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Monday January 6, 2020

Finally the first week of the new year. Susie is here so we are planning.........more tomorrow

Tuesday January 7, 2020

We have a new label. My two daughters wanted to sell our wine to retailers and they thought the best way would be to have a new label. The first wine will be 220 cases of 2018 Dave's Cuvee, virtually the same blend we bottled last year. Our label has been approved so we are in the process of getting it printed at the label company.

2020 New

800:pm: Susie is here

We want to do a new label so if my new son Bryan is OK, we need to let the Great ladies in our family to Step Forward..............

Susie is my daughter who has decided to move from Lyft which gave her an opportunity to a new company. I do not know much about this company but she is excited.

I am l am still interested in what is happening with Trump. I am really concerned, he is making so many mistakes, Wag the dog

aaaaaaaaaaawe are blending our 2019 wines more tomorrow............................

Friday January 10, 2020

They left, yesterday, Pat and Susie so I saw A Summer Place so.............So how? I was seeing what I could look at, I guess? I found an old movie that was produced in 1959, I assume I saw it in 1960 and it inspired me to try architecture. The movie is OK .

I was looking at 1:30 into the movie.........there was a house, I had forgot it but remembered after 60 years.........that is why I wanted to see the movie again.

The movie is complicated especially re: morals.............I digress


The movie brought back many times. OK, OK, Tangerine Express a few sips, it has intensity

It is about a house

After all these years, I remembered I loved architecture...........

It is about Frank Loyd Wright............He designed this house in the movie.

I have a few friends, I guess

I sent a message to my two Wisconsin friends, one my New Son

Back then I was so inspired by his house that I saw in the movie............so I searched where it was filmed AND The movie was supposed to be on the East coast but it was filmed in Carmel

OK, one of my Wisconsin friends impressed me as usual. He knew where the Movie was filmed. I learned a lot about Frank Loyd Wright today




For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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