!! I have hearing aids and so I had to be careful to keep the straps down low away from my ears...........Also........One thing I have never liked is something near my throat, even a shirt. So Masks, I do not like. So my first experience with a mask required was yesterday when I went in to see my nice primary care doctor. She like all other doctors are requiring I wear a mask. I had trouble breathing so I was not happy

So today I have to get measured for my cataract surgery next month. I have to wear a mask again.............
Thursday I will have two teeth pulled. Tomorrow is another day

Have you heard Gone With The Wind is not being shown now because it depicts what happened in the past which was bad. Look at that movie, the people in the South believed in what they were doing, sure they lost, but why say we can't see what happened then. It is a great movie, my favorite, it shows a little of what the South had to do to recover. Why do we want to hide the South or destroy a statue, I don't get it. I agree some of these great people like Thomas Jefferson had slaves, that was normal then and was changed 100 years later. Andrew Johnson is another matter


So I made it down to my two places today, one for my blood test for my cataract surgery next July 15, my step fathers birth date, long story

So No one like I said likes masks on. I had so much trouble breathing. Even when these long measurements for my cataract I had to keep my mask on. It was hard!!!!!~ I was told many times to keep my eyes open wide so it was hard since I was having trouble to breath.

I made it.........

So I guess I will navigate my Tesla Model S down to Santa Rosa again on Thursday to have 2 teeth pulled.

I was happy to find out Instacart will deliver what I want at Costco. bbbbbbbbut they won't deliver alcohol to my Zip. I wanted Campari so they won't deliver, SO I ordered other things I wanted and it will be delivered tomorrow.......

Wednesday June 24 2020


So this is always what is in my mind. I could go on about buying a little Airline and Cruise stocks back after making a great profit. I could say I have to go down 60 miles to have service on my Model S because I want the new computer for free...........but

Of course I am thinking about my two teeth to be pulled tomorrow. I will let you know what happens..........

But also I am going up to see the latest Bolton interview after seeing the whole one from Sunday.............

Thursday June 25 2020


I have a friend and customer is concerned like I am that cases are going up. We disagree on how bad the Covid-19 will cause deaths....so we go back and forth and I respect his opinion but today was not to my like

I survived my 2 extractions of teeth but it is tough, I had 3 shots of Mezcal so I am doing better but my nice customer who reads my diary kept on confronting me about our disagreements. I told him I need a break after my day but he did not let up. I told him I wanted a nap and some Mezcal but he did not get that either so I am trying to get over that

Yes I made it,..........with two teeth extracted. I have had the Mezcal so I am better and I may go out for a smoke..........BUT they do not ask anyone who has had teeth pulled to smoke because of the Nicotine, but I think I am safe because Grass has no nicotine that I know of...........

I still functioned to buy some stocks today at the opening so I did well.........What is going on!!!! Why is the Market going up? I keep saying the market predicts the next 6 months So the deaths do not go up, not now but if we see deaths for under 45 aged old go up the stock market will tank..........70 percent in cash so who knows what will happen............

Tomorrow is another day

Friday June 26 2020, my sister's birthday, enjoy


I am center left as I have said but the stock market was my last life so I am hoping the death toll does not go up with all these new cases. I feel for the older people who may be exposed to these people without Masks. The Younger people are not dying.............they recover fast

I can only document one friend of a close relative. She reported that her close friend had been diagnosed to have the virus. So he did not feel well for three days and he now is feeling like normal. I know I have heard, most people I have been in contact, including my immediate family who are pessimistic for a reason, but he recovered.

I am sorry, most of everyone I know does not see my side. We lost a lot of business......think about it the......... people who do not have a job now. What is more important in my perspective......this is my diary.......How many you know died

BTW, I am doing well and my two teeth are not there so I am happy now without them. I have no pain........

OK, I have to make my point one time again. Of all causes, everyone in the United States die at the same rate, even now..........7500 people die every day and now we have 500 cases a day of Covid-19........So why are we now and before shutting down our economy. Too many people are unemployed It is a much bigger problem.  

8:30, it takes me awhile to correct most of my typos......................time to mellow out

Saturday June 27 2020

I had some Duck tonight and it was not what I thought. It was duck wings and leg quarters so as you know most people eat the Duck breast

I did it on a BBQ rack above some great White Sweet potatoes and russet for Pat. The potatoes were great but the duck was dry so I will make a stock now from the left over duck. I am happy and ready.

