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arrow May 24 - June 20, 2020

Sunday May 24, 2020

Here is a revision of what I posted last night..........

I have a bleeding heart. I am definitely not a far left radical but I worry about anyone who is not doing as well. It is hard for me, I hear about many people around me including our employees who have family staying with them and it is tight in their house, I think our employees are fine but I worry about other families in Sonoma County crammed in tight places, hopefully they are building up antibodies..........

so how many times do I have to say something about this Virus. I have listened to a lot of other theories so I like to take everything in my mind.....It may be good for us to expose ourselves to what is out there? There are so many germs out there, it may help us to create antibodies. I have exposed my self to many chemicals when I worked in the vineyard. Having a winery tasting room I have been around thousands of customers for years and even in March when we had one thousand customers for the last event we were allowed to have.......so have I built up an immunity to the virus. Was the virus around then. I see my employees all week, are they carrying the virus. They seem fine and Pat and I feel great but I sure don't plan on going anywhere in the near future. Instacart is delivering me groceries every week.

There is a small possibility we may head down to Santa Cruz in a few weeks. On June 22 I start having appointments for my Cataract replacement which will end on August 20. After that it will be Harvest. We may even harvest Pinot for Sparkling before that.

OK I tried another bread last night and it was better with more crunch on the outside. It was so much fun to duplicate an even better bread.

Now today I have to figure out a pizza dough with this sour dough starter.

I hope most of you are also trying new things being at home..........

Monday May 25, 2020

Vinnie contacted me today, he is important in Sonoma County. He and his wife Natalie Own Russian Vineyard brewing company, they are one who makes Pliny The Elder and many other beers with great hop blending. Bryan, Kate and Susie and many other of my friends like their beers.

Someone he must respect gave him a bottle of my wine because he has not tried the wine yet. He wants to trade beer for wine so it will be interesting. I am excited but Pat is in different...........

So he told me today he bottled some Mind Circus in bottles. I told him I do not like cans, but I did not tell him why, I do not like cans because it is hard for me to consume a whole can. After wine in the evening I love a few ounces of high hoppy beer, just to keep me happy, rarely do I consume a whole beer, so with cans I can not preserve them easily, with bottles I have a caper to keep it fresh for the next day.

Vinnie says he bottled some Mind Circus and will bring it out here on Wednesday with another gift of a 4 pack with high hops.

We will trade some of my wine and I hope he likes it.

OK I have been patient sometimes. The Stock market will be open again after 3 days..........tomorrow is another day

Wednesday May 27, 2020

Today and yesterday were good days so I sold many of my Cruise stocks and Airline stocks with nice profits. I really think eventually they will go up much more over the years but it will take time, I will keep some stock but I am thinking of the future still in Tesla.

Interesting Tesla wants me to go down to San Rafael on Friday to do a computer upgrade to give me Full Self Driving software, which for a change can not done over the air. They will have to replace the computer in my car. Obviously I want to get out of here for the first time but it is a trip of one hour each way and I have not heard what I can do while they put this new computer in my Model S. Will I have to stand outside.......they say they are social distancing and only if you have something else we will let you know when it is ready.........so Should I go down? I could see Du along with me.......Why not, I will go? I have another day to think about it

 If I accept their offer to give me the next big thing for my Model S why not I will bring my Kindle, great book now and I suspect they will have a place for me to read............

I paid crazy money in 2017 for Self Driving, but I did not think it would come right away but finally after paying $8000 I will only get the latest and best for now which is not much>>>>>>>>

Do you really think, think the feds will OK in the Next year or 5 years from now, I will be able to drive unassisted. I need to stay there for an hour or so.....

My pizza did not turn out the other day, it did not rise enough. I am going to add A Flavored beer stout, KBS tomorrow. It will give it some sugar. And then I am going to use my sour Dough starter again but add 1/2 tsp of yeast. Time will tell.........  

I met Vinnie today and it was hard for us to stop talking, we hit it off after not meeting all these years, we know a lot of the same people..............


Thursday May 28, 2020

I have decided to delay my trip down to Marin County to have a new computer, for Full Self Driving capability, put in my Tesla Model S. Our County is still asking us to stay at home, I assume that means they do not want me to travel out of the County. Also I am concerned that I can't get a hold of a Tesla rep to find out where I can wait for my service to be completed. Everything now is done with an app. I will wait to find out more.

