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Monday May 4, 2020

I had a great birthday yesterday. It was so nice to see Kate, Susie and Bryan. We social distanced and had pizza out on the deck..........

8 again

Pat an I had a great dinner again, we like cooking so we are fine in this great property, but I still feel for others are not getting out and enjoying other great places beyond their house. I will make this clear even Pat and i would love to drive off somewhere up the Oregon coast but can not. I have not heard anything after calling and emailing Blue Pacific Rentals so I fear they may be bankrupt?

Our great workers came in today and prepared for shipping. We are still getting  customers who need wine so we are doing fine.

I get up early before the market opens here at 6:30 am so it was tough this morning but I did make it down on my computer by 6:15 am. I like to get here by 5:45 so tomorrow will be interesting. I need to finish my book and see some politics before;
I am having a hard time with what is being predicted.

Now we hear our deaths will be double what we are seeing today in week or so.

I have been reading a lot. What I am learning is people around here and especially New York have been exposed so when we see new cases, they are not reporting all the people who are carrying it. So it looks like well under 1% have died. They even looked at that Princess ship. A lot of the people on the ship were well over 70 years old and all on board were exposed and still very few died. It looks like almost all who have died have had some kind of health issue so hopefully we will get back to some kind of normal.

It will be interesting to see: what I think: All these people protesting are going to be a great test to see if the cases and especially the deaths go up in those states.

I have so many things going on, like I say I can not relate all, just like most of you So

The Treadmill, since I got it a few weeks back, I have been on it everyday but one. So I started the first day and made it to 2 minutes at 1 mile and hour, not good

So a week ago I made it up to 1.5 miles an hour for 15 minutes...........I want to be comfortable to go up grades

I know everyone is different so for me to get up to get the mail, I have to walk up a steep incline, I know not a big thing, but I decided I had to raise the incline on the treadmill.............

Yes, a few sips tonight of an IPA...........yesterday Susie, Kate and Bryan enjoyed a sip or two

I think sometimes.................so I decided i did not like going for 15 minutes on the treadmill, I have other things to do, I know I hate exercising so I read my Kindle, time passes

but I raised the incline now up to 9%, I will go higher, but I am only doing 10 minutes at 1 Mile and hour. maybe I will up it

One last thing as you know I am obsessed with the Market so I will be up early tomorrow.........

Hey no sports, so what do we do???

Tuesday May 5, 2020

It has been an interesting day as usual, so many things happened like I made a great Paella with Mussels and clams from the Northwest.

I really love Paella so much more than risotto, because first of all it is so easy to me and Risotto gets so over cooked, I am not patient so I am not a great Italiano, too Sicilian, closer to Espana. Paella is from Spain and Pat and I were there back in 1975 and that was the first time I had Paella, a great time.........

As you know I love cooking and making up my new dishes from all I can find on the internet, the Paella turned out great,  I will perfect it next time........but I can't wait to try it again tomorrow for brunch.......

Pat and I have been married for 47 years on September 29 this year so it is still an adventure. She is by far my best friend.........I mention this because one of our great customers are celebrating their 47th anniversary tonight and said they are having our Zinfandel......

Wednesday May 6, 2020

So Pat and I were thinking, it is always good here for us, We are so fortunate to have this great property to be sheltered at home, Just got delivery of wings from Safeway.........they came all the way out here 25 miles and delivered us all the things they had in stock, we have everything we need for several weeks.

, but what about many people out there, like several of our employees who have small places,,,,,,,,,,,,,..........but more important what about all other people in this country who have even less than all of us around here.

OK, the most important thing now for me as I said is the Stock Market. I was concerned yesterday so I sold 50 shares of Tesla at a profit, yes Elon is crazy. Now today the stock is not down so I bought back 20 shares at the same price  and we will see what happens tomorrow..........the market is choppy and no one even Warren Buffet at 90 years old and I do not know what will happen............

So what is on my mind tonight 8 again I do have all the Talking Rain Peach Nectarine, I have tried to perfect the taste, no luck       and of course I have a few sips of 120 Minute IPA

First of all I had several messages from friends and customers who wished me a happy birthday, I may make it to 90.

