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Sunday March 22, 2020

8 again

After finishing the Sundowners Pat and I watched The Apartment and went to bed at Mid Night.........So I thought I was on a roll......I had Annie Hall ready for tonight and I guess I have no choice today. Pat says she, we should both have a choice for a movie one night and I have a choice the next day....we both have a choice, but so I am here now waiting to see if she has a suggestion. It may be recent So I will wait.

Should I buy more tomorrow..........The Market may be down or if up I will refrain.............

I will report what Pat wants for tonight, but we will see a movie, what else can we do?

Tuesday March 24, 2020

8 again

Have you ever thought of going barefoot most of the time? Susie and I highly recommend it. I at 77 soon, it helps keep me upright, more balance!!

I just went off to the winery to lift me up a little. It helps me thing and make big plans for tomorrow and beyond, but now I will try a Dog Head, the one which kept me happy on our last cruise........

So yes I am mostly thinking about the Market and I have made great trades, but still a slight loss overall.........but it may change and go down...........without this stimulus going through we could be down tomorrow. OK

I have big losses in my big choice over the last few weeks, Cruise Ship Stocks. This is exactly what I did back in 2008 when I bought Amazon and had big losses so if any of you think you will ever go on a cruise in the future, this is the easiest trade to make a lot of money, even after 20% gains on all those stocks of Cruise ship stocks today and may continue to rise. OK but watch out politics

Politics, I think Trump is actually acting like a president now so He thinks let's be up and going in a few weeks. I like that and I hope it works. We need to get our businesses going again soon or all of us will lose, whether laid off or out of business.

We here are doing fine

Sip time..........DogFish Head 90 is real nice, makes me want to go on another cruise.,,yes we have one planned for next May.

Wednesday March 25, 2020

8 again

OK, OK, we are still making wine, our workers came in with masks, we do not do that, I think it is not necessary since the whole county is on stay at home so they only come in to pack up shipments and we are sending out every day, but now I see in places like Manhattan where it is concentrated, where people live. Pat and I and Kate and Susie I think were there in 2004. I have to admit, it was so crowded and now I think..........??? what will happen

Pat and I were exposed to 800 hundred people on March 7-9 and we are fine..................
Stocks.,,,,,,,,,,movies..............More tomorrow

More tomorrow, Pat's Choice Moonstruck  

Thursday March 26, 2020

I highly Recommend Moonstruck, really great acting!

The stock market is keeping active. I was in 70% cash but have put 20% in the market for trades. Most of my trades from last week are doing well. I did not buy anything in the last two days and I also have not sold anything. The cruise stocks are up so I may sell some of my stock. I still think long term they are buys. I also have bought some Starbucks, Disney and United Airlines for trades. I have purchased some Amazon and Google and probably will hold on to them for a while. I also bought some more Tesla 5.3% Junk Bonds, yielding 8% right now since they were selling for 85.

Friday March 27, 2020

I thought the Market would be down to day so I sold a little stock before the opening. I will buy back some or more depending what happens Monday. As some of you know the Market ended down, complicated.

I am thinking about Alfie, the first movie, for tonight......................

Saturday March 28, 2020

There were two movies made of Alfie. The first movie was in 1966 with a fantastic performance by all especially Michael Caine. I don't think I have seen the second one made in 2004 and after last night I would not want to see the second one. Last night I saw a real weird movie in Alfie but extremely entertaining, I highly recommend it.

I have several movies in mind for the next few days. I saw A Clockwork Orange back in 1971 way before I had got in to classical music. The music used in it is incredible. In 1971 after leaving the theater I was cussing and saying I hated it!! Then that night and the next few days I could not get it out of my mind. After really getting obsessed with Classical music with Vandersteen speakers I saw it again in the 80's and really liked it. I think I saw it again a few years later and thought it was one of my favorite movies. Watch Out, it is very intense if you have not seen it.

Another for the next few days is West Side Story 1961. I want to see it again. At 17 years old I had a crush on Natalie Wood, she was in two big movies in 1961. I thought her performance in Splendor In The Grass was better, but she won for West Side Story. I think I have seen Splendor In The Grass 5 or more times but I think I have seen West Side Story only twice.

