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Friday February 2, 2018

Nothing much has been happening here except I am recovering well from my car accident on January 25. As I said in my last update, I was a passenger in Catarino's car and he rear ended a car in front of us at well over 60 miles and hour. I received bruised ribs and back pain and my incision on my knee broke open. I saw my new primary doctor yesterday and she said everything looks fine and I will go back to her next Friday to remove some staples that were used to close the wound.

Today we are scheduled to receive the replacement bottles so we can bottle our Late harvest wine. We had received by mistake cork finished half bottles (375 ml) and as most of you know we only use screwcaps to bottle all of our wine.

In 4 weeks it will be time for the Wine Road barrel tasting event so it will be nice to take in some money for a change.

Susanne, my 30 year old daughter, has accepted a job with Lyft on February 12 so she is excited to start a new chapter in her life. It has been nice to have her here, but she has been keeping alert......

Sunday February 11, 2018

I am home after a nice trip to Monterey. We wanted to escape. As you know that is one of my favorite things to Do. OK, so I thought it was an escape in my nice Tesla S 100D. But there was a Roadster heading to Mars and the Market had a problem.

OK, I am back and I know I have been wrong this time. I have said most of the times when a Democrat is in office the Market goes up and when a Republican is president the Market does not do as well. During Obama the Market went up and the Market has gone up with Trump so far, mostly because of the tax cut.

I voted for Reagan, the only Republican president I have voted for. He lied so I have not voted for a Republican president since. I have voted in our state for a few Republicans. I am sorry to say this again, I believe the Republicans are greedy. This new tax cut is going to add to our deficit and we could go into a time when inflation goes up. That could raise interest rates to high levels like in the Reagan administration. I voted for Reagan in 1980 for two reasons. First of all I liked Carter who was president in 1980 but I did not like his decision to boycott the 1980 Olympics in Russia. I understood his reason. He said it was because of Russia's invasion of Afghanistan but it was not fair to our athletes who had been training for many years and thus some would be too old in the next Olympics.

My second reason for voting for Reagan is because he promised to balance the budget. Interest rates were heading very high in the Carter administration so I wanted a president to balance the budget in hopes it would bring down inflation and interest rates. Well, Reagan turned around and increased spending sending interest rates to all time highs as much as 16% from 1981 to 1984 and at the end of his presidency they were still at 9%.

As most of you have heard, the market tumbled in the last 7 sessions for the first time in 10 years. Gee could this be the start of a long term decline again during a Republican presidency? Time will tell.

The most important thing on my mind lately has been the decline of the health of my Mother Vivien. As I reported before her bones are real fragile and she has now broken two arms and one leg. The doctors have said she will never walk again. She is now bed ridden and in a lot of pain. She is on heavy Narcotics now and she has started to forget things. It is so sad. The only good news is I am getting along with my sister after several years of frustration. We are considering a Reverse Mortgage on our Mother's house. With now 24 hour care she is spending $14,000 a month. Lynda and I would like to move our mother to a nursing home which would cost about 8-9 thousand a month but we are afraid it would send her in to a deeper depression. She has said many times she wants to die in her home...............

Sunday February 18, 2018

Vivien, my Mother has declined further. The new Dr. has taken her off the arthritis drugs and lowered the narcotic pills, but she has been sleeping a lot and obviously losing weight. In past few weeks they have been picking her up in a sling to sit in a wheel chair, but now that is not possible because she is too weak. Lynda, my sister, and I are trying to prepare for what may happen soon. I will be down to see her on Wednesday again and try to help as much as I can. She is not talking much..........

Tuesday February 27, 2018

I am trying to focus about my Mother? She was a rock, but when I moved out of her home when I was 28 years old was a problem: I was late for someone who wanted to date and of course it cramped my dating possibilities. I could go on but this diary is for any age.

Now after all these years of seeing my Mother sharper than I, Now she does not respond well. I am sure our brain may recognize and compensate?

OK, On a brighter topic, Pat and I have been seeing all the Academy nominated movies in the last few days. We are going up for another tonight. I will have more tomorrow.............

Wednesday March 1, 2018

Like I said we have been watching Academy nominated movies. For best actor Gary Oldman is fantastic but I was very surprised by Denzel Washington's performance. He made me forget it was him which is hard because of all the great performances he has had over the years. He has been nominated many times but has not won for best actor. I felt Frances McDormand  was fantastic and also the movie could win although I like Lady Bird also. Best supporting actor award should go to Sam Rockwell. Those are a few of my opinions.

Thursday March 8, 2018

Two of my most important friends have had issues in health, one with prostate and another with a hernia. As most of you know I have had 4 hernia operations. I wish both my friends fast recovery........

My Mother is the same surviving

I now have 5 espresso makers. One was taken a way to day. That cost me the most, but the nice guy's wife who loves my Late Harvest came back today. He sold me a great espresso maker when it worked but he has been back a few times SO my wife does not know I ordered another back up espresso maker, now 5.......I love my espresso.............
I try to please my wife, but i fail. I am still tying to figure out my wife so it makes it interesting.........

So Kate and Bryan are engaged and want to have their wedding here so we are getting together to plan more changes to our winery tomorrow. .............i AM READY

Kate and Bryan will be here all weekend so come on and wish them on their new adventure..............


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