I am concerned I only have enough of my sparkling wine for one year............I go through one every three days. I even put a cube of ice in it......it is hot outside. I need to ask Jose to step up our production. e will discuss tomorrow. It will be a challenge and I and Jose will get it done.

I did not get a lot of sleep last night so I will go up now and look at all this stuff about politics. I have always been center left and even voted for Arnie for California Governor, boy did I get in trouble from my family. He did fine. That said, our new governor to my liking is too cautious.

Like I said, I like to see the other side. I pride my self with that. So sure at times too many things fly through my mind.

I was surprised to day I did not see on CNN or any other networks but I did see on one of the market sites ......at THAT.....gee we are surprised, most of the new people coming in to New York hospital have been staying at home. So they were exposed before and they all have problems and all over 50.........


Thursday May 7, 2020

Hey who knows, As I have said we need to get our economy going again and I am a capitalist, but center to the left

Sure some states are opening up and taking chances, They are taking chances...........like I have said I think it will be some deaths. Sure our older people like me who have health problems wil die. I will not die of this because for 40 plus years, my opinion I have had some wine and I think that helps for me. I have never in 40 years have had a high temperature, for 40 years I have not had any other flu symptoms, I

I am a logical person, I did well in college, that does not make me say what I think, but

I agree Elon is heading to Mars, I hope I will be alive to see it. That said, I have many things in my mind at all times, even in the night so Elon is way ahead of me, I wish I was in my 40's again like he is now.

Sparkling Peach Nectarine..........I am fine waiting for THE market tomorrow........
And of course an IPA tonight..............

Friday May 8, 2020

8 again.........I need an IPA.......

I have been getting up at 5:45 am for all week as usual so I can get some sleep tonight. Pat said I was dead to the world at 10:30 last night.........I may be in bed again tonight at that time unless I find something to look at or hear...........

I know some of you do not want me to talk about the Market

We will be getting into winemaking next week............

OK, not about the stock but Elon is getting into more things beyond what I will be privilege to have, like is he really thinking he could live for ever?

Is he crazy, yes because we can not be in his mind. I have never heard anyone who is talking in strange ways, just look at some of his live broadcasts.

"Neuralink could come as soon as next year, Musk detailed during the podcast. The CEO outlined the process for how a brain chip will be installed, and how it would be implanted in the skull of a patient. According to Musk, a portion of the skull would be removed and replaced by a Neuralink device.

Musk believes that Neuralink could help people with brain-related health issues. It could restore limb functions, eyesight, hearing, help with neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, and improve human movement. Musk also believes that there are potential cognitive benefits to Neuralink, as it could pave the way for hindering brain issues like epilepsy, Alzheimer, and strokes. He thinks the Neuralink device could recognize these issues before the body has time to react and send a “counter pulse” that could stop the problem from occurring in the first place.

The developments of Neuralink could revolutionize human life as we know it. Development is still ongoing, and Musk believes that a year from now, Neuralink will be available for use."


Sunday May 10, 2020

I want you to know I am not obsessed with Elon. Sure I think he is thinking ahead like I am but he does not know everything, of course neither do I, but we both are thinking of what will happen in the next 25 years, he will still be alive and I may be though at 102.

I listened to the whole 2 hours of the Joe Rogan podcast. What I heard was OK, Elon is crazy at times and maybe he will be right about this Neuralink. One of the things I do agree with is he said: now if someone dies of the flu lately or of another disease, if they also have Covid 19, it is documented that Covid 19 was responsible for the death. These are people who had problems before and I agree they are people who are vulnerable to any complication in their life, so why do we say all deaths of people who have Covid 19 have died from it........

Sure there are a lot of jobs in tech which can be accomplished at home, but If we do not produce food, or other manufacturing that can't be done at home, this country will not survive. Just think of all the jobs lost. We need to open up and also stores and restaurants but with new rules.

So I am still trying to perfect my pizza. Pat asked me why don't you change your pizza recipe but not what you do with winemaking. Like I have said before, winemaking is easy for me, it is the same over all these years and I only make a few changes......

Coking  a new recipe every day...........is fun and a change, challenge.