For the next movie, I am thinking of an old movie, 1955 called Marty. It won best picture. I remember it being a surprise. I don't think I have seen it since then but at 12 years old I thought it was great.


so pat does not want to watch a clockwork orange, it is intense ssssso I had her agree for only 10 minutes but it needs over an hour to find out how to relinquish the horrible person, a classic if you can get through the first several minutes..............I like to see movies with other people to see if they agree with me, but I can see pat will not see to the end.........SSSOOOOOOO

We will look at Marty after a few minutes of A Clockwork Orange.........

Sunday March 29, 2020

A Clockwork Orange did not last more than 10 minutes. It was way too intense for Pat and even I was OK with stopping it and switching to Marty. Marty is a 1955 movie and Pat said it was OK. I liked it a lot but it was somewhat predictable and dated. Maybe we will take a break tonight since I have to prepare to be up at 6 am again tomorrow for the opening of the Market.


So i had no cold beer down in the frig near the office so I picked up a Stone IPA room temp, sure it is OK, I will only take a few tastes and go up to my kitchen for no movie. We are taking a break........I have so many options, maybe music

Pat and her Family booked a cruise and travel to Sicily where my Father was born, but now even in June it does not look like it will happen so they delayed it to next year. BUT the nice lady might have been joking when she said we may go bankrupt...........

On May 6 Pat and I want to go up to the Oregon Coast for 10 days or more, maybe I will not come back,,,,,,,,,........joking. It is so nice up on the Oregon Coast, I could even work out of my Beach Front House........Oh I dream but there is nothing better than where I am now.

So I called up to Oregon and they said they have cancelled everything for the next month......WOW, I said i still want to come s ooooooo,  they were real happy when I agree to pay everything right now, I said OK

Monday March 30, 2020


With all the wine we have sold we do not want a loan. Thanks so much, we are shipping out 50 cases a day for now, sure it will slow down. I know if we qualify we could get free money but did you here:

"You have to certify is that “uncertainty of current economic conditions makes necessary the loan request” to support your ongoing operations.

I would lie if i made that pledge so we are fine paying all our employees indefinitely........

West Side Story tonight!!!!

Tuesday March 31, 2020


West Side Story........incredible dancing in the AIR, the first hour has been good, but I have seen it before, we will go up soon and look at the last 1.5 hours.......fun

I have a grandfather clock. It is an adventure!! How do you set something with a pendulum with a wait to make sure the RING at the half hour and of course the whole hour is on time..........so When we got back from our last time in Santa Cruz, I hope there will be another, the clock was off so I suspected someone touched my clock, I doubt it so somehow I messed it up? Sure you can make a guess so I moved it down and then I did see how far it is off again, it was off again......still

So I have tinkered with it for over a month, finally after all this crazy stuff happened, I have it set perfectly. HEY the temperature or air can through it off again. I love the challenge, it takes less than 3 milliliters. Like less than 1/16 of an inch can through it off by a few seconds every day. I got lucky because it is hard to move the pendulum up that little.........SO that is one thing off my mind until the temperature will rise

Now as usual it is about the Stock Market!! My most obsession at this time, as you know, I have many..........I still am in 60 % cash and I think the bottom has been had so I say, should I wait for the next few days when I think the market will be down...........Patience Is A Virtue......Tomorrow is another day.

Thursday April 2, 2020

My left over Pasta was great but Pat made her own, from some of mine. Olive Oil is good. I have tasted a great deal of olive oil recently in the last year. I have found out...........Greece makes the best strong olive oil, only my new son in law, Bryan from Wisconsin can take the intensity....... 

Politics soon, I have to get ready for tomorrow, Tesla posted some good totals..........Friday a transition day so if we are up, it could be interesting, I have been buying. If down I will have to buy more.........

