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Sunday January 27, 2019

I am heading off to an interesting conference. I will bring three bottles, Aglianico, Lagrein and Italiano Style. I have no idea who will be there or what will happen. If it is interesting I will make a comment.

Tuesday January 29, 2019

The conference was OK, about 12 of us passionate about Italian wines. I got the impression all wanted to sell their Barbera and Sangiovese. I forgot those are the most recognized wines that are Italiano. I am not a fan of either wine!! A lot of the panel said it was about food so as some of you know I am not into pairing wines with food. SO yes Sangiovese and Barbera especially are not sipping wines and have acid and to me bitterness so sure they need to be consumed with food. No one brought Aglianico

That said I also think my Aglianico is got a lot of intensity, but for some reason the bitterness is integrated for me and I like it alone and with food. Let me make this clear again.........for me anytime I put water or especially food in my mouth it disguises the wine and makes it different. Sure that is OK, but for me to evaluate a wine:............I want all wines without anything, especially without water, cheese or any other food...........I like what wine does in pairing but it is only then about the experience, not necessarily about the wine.

On to water!!

As I said before I like sparkling water, especially late in the night......it picks me up and I have always heard you need one glass of water with every glass of wine, yes sure not much at the beginning of the night...............At the beginning: Tequila and sparkling wine and a glass or two of red. But right now 8:00pm, I am consuming a new elixir. OK, it is Larissa Nectarine Extract. It is so strong a couple of mills makes it maybe too strong. I use it in my Soda Stream.........Sure I mentioned I really like TalkingRain, Peach Nectarine, but I am getting close.....I love water!!!!!!!!!!!

AAPL is up late today so Apple earnings were better than expected. I may sell tomorrow AND TSLA earnings come out tomorrow about 1pm. Buy Low Sell High

Wednesday January 30, 2019

Wow, too many things going on today, but I will focus tonight on two.

First of all we have had a lot of people involved in Water to come out and see where we have water coming in and most important where does it go? I will go into more detail tomorrow, but we are getting close to have a more pure system here. Don't get me wrong we always had purified water but it ran through many pipes around buildings and finally to our house and winery. I would like to go on now but let's get to the most interesting thing today for only me, unless you are interested in buying Tesla stock.........TSLA

It is 8 so I need to move on. Tesla announced earnings today after the Market closed. TSLA closed at 1pm at 309, up about 11 points. At 4:52 PM, Pacific Times I purchased 10 shares at 293.80. A lot of news out so take a look if interested, I am buying more tomorrow!!

Friday February 1, 2019

If Brady can avoid the rush he will win the super bowl.............

All great qbs have great lines backing them up. Look at Manning and, sorry but you know what I mean, the great qbs did not move round much. Sure we can go into Seattle and New Orleans, lately the QB who has the best line wins...............What I am saying, I wish to have a QB who can run around and make plays, next year?........these two QBs are great passers and give them time they will complete a pass every time. I think Goff can run so we need to see how much he wants, in victory. He may have pain...........OK I want to see the best team win, I like the Rams but if Brady can wine another one he deserves the best...............

Sure I sold the TSLA trade with a profit, even my friends and relatives are buying Model 3.

Wednesday February 6, 2019

It was hard yesterday!!.............. My Mother would have been 97.................

Not much is happening here since we have blended and we will soon be ready for Barrel Tasting, and since we sell a third of our wine on wines that are not bottled, thus in the barrel but on "Futures" it will be fun again, the first two weekends of March..........

Thursday February 7, 2019

There has not been much happening here lately except it is raining!!!!!!
Also I have not made any trades with Amazon and Tesla. But of course things can change................

We were planning to go down to Santa Cruz and then I saw it may be raining, so we have cancelled!! I love Santa Cruz so we can make it another time!!

I thought about making beer since I really like any of the Stone beers, but i can pick them up at Safeway aaand I don't think I could make beer as good as I like now with Stone..........SO you have heard I have a few ounces of IPA EVERY NIGHT but only about three ounces, so Jose and I are not making beer.......

Wednesday February 13, 2019

It is raining again so much is happening here.

I was looking at Pebble Beach Golf on TV the other day and they were talking about Rain and ice that held up the tournament for awhile. They also showed pictures of a time back in 1962 when snow held up the tournament. I was out that night in San Francisco and my girlfriend and I were stranded in snow. We had just been to Sharon's Senior Ball and we were heading home in the early morning hours. We finally managed to make it back to her house and it sure was fun, snow in San Francisco, January 21, 1962.

