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Wednesday March 4, 2020

I will have more about TSLA and the results on Biden tomorrow, but we have to get ready for the barrel Tasting this weekend, so hope to see some of you

Thursday March 5, 2020

I voted for Biden in California. I think he has the best chance to beat Trump.

The stock market has been real interesting lately to say the least. I traded TSLA for 80 points and may trade again if it falls again. I have been watching the cruise stocks which are still falling to lows not seen since 2014. As I have said many times, Pat and I like going on cruises, but I would be concerned about going on one now with this virus threat. I must say though all the times we have been on cruises there are dispensers all over the place encouraging people to take a small amount of soap to clean hands. It was interesting the other day when I went into Costco, there was a person wiping the carts.

We have a big event for us the next two weekends, The Wine Road barrel tasting. I am a little concerned about all the people coming to greet us, should I shake their hands as usual or just bump elbows like I have seen a few times on CNN. Should we also have a dispenser of soap at our door, but then where would I purchase one. I checked Amazon and the ones that stand up by their selves are sold out. I did order two electric ones that do not have stands so I hope to put them on a table.

Saturday March 7, 2020

I watched a great special on all you want to know about the virus. What is scary, a healthy person could carry the virus and show no symptoms BUT the great news is most of the people sick even in China are elderly or have a preexisting health problem. The other good news is it is hard to transfer it on surfaces so wine glasses are probably OK, but not people talking to you so it is through the mouth. Masks are bad because the virus is kept under the mask if the person is infected and thus could just fly out as the person moves the mask around or takes it off.

Yesterday I started purchasing shares of Norwegian Cruise lines and Carnival which owns Princess. Those stocks are down about 60% lately.

Monday March 9, 2020

We had our sales go up 30% this past barrel tasting event, nice but we have the stock market going down!! As i have said the Market is in my life big now so it is so interesting!!

I even bought some Google again, I bought some United Airlines and more Cruise stocks. I am still in 60% cash so I will see what happens tomorrow but I suspect the Market will be up. The Market always predicts the Future so the Market will go up way before this Virus  is controlled, yes, we still do not know for certain what will happen so sure the Market could go down more...........but I have cash and I have been waiting for this great opportunity to buy low and sell high............

Thursday March 12, 2020

WOW, the market is so much fun!! I have been buying all week, especially today when I put in 10% of my cash so now I am still in 60% cash and will buy all the way down.

Saturday March 14, 2020

The second weekend for Barrel tasting has been cancelled, we are fine since we did so well last weekend. We are still open for tasting our 2019 wines so stop on by.

As you know I am loading up on Cruise Line Stocks. It is so easy.........They are all down about 70 or 80%. Sure I know most people will not go on a cruise in the next few months, that is why Princess had cancelled all their cruises for now. I should look at what they have said but my guess is:::::::: They will not let anyone on a cruise unless they have a test. So they are waiting for the test to be ready. It will be the safest vacation to take, all people on the ship will be screened so no one can contact the Virus unless you go off the ship, so that will be interesting.

Pat and I are still hopeful to take a vacation up to Oregon and I can't think of anything that will be a concern........I don't go into Gas stations, I have my model S.........I will go into stores and restaurants and we will stay away from direct contact with people.

8:00 PM: I did not do the right thing today!!!!!!!! I am not a nice person at times, Pat is always nice that is why I keep her around.....only....if of course if I don't screw up like today

I heard there was a service dog in our tasting room so I asked the person to leave after I saw she was touching the dog and moving her hands on our table top. She had admitted they were training their dog to stop licking people.

She got very upset so I got upset also since I told her we are all concerned about the virus so we do not want dogs in here right now. She was obviously upset..........but and then went in tirade because her dog was a Service Dog and several times requiring me to let them taste. I said no. So it got worse. She confronted me. I was wrong now because I see you have to let anyone with a Service dog in your winery. She Called me an Ass Hole and stormed out with no apparent disabilities. I know I am not supposed to ask if someone with a dog has disabilities.

I even heard someone may be trying to train a Service dog to control their Blood Pressure. I failed today so I am sure my blood Pressure was up and hers.

I read a lot today after and learned

Break time.....yes I had some great Coffaro wine earlier. I need a few sips of beer lately and even A single malt. It has been trying because most of my attention before today was INTO the stock market. I have to wait two more days before 6:30am my time on Monday..............so I opened a Stone Buenaveza Salt and Lime...........no hops though.......darn

I am in trouble if they want to sue me as 4 of them confronted me and said............they were going to sue. Am I in trouble.......I think they would have a hard case, but I was wrong

Pat had another stressful to day also. She sent out an offer and we had several online sales and also calls asking to clarify. she is not happy with me, but she and I have had some alcohol and we are OK.