So I went out now a 7 and it is so nice to hear the birds having a great time. This is so nice here.....but..........I want to travel again in my Model S

Tomorrow the Market will start again and I will be here at 6am. Tonight we will see the oldest movie I am somewhat interested in seeing. I saw it once when i was young, It is about the earthquake in 1906. Our Condo in San Francisco survived this earthquake so that is the main reason to see a movie from 1936, with Clark Gable..........

Tuesday May 12, 2020


San Francisco was the Old movie but interesting because at the end, Our Condo in San Francisco survived, 1906

Pat and I had a heated discussion tonight, that is why we are still married.......she says I have only one opinion, maybe.........we need to open up this economy

Jose and I are working on our next sparkling wine. We are using fermenting beads. Long story.  They had to be refrigerated and then the power went off last Fall so they did not last so we had to order a new batch for my new favorite wines, our Sparkling............

I may be buying more Cruise stocks and Airline stocks tomorrow, they are way down, and now I only have 4% of my capital in them.

Tomorrow is another day

Wednesday May 13, 2020

.....8pm...I am upset now what is new.......so I need an IPA for just a sip.

The bottom line for me is we need to open up all restaurants, tasting rooms with new policies and especially manufacturing. We have to realize if we do not open, this USA will be no more.....

 SO  what am I....... the only one around me thinking of this besides Fox and Trump.......that is why I am upset..............I think Fox is only about his presidency, Again I hate Trump because he lies all the time SSooooooooooo it is hard for me to agree with anything he says. Put me in my grave, I would never vote for him..........

I have to say again many times in this diary I like to see both sides. I am middle left. That said

Seriously, are we so concerned about these old people, sorry I am old, but I am fortunate I do not have health issues SSSSSSSSOO we have to shut down every thing because of a few people who would have died for their heath issues.

I know that was too strong but I think of my mother who had so many heath issues but she wanted to live for a few more years until she was 100. But went through so much pain at the end I could not communicate with her again. 6 months were tough.......just my relation........

LOOK this is about Capitalism!

I know I am only saying what I think, we all have to decide about what we will do in the future. That is why I am obsessed with the Stock Market. The Market is trying to predict what will happen 6 months from now so as you can see it will be an adventure

Thursday May 14, 2020

This has been another trying day. bu first I want to talk about our vineyard.......

We have been having some rain showers in the last few days and I have been concerned about mildew starting. The best time for a spread of mildew is when it is 70 to 80 degrees so to protect out vines we need to apply sulfur to the vines. Catarino was concerned about going out this morning. I assured him we had to do it. It is supposed to rain again this weekend so we have to get some sulfur on the vines. We are different here in California. The rain actually does not cause this powdery mildew. The problem we have here is when the temperature goes up to 70-80 degrees we need to have sulfur.

It was misting a little of rain this morning so Catarino wanted to know if I agreed so he went out and sulfured the whole vineyard so we are now protected for two days. It did not rain after that so we made the right decision.

If it rains this week end it will be fine and we can go out Tuesday and sulfur again. They are predicting for Friday and Saturday 70-80 degree temperatures perfect for mildew which will kill the crop. I am in control........

Of course I am not in control of this Virus. I see people in some states are getting out, even in bars.....I was never a bar person but they may help us to see if the virus can move to these young people.

As you know I think we should open up but with different standards, but we have to open up otherwise we will be in a depression which will last for years.

Friday May 15, 2020

So I am trying something strange.......OK not winemaking, I do not change what I do lately. I hear a few wineries are experimenting with hops, not for me now, but I am trying to make a sour dough pizza with some of my favorite IPAs. So

If you looked at our latest offer for wine you would see my only successful sour dough pizza in a link.....I will try to perfect until I die.......it will be hard. Here, again, are pictures of what I did a few weeks ago that was so good.

