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Wednesday October 30, 2019


Brad for Dave: Dave wanted me to let  you know he and Pat are fine. As you can see at this time from this map, the winery is not currently under mandatory evacuation. The plan is to get back to work by Friday. The current forecast is for winds to start to diminish, however, the relative humidity continues to be extremely low. Fires continue to burn, but they are to the east. Smoke can be an issue as it affects the taste of wine, but Dave says there has been no smoke his way.

Here's another "Dinner Last Night"  - Fried Calamari Po'Boy

Fried Calamari Po'Boy

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Friday November ONE, 2019

Pat and I are finally are back after a week!! Kate and Susie came up on October 24 after they left their jobs and made us evacuate even though we were not required then. October 24 is Pat's Birthday, what a day!! Susie stayed with us in Santa Rosa that night and had dinner with us. We then spent the next week in San Francisco. I was glued to the local stations. At home we did not have water or cell service or POWER except for my Tesla Powerwall. I turned off everything except our two refrigerators. The Power came on briefly on Saturday and recharged the Powerwall. We came back on Monday to check on our Cat and pick up a few things we had forgotten. The Powerwall was still on. When I checked this morning the Powerwall was on for 89 hours which only left us off power for our refrigerators for one day. We arrived yesterday about 9am and wow the house was real cold. I thought about jumping into bed and then I decided to just sit in my Tesla which was outside in the sun. At about 11am the Tesla was too warm so I sat in the office reading my Kindle where it was warming up slightly to about 50 degrees. By 3pm it was up to 67 degrees and the outside temp was 80.

We were told by PG&E that our power would be back on at 4pm. That did not happen. I wanted the power on soon because my Tesla was DOWN showing 4 miles left at 4pm. I was getting notices on my Tesla App to CHARGE soon otherwise I would damage my battery. I was not happy!!!! I called PG&E again and they said power would be on by 9pm. I was not happy!!!!! I also wanted to see the 49er game which would start at 5:10 pm.

I decided to start cooking a dish of chicken and potatoes. We have a propane Wolf cooktop so I was ready with a match. I knew it would be dark by 6:30 so I wanted to be prepared with the dinner and of course Tequila.

I was swearing constantly and then all of a sudden the power came on at 5:05 Pm. I scrambled all over the place to turn on DirecTV and record the game. That was an adventure because I forgot I had turned off all my audio video equipment. I then remembered I had to charge my Tesla, it had 3 miles left. I started the dinner and had my tequila and then some sparkling wine and watched some politics. later I watched the 49er game and fast forwarded through the ads.

Today we are preparing our Wine Club Shipment which was to go out last Monday so now next Tuesday or Wednesday. Jose and Salvador are pressing wine and may be done by Sunday. All the 13 fermenters 2600 potential cases have gone through Extended Maceration except for 5 fermenters containing Dave's Cuvee...........tomorrow is another day......................................  

800: Pm: So Pat and I had a nice dinner tonight. And we have to get ready for tomorrow to be open. I went into Healdsburg to day to Safeway and there was not much there including customers. I saw Ice cream bring put back in the freezer and I grabbed one. I was told the check out guy who I love was in there yesterday to clean up the mess as he said...........all dairy was lost SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why is the first time PG&E shut off power!! All our fires in the past., we still had Power. Can you believe how much loss we have endured but nothing about all these businesses in our County. think about all the lossesSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why does PG&E get over this?? OK, my bottom line is why did PG&E shut off the POWER.

PGE&E has caused big problems. I assume they will not be in control next year. I have to survive so I am still looking into going off the Grid...................

OK, we are working on wine. It is so easy even after this POWER shut off. I can make wine...........Just take in what I have. More tomorrow............So now near 8pm......I will go up and look at a little of politics but I know what happened. I will then read Reacher.........

But I will have some IPA. I have more to say.......tomorrow is another day...... saw that the other night. I saw a Newscaster talking about the fires..... She said.....tomorrow is another day

Here's another "Dinner Last Night"  - Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crab

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Monday November 4, 2019

Saturday and Sunday Jose and Salvador came in to press all the fermenters that were left so all the wine from the Harvest is in barrels. In December we will rack the wine and blend.

8:00 Pm: OK OK, I have had some wine. Today has really been      a TRIP...........

I had a problem the last two weeks with my great Tesla model s. All the time when we were in San Francicco last week, I had no Air Conditioning, there was something wrong and I was told to come IN. Well last week after all the hot air going into my Great Model S.....................It was hot in The City and especially when we came up to check out our place SSOOO I suffered in 80 degree in my great model S.

I had scheduled to see what was wrong last Monday but Tesla Service had no power so I was delayed until today. 

Got down there at 10:07 am and left at 11am with a Model X..........P90D.......fast nice Red Calipers

OK OK I was told some rodents got into my wires!!!!~ We have a garage and we have mice coming into places, a lot

I was told to repair  the damage, it would cost $3,600, I accepted, especially I can NOW have a loaner and drive a car at less than 3 seconds to 60 miles an hour.........I am old but maybe not too old to check this out.

Sure I do not know how long I have this MONSTER CAR so I am offering any of you who would like to TAKE A drive, let me know........

Tuesday November 5, 2019.........My Father died on this date so I cannot forget.........1953

I took this Monster Car out today. I had two appointments, one because of a Crown came off............

This Car, a Model X P90 is way too fast for me.......it takes your head and back hard, back......if you know what I mean.

I have to get out tomorrow, maybe to fool the mice. I need to keep all my Tesla cars moving....................Safeway, I did Costco for 800+ Yesterday

Wednesday November 6, 2019

Pat had to tell me this is November 6, Wednesday. I thought is was still November 5 when my Father died years ago

Pat and I have to head off to New Zealand in three weeks so we are not ready!!

For me I have a lot of winemaking to look into

For Pat.................she is still worrying about shipping

Pat and i will go up for a movie soon. With no Giants games for months, Pat will not look at NFL but we can see movies or some series on the Amazon Stick............. Raiders tomorrow night

Friday November 8, 2019

The Raiders barely won last night so that was one good thing yesterday. The other good thing was I got my mice infested Model S back. TSLA is up so I sold some stock and also sold my Google stock. Those were positive things BUT

We got back results from some official lab tests on our wine. These wines were fermenting when the Power here was turned off for a week. It looks like some of the barrels have a little sugar in them. Like I have said some wineries win medals by leaving a little sugar in Zinfandel blends but I prefer wines that are dry. Next week we will test all barrels and see which ones are fermenting slowly. Our test equipment is fairly accurate so we do not need to pay more for official tests right now.

7:25 Pm: Pat and I are heading up for a movie.......too many things are in my mind to relate until tomorrow. Jose was off today so I have to wait until Monday to get more info on ALLLLLL our barrels so yes Jose will be busy next week. I need all info to make a decision.............

Saturday November 9, 2019

7:30:PM: I thought I was mellowing out as usual this night and going up for Video of something..............but then I saw this BILL for PG&E I don't get this..........I have never been charged anything like this before especially when they shut off our power..............

The amount of $1807.61 for account number ******4890-3 is due on 11/25/2019.

What is going on?


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