Sunday May 31, 2020

I am happy SpaceX had a nice launch yesterday, but after that and for days I have been focus on all the protests. I have mentioned a lot of this before so you can search if wanted. My Father brought home a black man from work in 1953 just before he died of an accident and my Mother did not look happy. I remember that to this day......It is impossible for me to know what it would be like to be Black, so I read this book two times.........Black Like Me......unless you are black even he could not comprehend what it meant. He became Black by painting his face...........https://www.amazon.com/Black-Like-John-Howard-Griffin/dp/0451234219

I read the book after a friend told me what she experienced back in 1967. Elsie was working at the post office like I was in the 60's. We worked with several other friends to make money for school. Elsie went down to the South and took a break from the post office, we were making $2.50 an hour but I am sure she just wanted to see what was happening in the South because I doubt she made more down there. She worked in a diner. She said something I have never forgot. The restaurant, made her keep the Bananas in a safe place away from customers. Know why? Elsie said they were afraid the Nig..s might steal them.

One dramatic incident I remember with Elsie was when I had a Corvette then and we went off for a drive. That night a guy in San Francisco rear ended me. We were stopped on the freeway ramp and got out but no one ran us over. We have heard so many times since then: don't get out of your car on a freeway, just go off to the side and hope no one hits you and wait, but we did not have that option we were on an off ramp with no place to move over off the road. The guy apologized and had blood all over his head, he said he went into the windshield. Corvettes are made of fiberglass so we hardly felt the impact. Of course I never forgot it.

8.........OK, I know some of you think my diary is about wine, but it is a winemakers Diary, so I have other things on my mind, but I will..........

I do not forget...............we need capsules not like last time when I had to order generic capsules. I am not into show so that was fine, but NOW where is my logo capsules, which said on or before delivery June 1...........I will call tomorrow so I am in control but....What

Will happen in the Market tomorrow..........as you can see, I do not have big decisions at this time for this winery, it is too easy. I will talk more about the options on blending our 2019 wines soon in July...........

Monday June 1, 2020

Another Month in my life.

I hate anyone who is vandalizing business, remember I am a capitalist and a business owner, I understand......

I am only guessing, some of these people are protesting........have lost their job because of shelter at home. As you know this is causing a big problem........we have to get people back to work, we have to get these businesses up in running or the economy is going into the biggest depression ever....

as you know, I keep saying The Market predicts what may happen in the next 6 months, so lets hope........

Today our great employees bottled up new sparkling wine today so I can't wait to see how it is in a month.

Tuesday June 2, 2020

8 again

As you know I have too many things in my mind, Like what will happen when we will be bottling in July so I am getting ready to decide what to bottle and what then to bottle in January..........

I hated History when I took it in college, it was about the past and I was into the Future, but one thing I grasped, history repeats it self. Why do we still have people who have prejudice toward Black people or Latino or even Jewish people or Asians or any one different from white people who still are in a majority.

So we do see most protesters are white so I am encouraged, but why are they out there. I am guessing, but I do not know what some of you are hearing on social networks..........so

Are these protestors only coming out because of the killing, or they rising to say we have a big problem in this country.........

I grew up in the 60's and I did not March, it looked like a lot of walking, but I do not understand still to this day; Why do people judge others by their skin or I still can't understand the prejudice abut Jewish people. Some of my best friends over the years have been Jewish, they let me know because they are proud of what they are.

Like I said yesterday I do not condone vandalism. If Trump could do anything? He should just have someone looking for these thieves. Late at night, maybe he heard me???? not..........

OK, now up stairs to see some politics and read my Kindle, but I will have a few sips of Pliny For President....enjoy

Wednesday June 3, 2020


I have been working on what we will bottle in July and next year in February........the 2019 Wines. It is very complicated, I could load many spreadsheets so let me know if interested. We have 197 barrels.............

All my Cruise stocks and Airline stocks are up.....I have sold half at nice profits and I have profits on the remaining. I bought all the way down........buy low sell high. They are still down 60% or more.....do you think airlines and Cruise companies will not be around in two to three years? If so, they are up but still way down..........

