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Monday May 6, 2019

We are off to the Oregon Coast for a few days so there will be no diary entry until I get back. There will be someone here everyday in case any of you need to taste or pick up wine.

Friday May 17, 2019

We are back from the Oregon Coast and I will have more to say tomorrow, but one interesting excursion., was to a Farm. We know this nice young 27 year old through Family. He has a license up in Oregon. He says they are giving out too many licenses so maybe that could be a problem if he has less demand. He does things legal so it was fun to see his operation.

OK, I have continued to buy more TSLA. The Tesla stock keeps going down so I have big losses if i sold now. I have big profits form the past so I am still ahead. I will buy more if it goes down next week because I only buy stocks which I know and use. Amazon is still my best investment so I am fine AND I am still 80% in cash, no margin for sure..............

Saturday May 18, 2019


These are two pictures at a large house in Bandon, Oregon. WE stayed there three days and had all the luxuries of our home, but without the A/V setup. We ate in two of the nights.


We went on to Ashland to see a play. We sat in the first row and had a great time. Overall all the places we stayed at had nice restaurants, but I am happy to be home and thus cooking again.........lobster tails tonight.............

Friday May 24, 2019

It is hard to come back to see a lot to do, much, more interesting than being on a vacation!!!. And then Pat has just left for Portugal. Pat and her two sisters are off to seeeeeee. All three sisters are Portuguese. I am home alone but of course I can do what I want. Like I have said I am the cook.

Of course I am depressed about TSLA. I continue to invest as the stock dips to new lows for the last two years. I love my Model S and I will continue to buy, it will take another 50 points to make me even on all the Tesla trades. Look it up but TSLA was 184 when Trump got elected and it is near there again. In the mean time I made a lot of money...............buying at 185 the day after the election in 2016

I would like to talk about the BID process but I should not copy what all the principals............those outspoken people, had to say so i will give you a brief statement............

For those of you who are not familiar with the BID process PDF, I can give a link tomorrow. The Winegrowers Of Dry Creek Valley want to charge 2% to all customers who come in to tasting rooms, and use it to bring more people to our wineries. Many of us are against it. That would mean All wineries on West and Dry Creek Road. .........more tomorrow

Saturday May 25, 2019

Here is what was proposed two months ago without any input from members before hand.  Here's what I said back then.

Since then there have been a few meetings and this BID proposal has been on hold. We have been told it is dead as proposed before but many of the wineries opposed still are concerned that the Board wants to generate $500,000 and how will that be accomplished. There is a meeting of all opposed on Monday and it will be interesting to see what happens. The Board wants to start a task force and see what we can come up with. Time will tell.

Monday May 27, 2019

Bryan my new son is the only one who reads my diary and says I am more about my passions, but the most important is winemaking. Bryan is interested in what I do. Bryan is a structural engineer. He was here with my first Born, Kate

We had a great time even though Pat is in Portugal. Kate went to a new meeting where several wineries are against The BID................more tomorrow.

after the Market opens, I may have to buy more TSLA

Like I have said, I like to escape in the evening, after having some Tequila and wine of course. I still think I am functioning fine even in the evening,...................but as most of you know, our friends and relatives have not functioned like they used to................

I want to make this clear: I am fine, with no signs of dementia, but we hope we can slip away from this big problem with all of us over 70...............

Tomorrow is another day!!!

Thursday May 30, 2019

OK, TSLA is down so I need to buy more.

I had a great time with Bryan and Kate this past weekend. We had a fabulous seafood pasta. I taught Kate way back when and even Susie to be great cooks. Kate and Bryan and I had pizza on Sunday. Kate and Bryan made the pizzas and they were Fabulous!!

I am home alone for a week, but I know how to cook so I had pizza again last night.

This is interesting just like a lot of things in my life, an employee who helped out in our last Harvest in September and October for three weeks, is threatening to sue my Workers Comp insurance company.
This lady went off to the emergency room with out asking. The emergency room cost my employers insurance many crazy dollars, like a prescription for I0 ibuprofen at Rite Aid for $50. The Doctor said she was fine to go back to work the next day. Then she collected unemployment after the three weeks of harvest. I did not hear about her until I got a call from the insurance company.

The woman is desperate. It is hard because I know what it takes to pick grapes, I did it so many years to bring in our crop. It is very hard work. You have to get low enough to see all the Fruit hiding underneath small places. It hurt my back.
So this lady was not happy here. She started arguing with a guy.............so I asked and Catarino said they were living together, but why argue? She was not getting along with her friend and she started hitting him and pushing him. The guy finally quit.

I could go on but I will say we should have never hired her, she was not a good worker and was paid $22 an hour. It will be interesting to see what happens. I sure hope the insurance company doesn't settle with her and give her money. I was told she has tried this before claiming injuries from other employers. After 40 Harvests I have never had a worker claim an injury. Live and learn...............
Monday June 3, 2019 Wine is next week, be Patient

i am depressed!!!!!!!!! OK, the stock market is down. I thought I heard Trump wanted the market to go up, but as usual he is speaking to his base, what ever that is. As you know I have invested in Tesla and it is nose diving so I have big loses, sure not as much as I made in the past. Trump is against the "Future" he wants to go back to fossil fuels and especially electric cars are out. I could go on but I think as long as this president is in office I better get out of the market..............No, there has to be something to invest now after so many great companies are nosediving. I have to go up and see what Cramer thinks, maybe........I am now in 80% Cash..................

I love free markets and Trump is asking for tariffs. I have started to sell again, stocks I have made great profits on.........time will tell.

French open Tennis and NBA  keep me going

Pat will be back on Thursday to answer your shipping questions...............

Thursday June 6, 2019

Yes Pat is finally back. She has a lot of stories about her trip to Portugal..........We are moving things around her to get ready for bottling in July, like I say: organization is the name of the game

The problem is I can not control the stock market so finally TSLA is moving up a little, I still have a profit on past trades.......

Now up to look at recorded French Open

Wednesday June 12, 2019

I went down to my cool storage place, at constant 62 degrees. I know, 55 degrees is too low. I still have 1970 wines stored at 62 and doing fine BUT why do people buy Bordeaux and think it is great???

I have said I could only sip Bordeaux back in 1979. I got into local wines because I had no money back then........

soo I was predigest to think Bordeaux wine was the best OR have my taste bubs changed ssoooo I have......

SO, I brought up two Bordeaux wines I bought years ago, 2003 wine which were talked about being great. They were very disappointing, why did I pay so much? Sure I know most experts think this wine is great............they had no fruit character....why do people buy wine with not fruit character. As you know I am in a minority............

OK, Nadal won, the most important sports thing to me..............TSLA is going up a little

Otherwise the winery is doing well and we are getting ready to bottle............

Thursday June 13, 2019

BACK IN 1969, I started tasting Bordeaux wines and I thought the best value at that time was Lynch Bages. I purchased 5 cases of 1970 Futures at about $60 a case, now worth $165 a bottle. Of course I have consumed all of it many years ago. I bought two bottles of 2003 Lynch Bages in 2006 and tasted one and was not impressed. Like I said I don't taste much fruit in Bordeaux anymore, I guess I have the Coffaro palate. Should I now try the other 2003 bottle after being dissapointed in the other two 2003 Bordeaux wines? I guess I will open it with Kate and Bryan and see what they think.

Here it is another day, Pat has been sick for days, I assume not serious but she is coughing all the time and I have a tooth ache, a crown will be repaired today. We will survive........

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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