Friday April 3, 2020

8 again

It is not easy trading or especially predicting the Market so I was somewhat surprised the Market only went down a little today. Sure yesterday I made some money on TSLA in the after market. I suspect the Government will screw up dispensing the checks for someone is in need. I talked to my accountant today and he said 30% of his clients are in the service industry so they qualify for the loan if they can confirm their business is down by 50%.

Just think of restaurants, I think of restaurants around here especially Healdsburg and two great ones in Geyserville only 3 miles away. They are closed except for take out, but Pat says who would want to pick up food at a restaurant when we know nothing about what they are doing.

Pat and I are lucky to be great cooks most people go out or pick up. Maybe they will learn to cook. That is what I said to my new stock emailer. She is not a cook but maybe i can convince to try. She and I are having fun buying these incredible bargains, sure if a lot of people die, we will have to be patient, it could take a while. Do you really think no one will fly again? Airline stocks are down over 70%. Do you really think, there will be no cruise ships, down over 80%.

Like I always say BUY LOW SELL HIGH. This is the best time to buy stocks

Monday April 6, 2020

I have a new method for my BBQ pizza. I use a stone and a steel perforated screen to cook now. It has been making perfect pizza in as little as 10 minutes. The first picture is when the pizza was put in uncooked. The second picture is after it is cooked. When I put the hood down, the pizza can actually cook in less than 5 minutes, but I like to sit outside and watch it slowly rise with the hood up for several minutes, that way I can stay warm while looking at politics in the evening. I don't like putting the pizza right on the stone because there is no way to quickly decrease the temperature on the stone if it is too hot. With the screen there is a gap away from the stone, which can actually get up to 700 degrees with this 6 burner BBQ. You can see the back burner which is essential to cook the top of the pizza.......


Cooked Pizza

Tuesday April 7, 2020

8 again

I don't know personally who is more into politics than I. Also I don't know one who is into the Market as much as I, and of course I do not know anyone who is into wine like I am. I could go on about sports also a Passion but you know I have many more passions. That said

I am trading Cruise stocks, sold some up 20% plus today. I have said also I am trading some airlines. The Market is predicting belly up for those two industries.

Pat and I have sent out our new offers for a special and of course our two wine clubs. It will be interesting to see who drops out........so far

We have had many new Wine Club signups but what happens when everyone has too much toilet paper and wine...............time will tell.

Now i am heading up for politics to see what I should do in the Market tomorrow

I am getting a treadmill to get into shape, it will be adventure, but I like challenges

Tomorrow is another day

Thursday April 9, 2020

Jose and Salvador are racking and blending our 2019 wine every day this week and some into next week. We will have several of our employees start packing up wine next Wednesday for our wine club. We will be wearing masks and gloves and pack over 4 days. It usually takes a day and a half. We want to go slow to keep a 6 foot distance from each other.

I love making wine. Jose and Salvador are doing the physical work but I still make the final decisions. Jose and I are working great together so we will still make great wine....

Pat and I are here at home and I can't think of a better place to be. Sure it is nice to drive down to Santa Cruz and up to the Oregon Coast but that is only for a few days. It is always nice to come home to this property which has the vineyard and winery and our large house with a great kitchen. I love experimenting with left overs, sometimes the dish comes out great and other times not so great because they tend to be too rich.

The Market is closed tomorrow so I can sleep in for a change. I have been getting up at 5:45 AM. I sleep so lightly I do not need an alarm. The Stock Market starts officially at 6:30 AM our time but there is always trading in the pre market. Today I sold some of my Cruise Stocks at good profits. I may buy them back at lower prices. Some of the stocks are up over 100% from their lows BUT still down 70% from their highs. Take a look at Royal Caribbean. The high was 135 in January and this minute at 41. The low was 18 on March 18.

Saturday April 11, 2020

8 again

I sent a message to one my best friends so I wanted to share it with you.

"You and I have to get together. Thanks so much....

I know you know I hate Trump, but maybe we need to break? Start and see what happens, So we open and see where we die more often than last year. 7000 a day by all causes...........so we are now at 2000 a day by this virus. I say OPEN up soon and see. I am a capitalist


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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