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Sunday March 31, 2019

I am really depressed about my Cat

Yesterday at 4 Pm after being open for tasting, Pat, Catalina and I decided to head over to Catalina's place. I had been there one of two times for celebrations but not recently. Catalina now has a small dog that jumped on me at least 20 times before I pushed him back. I do not like dogs, but I tried my best to be nice because it was Catalina's dog, but no she did not want the dog but she inherited it from her sister who now lives in Texas.

So Pat and I were there at Catalina's place to see if we could find Cory, my cat for the last 5 years. Think!!, I have lost almost all of my cats here from Coyote attacks, but Cory has survived for almost 5 years.

I wanted Cory to have a new life with Maverick who is Catalina's son who was born the same time as Cory. He is a very nice kid at 5 years old.

Pat and I were there for 30 minutes calling for Cory and he did not come so we assume he has taken off away from this annoying little dog. I feel real bad that I did not ask if Catalina had a dog. Cory obviously was scared of the dog. For the first two days he hid and then he was gone.

Monday April 1, 2019 no fools

This is hard, but I have to start at 8pm, this may take several days and many months to resolve, but the bottom line is The Winegrowers Of Dry Creek Valley want to charge you 1.85% for every sale you do in tasting rooms out in Dry Creek Valley and the tasting rooms in Healdsburg are not charged. I could go on right now but oh OK, I have some Dribble Belt, From Windsor, only 4.5 Alcohol so I will try to pace myself?

So the Winegrowers who do the Passport Event want more money. I have heard and documented they have plenty in the bank. I see, They have a good cause, they want money to promote Dry Creek Valley and so it is a good thing. They have it figured out: They will go to the Sonoma County Supervisors to ask for a tax of 1.85%.

I have heard and I will go to a meeting.......that the Winegrowers only need a few big wineries, it is gauged on sales tax revenue so if Ferrari Carano and maybe Seghesio are in favor, it is a done deal. I am dropping out but I will have much more to say before the end................

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Below is the whole Wine Growers Of Dry Creek Valley proposal to charge any of you who come into our tasting room 1.85% on all sales, even if to be shipped out of state and/or buying "Futures" which are not bottled. I am heading off to two meetings on Thursday to discuss with members who are against this. I figure it will cost me over $5,000 and I will not be charging any of you because it is unfair to all my loyal customers.

Wine Growers Petition

OK, 8:00 PM:

OK, OK, I figured it out But it says: Futures if purchased in the tasting room should be assessed!! What really upsets me is I have looked at all our tasting room sales and and most of them have been for events, like The Passport Event, promoted by The WineGrowers and they sellout every year and can't get more money unless they charge our customers. Oh, I am sure you heard the tasting rooms in Healdsburg will not be assessed and my opinion.......they will benefit more than us way out in 7.5 miles, just one mile before Ferrari Carano. It is a great place, nice gardens, they are on a destination place. I love Ferrari Carano, we get some traffic I am sure...........Digress, I am into 4.5% alc, Dribble Belt.........hops!!, nice, I have enough for tomorrow?

................ So it will not benefit me. And The Wine Road Barrel tasting which was promoted by a different organization has advertised a lot so to promote people to come to Dry Creek Valley ................so how can they say my charging all these customers who come in every year and pay to attend and to be charged another fee??? And purchase from us so would they buy more if this organization puts in $500,000 into promoting Dry Creek Valley. That is the question on any marketing to deceive

I figured out I may have to pay $3000 at the most. But it is mostly because of my loyal customers. We sell all the wine we can make so I do not need more promotion. I am sure it is about the employees who are hired by The Wine Growers Board, don't get me into that, they have an agenda.............

So Brad a guy who is important said this:

Diff. argument:::::::::::................The Petition Says it doesn't affect wine club.

So Change name to Dave's Future's Wine Club.

Of course you'd have to think that through to see if it fits.... (-:

, this is great!!!!

I forgot We already have a Futures Club so we are great, now we add Futures Wine Club.........

Let me think....................

Tuesday April 3

So i figured out what I should do tomorrow at the meetings with our members of The Wine Growers at 9am at Amphora Winery. Many of us are upset with this assessment proposal so it is interesting like I have said, my loyal customers could be charged an assessment. That is not fair, OK, a lot of things are not fair so don't get me into that..........I think we should Target new customers for sure but this assessment is targeting our loyal customers who come in here to buy more wine AND they are Club members so .........The rules say Club shipments are exempt so does that mean if a Club member comes in to buy more wine, like these nice people do constantly........are they to be charged the 1.85% tax........OK come down, Dave

8:25 PM: OK, I will get a Stone Hop Revolver, IPA
Sure, I am upset. I looked again and I see my assessment would be no more than $2700 but if Club Members are exempt, it will be a lot less....................

Oh sure a lot of you want to here my desire to buy more TSLA on a trade, I am up in the trade so maybe I should sell the 220 Shares at a profit, but my other shares are in the hole. TSLA is at 292 and has been at 390 so should I sell?

As some of you may know LYFT went public the other day, it went up at first and went down big but today it has gone up a little. I looked at the valuation of LYFT on the first trades and it was valued close to TSLA, seriously LYFT makes no products!! I must say I love to ride LYFT, Susie works there, and I think if you look, LYFT is growing at 100% a year so we will see.............

OK, so Jose and Salvador have been racking our 2018 wines in the last two days. Everything is going well. He is testing alcohols and I am glad that most of them are down from the last few years. BUT I heard the Cab could be close to 16%.............

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Good news, several of us who are against the assessments got together this morning and then we went to meet with Ann the administrator and she has decided to delay everything until after The Passport event. It sounds like she will make changes for the good, hopefully!


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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