Last night I did a strawberry cobbler late in the night. I need to keep active so it actually came out good. Catarino is growing strawberries near us right out the door so it was easy for him to bring in ripe fruit.............

I need to go down for a check up on July 2 and my eyes will be dilated for prep for the Cataract surgery on July 15 and I will be 35 miles away. I need a ride so should I ask Jesse or Jose to drive me. Pat will not drive my car...........

Sunday June 28 2020

We have a problem here. I do not want to go into too much detail with names.

One of our employee's daughter found out she is positive

We have asked all employees who were near her to do a test.............................until then, they are not accepted here........................As you can guess I am very upset. I have More detail but i respect their privacy

Monday June 29 2020

It is hard for me, but some of you know my employees.

The update today is they had to wait for the test SSSOOOO tomorrow?

They are great employees, without asking 3 came in today to do irrigation changes and set up the bottling line. We are at a great time since we have done most that has to be done at this time a year. We will probably do some thinning in Petite Sirah........darn those vines want to produce too much fruit. But That can all wait

I know I have not mention, I do not go out in the vineyard, only twice in the last year. My back is killing me. My balance is much better because of my treadmill, but it is still hard because of my back to wonder out to see what is growing...........

SO I have ordered a scooter which will be here on Thursday. I have done so much research so we will see if this simple one will work at $1300.

I know a lot of money but the one I really wanted would cost 5k.......

Thursday is another Day

Tuesday June 30 2020


another Day........

 As usual too much to relate, I am a horrible typeset so I make many mistakes that takes me many minutes to correct.

I went down to Santa Rosa while Pat had her hear done after many months, I liked it long but she still looks great after a trim........

While down there I had found out there was a place to look at scooters and I found a perfect one but at $1500 more. So I have this one from Amazon coming on Thursday. I have to say I do not have to worry about paying more for what I need but I will wait for the delivery of the one from Amazon and see if it can navigate my vineyard.

I hope I have made this clear.........my back is killing me and so I can not go out in the vineyard. One of these scooters will move me out  to see what is happening. I walked out today for only a few hundred feet to see what it looks like out there and see if these scooters will wo0rk and I was having a lot of problem  with my back. I will not have it check out because I have heard it is hard to repaire a bad back.........that said........

I am doing well by doing my treadmill almost every day except when I go out like today.

Tesla stock is way up again, I have sold some stock, but I am not selling my core of 400 Shares

July 1 2020


tomorrow.......I have to go down to Petaluma about 40 miles a way and back so 90 miles range for my Model S so I charged for I need tomorrow and when I go off on Monday.

Monday I have to go off to Tesla to have my new computer. It is free.

Tomorrow I have to get down to a test for my upcoming Cataract replacement. I will have my eyes dilated so Jesse will drive me down and back, 40 miles each way...................

Sold some Tesla today, but still have 415........

this is crazy, some of us.............this may be the biggest company in the world. Have you seen where Amazon and Tesla are upset with each other. They both want to be the first car to drive on no assistance........I still think it will not happen for 10 years so what about the energy part of Tesla??? Yes some of us are crazy and hope to see OIL GO AWAY...................

Thursday July 2 2020


I went down to have my cataract surgery set up again and Jesse drove my Model S. he has a nice BMW 328 so he is fine, but he did like the Tesla. I had my eyes dilated so  I needed him to drive me back. We had nice conversations so it was all good.............

TSLA was up again today so I sold some more shares, only 5.

I go down to San Rafael on Monday for my Tesla new computer to be installed. I just wonder if I can stay there in their waiting room, so it will be interesting........

 and I have my Cataract surgery on my left eye on the 15th. Jesse will be there for me again.

No results yet on our employees. They hope to get results on their test for the virus by tomorrow, but it is a holiday. If any of them are positive, we will not be able to bottle for several weeks. We are hoping to start on July 10............

BTW, my scooter has been delayed, hopefully arriving tomorrow...........

No Market tomorrow so maybe I can sleep..............................

Sunday July 5 2020

I never sleep well but I did get a few hours, without too bad dreams. Like I have said all my dreams are not good..........

