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Wednesday March 20, 2019 12 hours light...............

I am upset as usual, Pat says I am always upset, I agree

I have a great friend who I have loved being with, because he is outspoken and down to Earth. He was here at our last event and said "Hilary is crooked". I was upset "Why would you bring up something from the past three years ago" and he left driving all the way back to Orange County. Later I told him, lets forget the past and only think about the future and never talk about politics, but he can not forget and won't be back for a long time..long story

Yes I have big losses on TSLA, I keep buying, Tesla is going to deliver 4 Micheline tires tomorrow, my reword to Michelle, oh a relative to Russ. So I was do nice new wheels, dark to show off my white model S. nice

OK, I mentioned our new offer for 2019 Pre-Harvest wines...........We will have more info in a few days......

OK, OK, OK I hate planes..................

I am going to die so what ever, Pat and I went over to Italy last year so in December we will go to New Zealand on Business Class of course. It will be a cruse around New Zealand and back to Sydney so if any of you know what I should do for two days in Auckland before and Two days in Sydney after the cruise, let us know. We are staying at the Four Seasons in Sydney

Sunday March 24, 2019

I was reminded about our Great Pinot experiment when a respected winemaker wanted to know why I have this Coffaro Pinot that should be fermented like everyone else? So I went back and looked at what I wrote in 1998 when we offered a 4 Pack of Pinot Noir for $75. That is when I decided to make Pinot in a non traditional way...............

This goes back to 1998 so I will give the first link to this diary and you can go on to many other entries: http://coffaro.com/diary/98_40.html
Oct 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14 1998. Then in Jan 11, 17 1999. In Feb
4, 5, 10, 12 and 19, 22, 1999 and the bottling in July 7 1999.

I was amazed at all we had to do
Susie I am sure will make this more easy for you to read in a link but the bottom line is Brendan and I made three different Pinot wines from the same grapes............

We will be offering Dave's Cuvee 2019 at as low as $100 a case. I have been confronting my people here who want to charge more. Wine is too expensive!! 

ALSO  we will be offering my new Pre-Harvest 2019 wines on Thursday the 28th? I have to get my helpers here to set up the offer on the internet. My wife and others here are getting me upset as usual, Pat does not like the titles of wine called RaiZin and MY Zin so I have been upset!! They want to make up a new title and combine the two into one wine. They have to come up with something by Thursday!!

8:00 Pm:  I had some nice input re: our new strategy about eliminating RaiZin and My Zin from our offering for the new 2019 Wines. I think we should keep both wines.............

Tomorrow is a new day so it will be interesting to see what the stock market will do because of Muller has decided, as you know I love the stock Market so let's see what happens.............

My cat is gone. Catalina was nice to take him to a new adventure. Catalina told me 5 years ago she had some nice new kitties so I took two in hopes Pat would love the new addition to our Family. Pat took no interest, OK she did let the cat sit on her lap sometimes but she did not feed him. That became a problem for me since the Cat always wanted to eat. He is way over weight. So I have tried to cut him down to eat less. It has not worked so nice Catalina has taken her cat back today. He was a family member everyday so it is hard. He needs Someone younger who will appreciate him and Catalina's son,will help to give him a new adventure............................................................................he needs me to not be angry at him when he wants more food

Tesla, TSLA keeps going down so I continue to purchase more stock. If they go Bankrupt like so many short sellers predict, I would still have an overall profit after considering all my trades in the past.

OK, my past Family Member is gone, Like I said the Cat is off with Catalina so I know if he can survive a few days, he will be happier there.

I need to mention our new 2019 Pre-Harvest offering. We will be offering 2019 Dave's Cuvee officially at $102 a case. Also I went along and decided to change the name of RaiZin to Block 6 Zin. Block 6 will be from young vines and My Zin will be from old vines.

The reason I had used the RaiZin label is that most, maybe 90% of our customers, do not know what a Zinfandel Bunch at Harvest looks like.........There are a lot of raisins on Zinfandel Fruit. Most of our 120 year old vines and especially younger vines, have berries that are not consistent.  Gee, I wish I had time to explain everything about what each Variety grown here on our property looks like at harvest. I can say briefly, Cabernet bunches are the most consistent, every berry is the same size in almost every bunch,,,,,,,,,,,,................Zinfandel can have berries in each bunch at harvest that will read 18 percent sugar and some as high as 35% on one small bunch. I digress

I have been conflicted because so many of my close people here including employees and Loved ones tell me they do not like My Zin or RaiZin. I do not understand because I know they are only looking at the label and not tasting the wine............SO

I am going to appease, the RaiZin will change to Block 6 Zin and look something like this.

