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Monday April 13, 2020

 OK, yes 8

I assume you have heard of curb side pickup. I experienced it today for the first time, no I did not go out...........

Cristian..........A great guy, Catarino and Martha's' last child of I think 6. He is staying here.........went into town and picked up a great meal for Pat and I and also for Cristian.

I highly recommend Baci in Healdsburg and we will do this dinner again.

Gee I wish I could be right all the time in The stock market. I have done well like I have said.

Today Amazon went up close to a new All Time High, in this bad market for months!! I have shares in Amazon also in Tesla as you know, it was up 100 points today. Almost Always I buy only stocks that I know by experiences.

Sometimes I am right and sometimes not, I always take profits, not losses, Buy low sell high

Sure I did well today only on paper. I did not sell anything today, I bought cruise stocks

OK.........Mind Circus tonight............

Tesla was up 100 points today, Amazon was up 140. I still have many shares, but I did sell a few days ago. I sold 20 shares of TSLA at 530 and 5 shares of AMZN at 2021. I thought I could buy back lower like most stocks in this Market, but now TSLA is at 674 and AMZN is at 2185. I made good profits on those trades, you can't worry about the past.

I know it is late at night, since I have been up for 15 hours, the Market opens in 11 hours so I have time for politics. I am somewhat concerned about our President. He is not happy. I hope he calms down.

Thursday April 16, 2020  OK, yes 8

So we have two nice Tasting room employees who have little to do now so do we continue to pay their salaries? It looks like we may not get permission to open our tasting room for a month or more. We do have our Wine Club to pack up so we hope they will come in to help us

Catarino, Martha, Cristian, Salvador and Jose are working to make sure we send out wine to all our customers who are thirsty staying at home.

I was obsessed with classical music when my house was invaded in about 1980........

So I had OK Audio Video stuff but not great lost to theft

I had a friend who turned me on to incredible speakers. Vandersteen. While my young children were having a great time with their Mother. I went out in our kitchen and fired up my Vandersteens, all classical then to escape. Classical on the equipment I have now makes you forget........back centuries

I was doing everything out in the vineyard then, no great Mexicans which I need now.

KBS, too much intensity........coffee, too infused with 12.2 alcohol but if you like Coffee, a stout beer and alcohol, nice...only two sips

There has been a lot of action around here as usual, staying 6 feet away most of the time.
Tesla came in today and finally got my solar and Powerwalls going......fun

Then we are getting ready to install the generator to keep the winery going if the power is shut off again
 but of course

I am more into the Stock Market, more fun, up tomorrow at 5:45 am again.......I am too old for this......no

Now I will be upstairs to see politics and

Now, I am into Dylan back 50 years ago for me. wow

I listened to the whole greatest hits album on my great system.

There was no Lay Lady Lay, but I have it on another album.

There are a lot of great songs but another one, I like as much as Lay Lady Lay:

It Ain't Me Babe AND Just Like A Woman.

I don't know why but I did not appreciate Dyan until I had my own house up 120 stairs in Fairfax in 1971.

Saturday April 18, 2020

I like eating great food and I know how to make it so that is a problem. Some like like actresses or CNN commentators know how to keep food away and control what they eat more than I. Like last night I had something I never had before (see below). I had not even heard of it. I was online like all of us so I love New Orleans. I have said if I lived there I could not survive, I love Soft shell crabs so when we were there last time for 6 days, I had soft shell crab deep fried for all those days

So I ordered Soft Shell Crawfish straight from New Orleans, over night delivery. Dinner cost $75, cheaper than going out for dinner. It was so good!!

Tonight I am having salad. Not just any salad, King Crab. Actually as you may know shell fish has very few calories. It is the dressing that is the problem.

I have a new problem, what else is new.......I booked a rental on the Oregon Coast and I am not going to make it. The booking is for May 11 for 3 days. Below is what I sent to the owner of the booking company:
I am 77 years old and I booked a rental at Depoe Bay through Blue Pacific. I just contacted your representative and I had a horrible experience. I was told in March I had to make the final payment so I am now out $761. I live in California and I can't leave my house. I asked for a refund and was told I would have to pay fees. I was then offered a voucher but before I can use it I was told I had to choose a date and that date could not be changed. So how do I choose a date now when I do not know when the restrictions will be lifted? Can You help me to get a full refund? Thanks Dave Coffaro res#123780082-47

Sunday April 19, 2020

I have been thinking about what is going to happen this week assuming those protesters in a few states keep going out and not social distancing. Trump as you know has blessed these protesters. This will be a great experiment!! If these people do not get Covid19 will it convince some states to open up earlier than planned?