Monday June 8, 2020


Pat and I have decided to not go anywhere for the rest of the year. Our Daughters and Bryan want us to be safe. That is fine with me since I have Cataract surgery appointments, and two different times for the surgery to do one eye and then another. The last appointment is on August 20 and you Know it will be harvest time.

Pat says I should not be selling stocks. I told her I only bought all these Cruise stocks and Airline stocks because they were down 80 percent. This has been the easiest time for me to make a profit in the Market. Just like in 2008, it was easy SO I said to my self and all in my diary: Buy low sell high and buy cruise stocks and Airlines. They are not going down under.

I have sold all my trade stocks and made a lot of money. Kate, Bryan and Susie have bought a house in the East Bay, Albany, a fixer upper, next to Berkley.

OK, back in the 70's, I had a house in Fairfax, Marin County.......look it up in the diary if interested and I ripped out all walls so I am sure Bryan and Kate, structure majors and Susanne know what to do...........

Tuesday June 9, 2020


The very in control Heath person in here in Sonoma County, will not let us open for tasting,,,,............for another two weeks. We do not need to open up but many wineries need a tasting room to survive........Is that why Ferrari Carano has sold there whole operation including 120 acres. I am sure their tasting room was helping up there, ours 5% in sales, but I will miss not hearing from Rhonda in the valley see below:

It has been hard for me. I still have a great friend who sent me a post about not liking what is being protest. I can't deal with him because he does not have passion about what is happening. He even has a nice lady who is politically left so he is dealing with it and I have to just be nice, but it does bother me that my my best friend,. Joe back as far as 1961, is still a fan of Trump?

That said, Jose was happy today after opening our new sparkling wine, I will try one in two weeks..........................  


Wednesday June 10, 2020


I am upset about..............what Jose gave me today about our alcohols for the bottling in July. That will be the 2019 10 month aged wines. I only asked for those figures because i have to decide on the label. I was not happy because there were too many wines well up close to 16% alcohol.................

I don't trust our method or we should send it out to a lab........We could only send a few, since most are about the same so it would cost less than $100.

Great but I have an old Alcolyzer............

I was one of the first to buy one. I think they got certification from the TTB, feds. So I had perfect results. Now we have a great instrument that can tell alcohol with a few drops........so it is a toy that costs $40,000 but worth it for other things.........

I know I am still worried about all these high alcohols So Jose and I are going to try out the Alcolyzer and see what we get AND then we can decide to send off to the lab.............gee, only $100 we need to send a few samples to the lab........

I have voted republican before, but I can't understand why only one, Mitt, I am NOT fooling here, if Mitt was against Joe, I would have to hear more...........anything would be better than a divider

So Tesla stock is up over 1000 so I have sold a few shares but still have almost all my money in Tesla. I have sold a lot of Airlines and Cruise ship stocks so they are down big again so I will buying low again tomorrow and hopefully selling high...........

Thursday June 11, 2020


As you know I talk about what is on my mind. Today was an adventure, only because of the stock market. As you saw from my last post, I have sold a lot of stocks so I am thinking about buying back some, especially the cruise stocks and Airlines. They were down big today but recovered somewhat so I will see what happens tomorrow.  I never buy when I missed a low and the stock is going up again, the rule  is they may go lower. So i hesitated

So I was down here at 6am again, the market opens at 6:30. I saw I could have bought for instance Cruise and Airline stocks real low, but after the market started within 10 minutes all those stocks went up somewhat. Let me make this clear, I am a trader at heart so I said maybe they will dive back down again like all the other stocks I was looking at. No they stayed above their lows.;....we will see tomorrow

Now I did buy back 10 shares of Tesla. I bought 5 shares at 982. Then in the extended trading it was down to 967 so at 3pm my time I put in an order to buy another 5 shares. I got it but then I saw, I had bought 100 shares for $96,720, sure I had the cash, but do I want another 100 shares when I still have 450..............

I was right in the middle of making a great bread again, but I knew I had a few minutes.........

So I have this great service, that gives me live charts. It turns out it is ahead 15 seconds from CNBC financial. It is live, so I can put in an order and a few seconds later it is a done deal.....

