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arrow April 7 - May 4, 2019

Sunday April 7, 2019

We are almost through blending our 2018 wines. The 10 month barrel aged wines will be bottled in July.

Still no word on my cat Cory.

Monday April 8, 2019

OK  I tasted an Escuro, 2015 tonight and it had so much tannin, it was a barrel aged 10 month wine so I would think, a wine aged for only 10 months could have so much tannin? To detect tannin is when you aerate a sip of wine and it sticks up the top of your mouth, like wow, it is intense. Pat and everyone here does not like aerating wines, like swirling and eating the wine, I know no one does this unless they are judges on competitions OR ME..........As you can see I have no one here who knows what I am talking about RE; this

OK, OK, OK, OK......I could go on, but some of you know, Pat has left me again and went off to Giants games and she will be back tomorrow.................SSSSSSSSOOOOO  I have answered 50+ emails since it is complicated when we send out our new offers......SSOOOOOOOOOOO I wil be happy when my wife comes back tomorrow afternoon...........OH, my. She will have a lot of you to get back to, by email........I like answering the phone so we can figure out Why so many were charged $384................

Tomorrow is another day

Monday April 8, 2019

It is always nice to have Pat home, we are best friends. Pat was back here at noon and worked to 6:30 PM. We had a nice dinner, made by me OK, I make the meals and thus she does all the important work!!

Pat has had 100 important emails, most of them wanting to know why: they were charged $384...........I digress

8:00 PM: I now have a few sips

So Pat and I will work all day for days to get all of this figured out, sure some customers do not read all of their emails so next time we need to send them an email just about this Futures Club.

So Brut IPA, by Sierra is different and nice, as you know I have maybe one ounce and maybe tomorrow i may compare it to Ron Mexico by Russian River Brewing Company............. only one sip, They are very different..........Tomorrow Is another Day

Wednesday April 10, 2019

This is the last time I will mention this again, about Cory, my cat. So I now assume I will never see him again...............I will ask Catalina who saw him for the last time and hear if we still have options.........

Pat was back yesterday at about Noon time and saw 100 emails, most of them wanted to find out why they were charged $384

Jose and Salvador blended all of our 2018 wines in the last 6 days. The numbers, like acid and alcohol look good. We will bottle half these wines in July.

So Pat and I are making sure all our customers are taken care of. Pat is great as all of you know, but I tried to help by answering the phone, OK I did OK

Has any of you seen Better Call Saul? Almost as good as Breaking Bad..........

Friday April 12, 2019

Pat says we have too many customers who want to know why they were charged in the last week for: $130 or 240 or 384 so we will send all of our Club members a message to explain why we charged...................

Thursday April 18, 2019

Pat and I have an Apple Watch, I love their iPhone and especially my Apple Watch......long story.....

So we sent the email to all our Club members to explain about the charges I mentioned above. Also Jose and Salvador have completed the racking and blending of all our 2018 wines including our Ultimate Cuvee.

Friday April 19, 2019

Good Friday so the market is closed SSSSOOOO I have been upset as usual when I can't see what TSLA is doing. The Market is closed, why?

I still have been buying Tesla stock as it goes down. I still think it will go up but there are so many stock traders who think Tesla will go bankrupt. I assume some of these people do not want GAS to fail.

But then I talked to an environment person and he does not want to give up his gas car because he does not want to take 15 minutes to charge and just wants to to buy GAS because it is easier and less time. I am upset with my nice friends who are environmentalists and will not buy a Tesla. I know of only one relative or friend who has bought a Tesla...........I am afraid to say most people will not give up what they are used to.

I know, we need to leave are dependence on oil........but it should not be about trying to produce more oil here. Electricity or something similar has to get us away from Foreign control of most of the oil..........................

Have a nice Easter..........I miss my Mother, she always got me a lot of candy at Easter, not good for my body, but fun!!...........

Wednesday April 24, 2019

Tesla came out with earnings today which were not good so the stock has gone down. As many of you who read my diary I have made enough money on Tesla stock to buy two Model S. Now Tesla is offering a new model S that can charge to 370 miles, all the way to LA from here...........so should I buy another S !!! and of course I will buy more TSLA, buy low sell high ONLY if you have confidence in the company.

The Dry Greek Valley Passport event is this weekend so we are getting ready, but the meeting the other day was very animated. AS I have said before this organization without our approval wants to charge my valued, club members..........so they can spend more money advertising Dry Creek Valley. I have been OK if they want to charger new customers, not my loyal customers. They want to charge everyone coming in 2%

Thursday April 25, 2019

Great news, Cory our cat is back after 4 weeks. A nice lady called the animal control and found out we were looking for him. He had been coming around her house for a few weeks. He has lost some weight but seems to be happy to be back. Look back in the diary if interested in more............

Saturday April 27, 2019

Cory in content:

Cory the Cat

Tuesday April 30, 2019

Cory is confused. He does not like my shiny stainless steel, NEW food dish. I did not know cats can see the brightness? So maybe he does not like the smell of steel? Seriously we know stainless steel has no smell? OK we know cats can smell better than us...........

After a long weekend event for those Winegrowers who want to charge you 1.85%, it is nice to be back to normal, what ever that is.............

So I am off to The City later this week for my birthday and then we have a pickup party on Kentucky Derby Day Saturday May 4th.

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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