I am now thinking about the next day...........

The Stock Market is still my big thing tomorrow.  Also I have to go down for my service in San Rafael tomorrow at 10:45 am.......I may have to get down there early

Yesterday I got in my...........my great Model S which should get me down 60 miles to San Rafael. So I put on the big screen and saw I had no navigation or even the screen. I called tech support and Tesla did not get my screen to come up so THE TECH said I can have someone up there to pick up your Model S, but you will have to find how to get back down to 60 miles and pick up your car. I said no way........

So I have to drive down tomorrow 60 miles...............I can do it

BTW no scooter yet

Monday July 6 2020

The scooter is finally here but we have one of our employees Father who has to be checked out so we will not be bottling next week

I have sold more TSLA it is up to 1430 now.........

So I was down to San Rafael at 10:20 this morning and waited for an hour to tell me there was a problem again, may be rodents?

I have a loaner now, a silver, which I remember Susie wanted, it is ugly, I miss my white

So they will tell me what is wrong, soon................................?

Tuesday July 7 2020


we are scheduled to do bottling starting on Friday but it will not happen......hopefully next week. The bottles and labels are coming in later this week so we have to prepare. We have Jesse and Jose coming in tomorrow

I ordered an instacart again today, I did one with Costco also but they could not send me my Campari so I am down to my last few bottles but that will last me for a few months. Costco has the best price

 Today from Safeway I did get something I used to LOVE, Jake Daniels Sour Mash. I remember back with Arlene and Jerry we had a great time......long time ago

It is hard for me to mention politics because I see so much on CNN, Fox and MSNBC

 There is now info about The chief Justice..........

Wednesday July 8 2020

Gee too much happened today as usual. Jose is negative so he is making our wine with my help

Labels are coming in and Bottles will be delivered on Friday so we may start up bottling our 2019 10 Months wines if everyone else is negative.

As you may know it takes days to get results to make sure our employees are negative. We have 3 employees who are being tested again, because they had some systematic problems, but they are feeling well again.

The Market is still on my mind, I still get up at 5:45 my time and decide what to sell. I may buy back some cruise stocks or Airlines but I want to see them go down more that said they are still down 70% now.....sure they have been down much lower and I bought and made a lot of money by selling higher, Buy low sell higher. BUT could I make more and buy again?

Like I have said.......the question is........in two years do you think there will be cruise companies in business or even Airlines. The stock market is indicating NO. What do you think?

Thursday July 9 2020


I am stressed out as usual....Pat said she is never stressed out so we agreed that we are different.......by that definition

To me stressed out means the same every day. I like making decisions. For most people like Pat she does not think of being stressed out but it is normal for me...........

Today was an adventure, did that make it stressed out for me that I could not function, no way, it was normal in many cases

First of all I had a Model S 75P, a loaner because my model S 100D is in for an upgrade and has another problem since the display was not coming on. Nothing from Tesla, but my app showed me they are waiting for parts. But I saw the car inside got up top 125 degrees........I am not happy they have it out in the sun...........I am sure my 100D has never got that hot inside.

This S, 75 is fine so we made it down to Santa Rosa for eye tests for Pat and a look at my Implant which will not be complete until November. Then they wanted a new test in Petaluma which was another 20 miles to get ready for my Cataract surgery on July 15.

We left here at 6 and came back at 2 so is that stressed? For me it is stressed as normal, another day.

So in the mean time I was looking to buy more Airline stocks and Cruise stocks so I may do that tomorrow.........darn TSLA is not going down and I want to buy back the 80 shares I have sold at big profits...........

So, so, many more things happened today like getting together a great salad tonight, and starting my pizza dough for Sunday (To get more sour dough character) am I stressed out, sure as normal

Tomorrow is another day bottles are coming in and also Labels

Friday July 10 2020


The bottles came in early. The labels will be ready next week so we hope to bottle in two weeks.

TSLA is up big and I have decided to not sell anymore. I think I should sell more but I will keep my 390 shares. It is now at 1544, what is going on? Is gas and all oil going away in 20 years? That is my guess..........I have been waiting all my life..........time will tell, I just hope I am around when I see the trend. I would be 97 in 20 years, I may not last that long.


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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