Let's assume they do get Covid19 at the same rate as now reported and the death rate is the same. Does that mean social distancing is not needed? Not really, because we want to see the total cases go down. If these people do get infected at a higher rate then we will have to continue to do social distancing until we get enough tests. As I have said the new normal will be more testing where ever we go. The next two weeks will be interesting.

Don't get me wrong, I personally will not be going back to the way we were. I sure will not be shaking hands and hugging some people, even my daughters, like we used to do. I will keep my distance in stores. I like shopping for my own groceries so I miss it. Though I hope I will not have to wear a mask.

Tuesday April 21, 2020

I have been thinking again, that is good as everyday, there is too much in my mind.

So we are still doing great, customers want wine, will they have too much of David Coffaro wine, time will tell

The market is down so I am investing some of my 50% in cash, buy low sell high

My solar is an adventure. Tesla has an app that shows me every place that my energy is going...fun........fun........fun

We are doing well so we have decided to keep Catalina and Jessie on the payroll, let's hope things pick up

Time for a movie and some beer...................

After all......Tomorrow Is Another Day

Wednesday April 22, 2020

Gee it is another day.........

My wife does not like that I have a diary. She never reads it so it is my escape and she knows most of what I put here she has heard all day. She is afraid I would tell all.

So some of you I know like to tell Pat you read the diary, please don't I am in trouble. I am good, she will not read, but don't tell....................

I am really into the Stock market and I have nothing to do......all our workers, 6 are here to pack up our wine club shipment. Sure I help a little with labels, but I am still working on a back up system for all buildings here.........so that keeps me busy.

I just love my Tesla Solar and Powerwall Back up. I was not on the grid today and I even charged my model s at 3pm, the peak when PG&E gets the excess back to them. So when the Powerwalls get full charged about 3Pm, I start charging my Tesla and I do not use any PG&E.........

So I bought more TSLA today

Friday April 24, 2020

So TSLA  was down yesterday, but up today
so I am still ahead on my trades yesterday, buy low sell high

It is hard for me to understand what I hear today. Most Republicans do not trust what Trump is saying on his news conferences lately but they still approve over 80% he is doing a great job..........
This guy our President, Trump is killing people with his statements......His followers believe him, ............seriously can't we put  a president in prison after this???

a little of this I understand, My Mother would only vote for a Democrat, she was proud to say she would NEVER vote for a Republican. I understand somewhat, I always told her she could see the other side......no help there

I am working on a new treadmill, I did 2 minutes first and had to make sure I did not fall, that was last Friday, now on this Friday, I did 10 minutes and a lot faster than 1 mile an hour recently. I am actually enjoying the challenge.

I know, easily I used to stroll to San Francisco City college, 1.5 miles away then in 1961 in 20 minutes, now I only do so little compared to time.................

OK, one little escape.......Pliny, small amount,but I can get more........they deliver, great stuff

Sunday April 26, 2020


Baguettes with added yeast

I tried something different last night, what else is new. I tried to make a bread with just sour dough starter. It has always been a big adventure. It is interesting, I have tried to make pizza or bread with just sour dough starter since 1971, but I have not been successful. The dough just doesn't rise unless I add additional commercial yeast. I am still trying and will try a pizza tonight with just my very active sour dough starter, time will tell

So Martha the greatest employee we have except for Catarino her husband, is the one who is trying to find something for me in a store. I love shopping so it is hard to let someone else shop since I can't leave the house. I have been using something she got for me that I did not want, but you know sometimes you get what you need..........it is a Stone, but one they have made for years, just their plain IPA. I wanted their higher alcohol beer with more hops, but this is what I need, not as heavy and less alcohol so thank you Martha.

Monday April 27, 2020

OK, I made Sour Dough Pizza last night and it was amazing. It was the first time since 1971 I was successful. I will comment on each of these pictures.

Before these pictures I mixed "00" Italian Antimo Caputo flour with some water and let stand for an hour. Then I added my sour dough starter. I use more than I have seen suggested, almost a cup. I put a little pepper and garlic salt in. Then the most important thing is to rehydrate to 80% so that means using 450 grams of total flour, including the starter to 360 grams of water. It will be real wet so much so you either have to wet your hands or put some flour on them to manipulate the dough.

By manipulate I mean folding so you pick up the dough and fold it over a few times every 30 minutes for 2.5 hours. SO no kneading just gentle manipulation.