I own 100 shares of TSLA at 967.20. After the trade in a few seconds........I see it is trading frantically from 966 to 969. So I said, why not 968 so I do not lose but only make 50 dollars. It took 5 trades to fill three orders. You have to understand, even in extended trading TSLA is traded a lot, but I saw only a few shares at a time filled.......so two of my trades were filled for only 1 share, three were filled at 2 shares, another was filled a few minutes later for 10 shares........then the last was filled for the rest. I had sold 95 shares, so I cut my order to 5 shares.  

I will be up early before the Market opens.........tomorrow is another day

Friday June 12, 2020

56 Years ago I bought a 1964 Corvette on this day. I was not a fan of Chevrolet and liked Ford but I was not impressed with the Mustang, it was not as good as my 64 Corvette. It cost me $4950.49 out the door and paid $127 a month.

Today I did not do anything in the stock market, even though Tesla was down. The Cruise and Airlines were up so no decision was necessary.

Tonight we had Impossible burger and I am not buying anymore beef after trying Impossible and Beyond.

Brad confirmed more than I thought today about the Covid-19 deaths. I was right but I did not know it was more dramatic, nice link https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm

I did learn about what I had always thought

As you see 85 and over unfortunately are dying more than anyone, sure maybe they could have lived another few years. I am sorry for all who wanted to live longer and be with their famaily, with my Mother it could be a blessing, she suffered so much at the end two years ago.............

Sunday June 14, 2020

So yesterday was an adventure, our first tasting in three months with about 20 people. We were by appointment. Catalina, Jesse and Pat were running all over the place to make sure people were safe from this Virus which has killed only 4 people in Sonoma County all over 65. I know I am supposed to fear for my life.

So we had so many other people calling to see if they could come in and even some stopping by to taste without calling so it was complicated. We wanted to keep it at a minimum of 4 people at three tables far apart. Catalina and Jesse and Pat were trying to make sure everyone came in here with masks and then could take them off while seated. They sanitized constantly in between tasting groups. I had little to do so I thought it went well and I heard our employees thought it went well also so we will see in the future.


I just saw the futures in the stock market tomorrow will be down, comes out at 3pm. Hey it is a long time to tomorrow, but if so I may be able to buy back some cruise stocks and airlines. everyone is fearing there could be another surge soon in virus cases, I don't agree, but even so Deaths are going down in all states, the Stock Market does not like uncertainty AND

The stock market has gone up way too fast in my opinion. So after 58 years, involved with the Market, I think I have opinions so I think. The economy in some industries will be devastated, like I heard Men's Wearhouse, may go bankruptcy. No one is going in a suit to work anymore. So I think the market needs to go down for awhile, but will never go as low as in March. I hope I am right otherwise I might lose a lot of money buying tomorrow.......only if I sell, 6 months today, the Market will be coming back strong.

Tomorrow, I will buy low if low enough..............

Tuesday June 16, 2020

I have had nice emails with one of my diary friends.

I feel.........I still think we need to open up the economy for all the people who have suffered by losing their job, especially here in Sonoma County who have lost their jobs.

I know a lot of restaurant owners and wineries here have laid off Latino and Latina employees. We have not.

I know many people are concerned about new cases going up, but no one who is young has died here and only 4 have died from the virus in Sonoma County 

Wednesday June 17, 2020


So sure I am concerned about new cases showing up in Southern California but we in the North have little new cases and only 4 deaths. And I see cases are going up in the South.

As you may know most Hi tech businesses around South of here in Silicon Valley are home doing businesses with out having to wear a mask. Yes the Trump Rally. I can't believe it will happen. Is Trump Crazy, my opinion is Yes.........Or we know he is trying to get elected

So we know he has a lot of old people who love him and will come to the rally. So are they going to wear a mask?

OK, will they go home to other areas in the USA and and hopefully be careful.....I can only hope.

I just walked out in the vineyard to take a picture, my balance is great now so no problem, but it took me 5 minutes to go 200 feet and back. I am old but doing well.

Here is a picture of a vine with bunches that look green but will be soon RED, Zin new vine in first block......I love what I do

New Zin


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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