Tonight Is what I started:

I have put 6 oz sour dough starter, 4 oz 15% OO flour and some IPA to hydrate to 100%. The IPA was open for day or two, but I am sure seeing a lot of bubbles already, carbonation still in the beer? It sure smells good!! I may leave it out all night or probably put it in the frig this evening. Tomorrow morning I am going to add more flour and process in the Cuisinart to make sure I have the right consistency. I do not want it too wet like last time. I will work on it tomorrow and wait for it to rise, then put it in the frig until Sunday morning........fun

Sunday May 17, 2020

Failure!! Yes my dough is not doing well, see below.

Actually I really don't mind failing on some things, it keeps my mind working. I don't believe in Heaven, it would be too boring for me. Just think, I doubt failures would be allowed. I stopped believing in Heaven when my Father died of an accident when I was 10 years old. That was not the total reason I stopped believing in a one person God and Heaven. It was when my Mother married another guy and he was tough on me, but that is not the reason either. I asked my Mother a question she could not answer: Mother how can there be a Heaven when you now have two husbands? Would you have to choose one or be with both?

OK, enough of that, now about my new failure. If you read what I did the other day you will see I started something new, a new challenge, keeps my mind working. Since I finished working the new pizza dough and put it in a bowl with a little olive oil, it has not risen! I decided to weight it and found it was 20 ounces so I had plenty. I want a dough that is about 14 ounces. So I pulled off some to make two 3.2 once tortillas. I rolled them out to 10 inches and put them on the BBQ. They hardly rose SO

I put the remaining dough in the Cuisinart again with some yeast. I am sure the dough will rise now and be ready for pizza tonight. I don't think I will try adding an IPA again, but I still don't know why that would stop it from rising. Was it the Cuisinart instead of just folding? I don't think so because last Sunday I processed sour dough in the Cuisinart and it rose just fine without added commercial yeast. Challenges, it makes my life interesting.........

Monday May 18, 2020

I need some grass, after that 3 shots of gin and very little wine, I was feeling fine, but is not about feeling fine overall............I do have a tooth problem"""""""'''''''''''''';:::::::::""""""""""""""?????????????

OK, over dramatic but as you know I like thinking always............so

I do have a tooth that has been acting up over the last two years. My great Neal dentist has done a great job for me to decide what to do...... So he Said and I agreed.......I Should have an implant, I said OK, but now can I get someone to do an implant Of course not? I sure it is OK.now that pandemic comes around

So today after a great pizza last night. I aggravated my suspect tooth. SOOOOOOOOOO. I had three+ shots of Gin and a little wine so I am coming down from the booze? but the tooth is much worse.

I will have a sip of IPA, now but I think I will be in bed reading a good novel on my Kindle, in the dark......soon......sorry of course of politics

Let me make this clear, pain does not affect my important decisions.........I sold a lot of Cruise line stocks and Airlines at a great profit today, I think I should keep all, I really think........they will go up to a triple in the next few years........People will fly and people will cruise, Pat and I have a cruise on Carnival, next year in May.............. I have plenty of opinions on the Market, but that is another day

Tuesday May 19, 2020

My tooth has calmed down a little so I will see what happens the rest of the day.

Our generator for backup for the winery has been delivered. Now we will get the propane tank ready and fill it. The electrician will be here in the the next day or two to hook up to our winery. Then we will have a backup system in case the power is disconnected again. It has cost a lot of money and I hope we never use it, but we can not lose power like last harvest. There were so many things that cost us a lot of money and time.

Ibuprofen works!! I took 3 at 7am with some coconut yogurt. Then with some great left over pizza I had one more at 9:30. I will take 3 more at 1pm and then 3 more at 6:00pm with dinner. My tooth is not bothering me now so I think I will survive............

8 again

Any one new,  This is what I document what is happening in my life

I have had some I ibuprofen like I said so I am fine for now

The generator for the winery backup is in place and like I said I do not hope we need it, it will cost a lot of propane but we do not want to lose during Harvest like last year, when the power was shut off.

