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Tuesday December 17, 2019

I am back with so many things on my mind, like Tesla, Raiders and wine      aaaaaaaaaaaaaanddddddddddddd

I hurt my back before we left for Hew Zealand. This is my diary
So I slipped in my office just before we left and it took me awhile to get up so I have to be more careful. I have been chastised to a very tight chair now.........wise, by my wife. It is almost like a glove, it is nice and tight and does not rock back and forth. I will miss my nice old chariot that moved so easily and glided across the floor sometimes and I would fall..`

Sorry i know most of you want to hear about wine

So I did some blind tastings today.................

I have really interesting knowledge about wine. I hate wine that has sugar left in them. Does that make me prejudice, I think so. I think wine made with sugar naturally, is a flaw in winemaking. There had to be something that stopped the progression of a Fermentation.........is about complete take over of all sugar by yeast. Think about it is a strong amazing thing.........Sugar is in trouble but fights back to wine over some sugar but with most alcohol. The sounds of fermentation is so much fun,.............. OK`

I tasted some wine today that was ours. I tasted a Block 4 2018, 10 month aged, green. I tasted a 2019, many barrels blended not bottled yet. I preferred the 2019. I was not surprised because it was smoother. A little bit of sugar, makes the mistakes go away, kidding
I have to get over it, sugar makes the wine smother, which might be good?? It will be hard for me. I have to get over it. Beer has sugar and I love IPA's. We are talking about 2 carbohydrates for a bottle of wine.......get over it Dave!!!!!!
I am going to work with Brad tomorrow and see if I can put up some incredible pictures of the Fjords

Wednesday December 18, 2019

New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand

Thursday December 19, 2019

I know, nice but I am home now so there are many things happening again...........TSLA is up to 404 today

and I had 8 people today put up on my rooftop Tesla solar. It is not considered in the stock, the energy sector for Tesla is surging. The 8 people said today, they are so busy and they were heading off tomorrow to a place near here SO local people Tesla hired for all the demand. I know I believe in Tesla

Jose and I are still thinking about a little bit of sugar for the blends for the 2019 wines. Like I said before, it would only be 2 carbohydrates per the whole bottle. I need to taste more...............

Friday December 20, 2019

Some of you know I am a big Tesla fan. I have always thought energy part of Tesla is bigger than their cars

I do think there could be a lot of potential in energy. I do know I have solar now and backup because of Tesla. I doubt middle class people will order these very expensive systems, I am just fortunate to be able to try and experiment the new potential for TSLA.

8:00: PM: OK, I have to think about wine again, my back is killing me so I have to move on to more important things, wine,  a drive in my Tesla for 500 miles down to Long Beach, maybe with my second born, Susie. She will drive some and I taught her so she is an excellent driver, and younger then I. Then Bryan will be down to see us in Long Beach on the 28th........after he and Kate went off to Wisconsin. I have to root for Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, no way, I am going  for Oregon.

Bryan is going to the Rose Bowl with friends so Kate, my First Born will be heading up home to San Francisco with Susie, Pat and I, to celebrate New Years Eve. We are sure Bryan will have a nice time, even if his team...............

Thursday December 26 2019

The bottom line for me as I have said before...........I do not like someone who lies...........and also important a president who does not make us feel together...........

You can have your opinions about what this president has done and I have benefited as I have said but I could never vote for a president who is so divisive

In the last two days, Pat, Susie and I have watched Godfather, One and Two.........too many hours, about 6.5.

I could not believe how many times, I heard, ""give me a favor""............

Monday December 30 2019

I remember
my Mother serving us pasta. She was Greek, I know she served us pasta that was soft.

I went over to Italy last year and all pasta I had was structured, like..........that made you chew more.

I have now tried to perfect a new way to perfect pasta. I have made pasta fresh in the past and I was not impressed because it is also so soft.

Why boil pasta to leach out something in the water?????????

My new method takes time, like boiling pasta in a bot. I put 8 ounces or a pound of dry pasta and add a few ounces of great olive oil, the more the better, Then I put in white Coffaro wine, any wine would be fine. Tonight I put in, tried dried mushrooms which was magical. So then:

I put the pot on the stove at medium, then look to see everything is perking fine. then

You check constantly, I sure do not have this perfected..............

So now taste and see if you like intense crisp pasta ready for a sauce


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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