Some of you may want to know what I think of Trump so as you know, I think he is a narcissist. I am in the middle regarding politics and as much as I dislike Trump lying all the time, the economy is OK so far. I do not want a liar in the white house so it is hard for me. I also think we are becoming more close to a class system, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. OK, it would be nice if everyone was equal but that would be in Heaven and who would want to be happy all the time????????????

I love the stock market, it will tell us the Future, 30% of the time...........

Thursday March 28, 2019

I try to tell the truth all the time. I admit I have said things that are not accurate, a grey lie? But when on important things in my business I hope everyday to tell the truth SO I do not understand why we have a president who is not nice to the people who are against him so tells many lies. Our past Presidents, all have at least made an appearance to say they represent all of us. So

What will happen in the future? So Trump has been getting away with documented over 10,000 lies...........will all our future presidents do the same?

OK, I am up to see the first Giants game and also see basketball, I hope to survive.

It has been raining again a lot so Cory our cat who has been with Catalina and her family who wants him to be happy is coming back tomorrow. I wanted him to have a new home because when he is here he is not active. When he is here he only follows me around and asking for food by crying and being very nice. He is a nice cat and rolls down on the floor in front of me everytime I am near so like I have said before he will kill me eventually because I will soon to be 76 and I am not doing well stepping over a big fat cat.............

I am fine with finding another home because Catalina has a dog who constantly wants to be friends with Cory so he is hiding and has been peeing inside the house SO Catalina is bringing him back and Pat says she will finally feed him on her own..........Pat told me 5 years ago she did not want me to bring in Cory, but I knew her past and hoped she would have fun. In 1975 when Pat  loved cats. I saw her so happy when we saw 5 cats which were born in our bed back in Fairfax in 1975, she loved those 5 cats!!! but

I found out right away back in June 2004, 5 years ago Pat would not want anything to do with a new cat. I was hoping for her to come around but she never has BUT now she feels for Cory because he is hiding at Catalina's house. He was missing this morning but Catalina thinks she can find him in the garage so we hope to have Cory back with us tomorrow and Pat will now feed him and take a nice interest in keeping him happy......................he is a Family Member

Friday March 29, 2019

Now it is 8:30 Pm I am having a Russian River Dribble Belt only 4.5% Alcohol: Catalina can't find Cory our cat of 5 years. We are hoping he is hiding and Pat and I want him back. It was a bad decision on my part to suggest a new home for Cory, but I know now it was another mistake in my life. We hope Catalina can find him tomorrow.......

OK, I have many other things going on here, like Susie, my Second Born just got stock on LYFT going public today, great for Susie!!

Then there is our new offering which has created many emails back and forth and especially phone calls. Pat does not like answering the phone, she would rather respond to emails So I take the call and pass it on to her unless it is about the wine. I still know all about the wines we have made and will hopefully do in the future......

Now I have another problem over the years: I like to hear everything I can so about 10 years go at 65 years ago i decided to try hearing aids. It was hard at first to hear what I had never heard before but then I liked them and things have been getting even better on the technology but there have been glitches

Here is about what I want to say to the tech at this nice hearing aid place:

Lisa, This happened twice last week, I am really upset, today right when I am talking to someone important the right hearing aid beeped twice again and then beeped three times and went out right when I was talking SO this is not good. I had trouble with your last hearing aids also doing the same thing, look back two years ago, so your nice people suggested these new hearing aids. I like them when they work but I can't have them go out all of a sudden like this. I suppose I should ask for my money back and go back to my last ones, BUT I can't find them so did you take them in trade? As you can tell I am not happy. I found some old hearing aids so I will survive until you have an answer. I know you want me to go down your way 40 miles but I am not going unless I get a full refund for these last hearing aids until we find out what is wrong. I think for the last two hearing aides which have been a problem I have spent over $10,000..................Dave

Saturday March 30, 2019

After reading the draft to Lisa, of course I decided to tone it down. I doubt if the problem will be resolved but I do like the hearing aids when they work.

Cory our cat who has been with Catalina the last few days is still missing so he probably is wondering around her neighborhood, over 9 miles from here. We hope he will get hungry and come back to her.


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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