Wednesday February 20, 2019

Even thought things are slow here, Brad and I have been looking into new Weather Stations so we now have 4 and we also have several thermometers in a certified box so most of my time here has been trying to find out the most accurate temperature, but is it what the Government says or can I find out more...........Time will tell

Tuesday February 26, 2019

OK, it has been big here!!......I am talking about rain. I know most of you have had rain and snow where you live. We usually get about 40 inches of rain but only for November until May, usually. Never have we had rain in July and August, I am sure someone could find some rain in those two month near Healdsburg??.......I digress.............Right now it is February so we get more rain, right now we are up to 40 inches, since last September.

This storm makes me think about a few others, constant rain so we have had 20 inches of rain already in February!!!

Our biggest weekend is coming up. We sell more Futures on this week end except in April. We sell pre-harvest Futures, the only winery I know, and now after all these years we will start selling something that is not even growing. This has been a great discussion with all of us, but to be short, On this upcoming weekend, The Wine Road Barrel Tasting we will sell both, 2018 and soon to be 2019 Futures Club, but two cases and get the best prices.........OK?

Thursday February 28, 2019

I have more TSLA, I moved up to 70 shares more. There has been big moves again............

Trump, I still say he may leave this Earth by his choice............He said he would be very upset if his Family gets involved. He said Cohen is a RAT. My grandfather is buried near Al Capone in Chicago, was he a Rat? He was killed in 1922. Seriously when Trump calls someone a Rat, I know from the past he knows what he means.............................................I hope Cohen is safe

OK, you all want to know how we are doing here AGAIN!!!!!, Fires, Flooding, we are fine but many people around us are flooded. even we had a small water invade us. Catarino said our small tank that collects water when we irrigate was on its side, he actually said it was knocked over by a stream of water that over flowed Dry Creek, A creek that collects the water from Warm Springs Dam. Way back in 1981 we had more rain than now and the Dam, Warm Springs Dam, filled up in one year SOOOO. it is full now and Rssian River is not protected. When I was a kid growing up in SF, near here we heard then, The Russian River area used to overflow every few years SSOSooooo it is better now but we still do not know how to protect those homes. They survive I know and most of those people will be back together next week, let's hope.............  

Monday March 4, 2019

We had less people at our best event in the year The Wine Road Barrel Tasting. I know many wineries are dropping out of this event. Most wineries charge for tasting and also do not offer Futures so why do the event? They sell bottled wine!! We have heard less wineries still participate but only offer one barrel to taste for a Future at lower prices.  We still offer 9 barrel samples and we still do a third of our sales with Futures.

TSLA is down again so I am loading up

Dave's Cuvee 2018 is on sale right now so think about it. I actually served barrel samples this week end and enjoyed it. I went through and tried all the wines and I think Jose has done a great job!! I did make the final decisions on the blending. We are trying to keep our alcohols down when making wine in September and October, but it is hard since we have some nice ripe fruit. I could go on, but Catarino and I have made a big decision! We are going to thin all the varieties, like Montepulciano and see if we can get them ripe earlier?

Tuesday March 12, 2019

It has been hard!! We made it beyond our great Wine Road Barrel tasting two week ends. We had a lot of great help!!

Jose and I will blend on April One all the 2018 wines, 10 Month and 16 Months to be bottled will be in the same barrels again and then before we bottle in July we will rack again and blend the wine we need to bottle that day, the 2018 10 Month wines. We will top off the barrels after bottling with what will be 2018 16 Months bottled in January. We will also do our first blend of 2018 Ultimate Cuvee.............

OK, some of you know I have made a lot of money on Tesla, TSLA. The stock is way down again so if any of you believe in hopefully eliminating OIL so we do not depend on AALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL those producers in other countries who have oil.........Buy a Tesla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

,,,,,,,,,,............... we need to go to something else and maybe electricity is OK, I think ultimately we need something else, some other energy source!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT for now I am loading up on TSLA

Saturday March 16, 2019

Tesla stock, TSLA is still going down. I am buying more stock!! I have enough profits from the past which has given me enough money to buy two Model S Tesla. I will buy more if it goes own more...........

It has finally got warmer here but I hear there may be more light showers for days..............................

We are getting ready to offer our 2019 Futures. I and all of us have been discussing that we are making too many wines so there will be changes.............


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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