As you know, biggest passion now is the stock Market, buy low sell high...............wine making is too easily

Wednesday May 20, 2020 

8 again

It is only one of the first times that UPS is late. We had a bunch of poultry and shell fish coming tonight, but now near 8 Pm we assume it will arrive tomorrow. Because then I had to figure out what to have tonight and it was chicken wings with fresh corn, nice meal

The Passion, the market has been going sideways so unpredictable so I am waiting for a surge so I can sell some of my trade stocks. I usually do not hold Airline stocks since I never plan on flying again, I am too old to navigate through those airports.; I do not mind the flight

That said I am a head in all airline trades and sold a lot of the cruise ship stocks at a nice profit. Let me make this clear, the stocks I am holding in cruise stocks are a long hold

PG&E is still confusing. I know we have to let them understand. We have a new arrangement now that we have solar and Powerwalls from Tesla. We need them to transfer the solar down by the creek to the winery. It will be an adventure. Here is a link way back when Bryan was here for one of the first times....Interesting. I was thinking about pizza dough without yeast. I never say if it turned out....

but take a look below for all the trouble with PG&E then 6 years ago


Thursday May 21, 2020

If you read about the problems I had with PG&E 6 years ago, you noticed I never followed up to say the problems were resolved. Yes, they were but it took a while longer, that is why I know the new arrangement mentioned above will take some time. We already have solar on the Guest House and so with Tesla Powerwalls installed, the guest house will have enough solar and backup to be off the grid as we are with our home, office now. Right now the solar on the guest house is applied to the winery and thus the new main water system, that gives us purified water to the whole property, is connected to the guest house grid and is costing us over $100 a month. Again I will say we have so much solar down by the creek, 450 ft long and that will be applied to the winery.

My Cruise stocks and Airlines are up again today. I will be patient and wait for them to go up some more and sell most.

In a week or so we will be working on the sparkling wine again. The fermentation beads did not work, so we had to order some new ones. That involved opening up all the bottles with the old beads and putting the still wine in stainless barrels.

Otherwise our great workers are thinning some extra shoots from the grapes on the wire.

Friday May 22, 2020

Guidelines for Sonoma County. Amazing we can serve food without a license but not sell wine?

Under the guidance, brewpubs, breweries, bars, pubs, craft distilleries, and wineries located in a county that has been approved for a regional variance can reopen if they offer “sit-down, outdoor, dine-in meals.” Alcohol can only be sold in the same transaction as a meal. To be clear, the amended Health Order does not require a winery (or other establishments) to hold a restaurant license or have a commercial kitchen, and allows a winery to contract with a vendor to “sit-down, outdoor, dine-in meals” provided both businesses follow the guidance, and alcohol is only served in the same transaction as a meal.

Saturday May 23, 2020

Last night I made some bread again and it turned out real different. I took pictures below.Pat said Why is it so springy. I said that is what I want. She said all the bread I have had in the past is nothing like this......I guess I understood somewhat it had so many air pockets. It was so soft.
bread 2

bread 3

So I like that and maybe I could have cooked it more?..........no way so I took the bread and made some Beyond Beef burger and put it in my toaster oven for 5 minutes, now more crunchy but still spongy. Look at the left over bread with large air Pockets. Tonight I will do another served with a lobster pasta!

bread 5


I have a bleeding heart. I worry about anyone who is doing not as well as I. It is hard for me, for I see many people around me including our employees who have family staying with them and it is tight in their house, I think our employees are fine but I worry about other families in the Valley...........

so how many times I have to say something about this Virus. I have listened a lot of other theories so I like to take everything in my mind.....It may be good for us to expose us to what is out there. There are so many germs out there, so you may know I pick up something from my floor, it may help us to great antibodies. I have exposed my self to many chemicals I eat my chicken rare so Have I built up an amenity to

These include Avian Encephalomyelitis, Avian Influenza, Avian Tuberculosis, Chicken Anaemia Virus Infection (or CAV), Chlamydiosis, Egg Drop Syndrome (or EDS), Fowl Cholera (or Pasteurellosis), Fowl Pox, Infectious Bronchitis, Infectious Bursal Disease (or Gumboro), Infectious Coryza, Infectious Laryngotracheitis, ...

OK I tried another bread today and it was better with more crunch on the outside. It was so much fun to duplicate better, It has a better crust on the outside SO

Now I have to figure a pizza dough with this sour dough starter tomorrow.
I hope most of you are trying new things being at home..........Tomorrow is another day

Beer IPA and A movie I am upstairs


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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