I have heard and believe people need alcohol when stress is evident. We are concerned we may have many more people coming to our winery since they have little few places to visit. Are wineries closing down? We have time to consider, but first of all we will make sure we only have 10 people in our tasting room at one time so we may consider to be by appointment in the future, BUT How do we notified everyone who may want to pick up wine or just visit?

Sunday March 15, 2020

8:00 PM: So today was a big day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Governor said all wineries will be shut down so we are fine.

In the last two days many customers coming here constantly put their hands all over our counter and some even continued to touch other customers...........Sure I heard a few weeks ago it would be OK to touch someone........so now we can't? It is a mystery to be solved........I Love The Stock Market so it will be interesting tomorrow morning

Our Governor said we should stay home since we are well over 65........I am 76+

Tonight i need a Maximus.

Pat and i are fine with not being open. We both have so many things to do.........for Pat it is shipping and for me many other things, like winemaking decisions, Nadal which is not happening, baseball which is not happening so I now can concentrate on things that are important.....besides POLITICS

Jose will be in here tomorrow and we will be talking about results on our stuck barrels, it may not be as bad as I thought. We needed to get our Foss checked so we can get accurate tests. The Foss costs me $50,000+ so it is important and give us tests with a few drops!!!.

I have the debate recorded so I am up soon..........

Monday March 16, 2020

It has been a trying day for Pat with dealing with many of our customers requesting shipping arrangements. We are closed to the public and we may still allow some customers who want wine right away to come in and pick up wine. Pat and I are not supposed to interact directly with anyone so we have to set up a day for an employee to be here to release the wine.

Oh, yes, the Stock Market. I did buy some United Airlines and a little Amazon. I think tomorrow will be an interim low for a few days or longer so I may load up on some more stocks in the morning. I was down in my office at 6:20 this morning just before the Market was to open up. At 6:30, trading was delayed 15 minutes so I had to wait to see what the blood bath would be. It will be fun tomorrow............

8: again..............

This has been an interesting day. All I know, if the Market keeps going down I will make a million dollars, YOU have to buy low and sell at a high. This is not a high...........it will be a low eventually. THAT is what you have to think if you want to take a chance and invest when stocks are going down.......The Market may get much lower............I will be up at 6 or so again and I will invest 20% of my cash if the Market is down, but I think we will open up high and usually Tuesdays are when we go back up.

Yes I remember back all the way to 1965 when I sat in The Pacific Stock exchange every day from 7 to 12? then I think. It was a shorter trading day. I was 22 and it was so much fun to see stocks go up and down and you could make 10% in one day if you were right. Yes. It is one of my passions. 

I have plenty of WINE so I even have plenty of Tequila for 3 months, I need more, So I looked for a beer tonight as usual            and I found I have several so I should be OK for a month, but if I have no beer after that, sure I am paranoid like most of us.............what will happen........sssooo I am having the beer i discovered on a cruise, I love cruises and when they are safe, I hope to do one..........actually we may be heading up to Alaska again next May on Carnival, yes that is why I am buying Cruise Line Stocks, it will be safe....so....from San Francisco and back....fun..........fun.........fun 

so yes it is a 90 Dogfish head.....it keeps me going.

Wednesday March 18, 2020

We feel and I hope Sonoma County Wineries are being allowed to do what is important. We are so lucky, our vineyard is pruned and we do not have too many things that are essential.

We have to do our shipping and we decided to make some more Sparkling wine. Otherwise our workers are staying home. Catarino and Martha's youngest son, Cristian is only 18 and was hired full time two months ago. He is going to stay over in our Guest House and be available for us any day we need something, It will be great.

BTW, it has happened again. Every time for the last 100 years when a Republican President comes into office the Stock Market goes down. Sure there have been plenty of times when the market is up during the term and even is still up after leaving office but there is a big drop during the term. Here we are again, since Trump took office in January 2017 the Market has been up but is now below when he took office. Most times when Democrats have been in office the Market goes up. Just take a look at the records.

Saturday March 21, 2020

8 again

We are wishing we can sea, sorry see........... some sports so we will look at great movies. Look up the Sundowners, a great movie about OZ

We are still here so we have hope to be making sparkling wine on Monday.

So tonight I am trying a Stone IPA, their regular beer. It is so nice, hops with lower alcohol. I had some Coffaro so I am good.

A bull market lasts for years. A bear market lasts for only a few months, so lets hope the future is correct. The big problem is we are only into this crash for one month............I love the Market

I am concerned like many of us.,.......... if we get through this for a few months.....will the virus start again...................................................

It is so hard for us to be with out our love ones SO

We will get together later this year but what happens then.................

I may have time now sssssssoooo Maybe I will see Gone With The Wind again

Tomorrow Is Another Day!!!!!!


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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