Then as you see above I put it in a bag with a little olive oil and let rise for 3 hours.

On Counter
Now you see it is on a mat with some flour or rice flour is better.

On Pan
 I then slowly spread, pulled it out gently to 11 inches in diameter and flipped it out on to a perforated pan

With Pesto
This time we used pesto sauce, just a little

With Cheese
Now a little cheese, mozzarella and cheddar, again not as much as I usually have done

With Less of
Then a few mushrooms, peppers, onions and spicy salami, again for this time, I left some stuff, not what I usually do

Almost Done
Pizza cooking on the BBQ, over a stone

Pizza done and risen a lot

Air Pockets
Look at the air pockets

Air Pockets
and even more pockets, so sour

Next time this Wednesday I will put more ingredients on. It is my birthday week, 77 on May third, Sunday for another pizza

Wednesday April 29, 2020

OK I am doing
............ doing pizza tomorrow

I have a new Friend who is in to the stock market, she is from the past 1968.  I have gotten to send her emails after all these years so it is interesting

She likes stocks but does not like Elon, I can understand so we will not mention Elon again.

Jose came in and we are still trying to make Sparking wine and they are still not fermenting so we will take another week or two to see if fermentation is happening

For me it is about the Market now. TSLA is up so do I sell or buy more

I can't see my family or go anywhere. Like I hope you agree with me, many of you............. we have to get out of some of this. We can't stay for more than another month, there will have to be changes. The country in whole is willing to go out again. They are brave

 so I have a lot of opinion, this may not be as bad as we think, as long as they do respect what we have to do.  Let them try it. I would not be as brave.

Let's hope they try.......I am outspoken at times and this is my diary so I agree with Elon, we need to open up some essential things

like restaurants................

we have Catellie's here in Geyserville. what is wrong with opening them up!!!!!!!!!~!!!!

They have a big two rooms they rarely use both...............and they have an outside open area. They have plenty of room to do 6 feet away.........and The big outside area where we had Kate's and Bryan rehearsal diner, SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I am upset as you know, I hope we can figure a way to open up several OK businesses
Tomorrow is another day

Thursday April 30, 2020

OK, I do not like some things Elon Musk says. He says what he thinks and I respect that. He may thrive about things that get people upset. I only agree on a few. He is a complex person so you believe or not much. It is one of the companies who are looking to the future, There are many others, it is an other exciting time

He said we need to let the Government let us out.

I think, Elon is in another world. Remember he wants to go to Mars and I think he could die there,,,, maybe not exact words but Elon wants to be the fist person there, maybe we hope after a few tries.

I have to say Elon helps me to continue to think

Friday May 1, 2020

The Market is open and all my holdings are down, time to buy more?

I still think Tesla could be a bigger company than most think. Sure they are doing OK by making the world better with electric cars. All my life I have hoped OIL related industries would fade away, but I have been wrong. I still have hope.

OK, back to Tesla. I think their energy part of the business is way underrated. I now can say because of Tesla my main house is completely off the grid. Also if we have a power outage again, I will be completely independent and could run everything for as long as there is sun.

I have two Powerwalls and new solar on the main house roof. During the day the solar kicks in and recharges the Powerwalls. During the night or day when we run our electric oven, rare, or run our close dryer, two or three times a week, the solar is enough to service them.

I now have my Tesla Model S recharged at 3:00 PM instead of midnight because that is when the Powerwalls are fully charged from the solar being on all day and then there is a surge for 30 minutes to apply the extra power from the Powerwalls to the Model S. The energy in the Powerwalls go down somewhat for 30 minutes but are then charged back up in the next few hours.

Right now at 7:00 AM there is very little solar being generated but after all night my Powerwalls still have 29% left. We do have very efficient heating and cooling which use very little electricity. We do not use Propane except for my water heater and BBQ so that is a minimum of cost. Yesterday from 3:30 until 6:00 we actually had excess power so it all went back to the grid.

Tesla is an underrated company because of their energy part of business.

Saturday May 2, 2020, the day  think I was born, might be in the diary if interested

Kate, Bryan and Susie ordered some great cookies and I tried  a few yesterday so I ordered more, yes message to the owner below,

>>>>>Yes, the two orders look good. It is my birthday tomorrow so that is why my 2 daughters and son in law found a place here to ship to me.

I was so surprised, I just heard all three are coming up from The City for a visit tomorrow, we will all be careful, but they will have a chance to try your wonderful cookies..........sent last week........keep safe........and enjoy.........Dave

OK, How Green Is My Valley and Mind Circus


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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