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Wednesday December 19, 2018

OK, the Market is down again and I have been buying and I have losses again but remember before I made a lot of money on AMZN, so this is the time to buy stocks even if Trump is in trouble. Sure the Fed  raised rates. I need a sip of 2 ounces of Beer after a few ounces of a new GIN........

So it is 7:00 and soon to be 8

Gee, I found a Hop Revelver IPA........Sure it is down from the other night because I took only 2 ounces or so. I like beer for only a taste.

I love beer when it loses carbonation so then I get the Hops. I know I am in the minority but that is OK..........

We had a great time bringing in 2500 cases of Glass to bottle our 2017 16 Month wines next month. It is so nice to have the canopy up top to store.

OK, the Raiders may have the first pick and I always say, there is always next year. And I forgot, my other passion: Nadal, I have to check that out.

As you know my mind is always working but my typing takes a long time. I would like to display all my thoughts so maybe I will look into something that can capture what I say and upload here. Maybe Brad can figure that out?...........Tomorrow is another Day

Wednesday December 26, 2018....... 6:00Am.......

Yes I am getting into more trouble buying stocks. I am now about 30% invested and as before I have big losses. Even TSLA is down.

Yes the Market is down. I mentioned when a Republican is in office the Market does not do as well, so I hope things will get more stable.................

I want to talk about corks. Like I have said corks as a sealer for wine is a 500 year technology. Some of our new people, mostly young have heard natural cork meant quality. The French invented the screwcap and they still agree when tasting, it is the best way to seal wine..........but they say cork is better for aging, I don't think so, if aging means wine that will age faster, I understand. As a winemaker I want to preserve my wines to last as long as the latest technology, that is screwcap now?

I prefer any wine with a screwcap closure but most of the cork sealed wines have been fine..........unless

OK, the other night we opened our new favorite Chardonnay. We had it opened to compare to another new Chardonnay and we thought this new one may be better.........

So the next night we opened the two wines again. This time we preferred the wine that we have a case of. So we decided the wine the day before was slightly corked, so little if you had purchased the wine for the first time you would have thought it was not to your liking. I like screw caps because the wine is sealed like a perfect cork and will be the same every time.

8:00 PM: I know now the market finally went up after a long time of devastating declines so that is good for today but as I said I have been buying all the way down so I still have big loses.........buy low sell high so I will be patient.

Pat and Susie, our second born and I had a great time having a traditional Turkey dinner originally from my Mother and my Sicilian Grand Mother. We even did the dressing for the turkey similar to Pat's Mother's recipe, a lot of beef and pork with also a lot of carrots, celery green onions egg and of course lot of bread. Susie and I did a great job. Susie made an incredible pasta sauce originally from My Mother that also had beef short ribs and cooked for hours. If anyone is interested in the recipes, let me know. Of course there was only the three of us and we have so much left overs........come by tomorrow and I can give you a dish, we will never eat all this great stuff..........

Pat and Susie left today to have fun in The City. They will be back Friday to have left overs!! Then we will head off to Modesto to have fun with Rick and Tim........oh yes my two male friends and the other 8 or so females.........the guys will survive?

I need a beer, I am alone so I can take my time.

So I found a Stone Delicious again, but it has been opened a few times before, but that is fine with me, it still has hops .....tomorrow is another day........

Friday December 28, 2018

Jose and Catarino, Martha and Salvador game back to enjoy working. I think I am right they all enjoy what they do. I have decided to pay half of their Health insurance which will start on Jan One. They are such valued employees and I thought it was time to help out.

Jose and Salvador have finished the blending of the 2018 wines and I tasted some of the samples and everything points to another great year. I hope everyone enjoys the New Years celebrations............

8:00 Pm: Pat and Susie are back from The City and we will head up to Modesto so I can have fun with Tim and Rick with the several females.............

 I am always thinking of the Stock Market and in the last days of the year it is unpredictable. I am into AMAZON and it is volital!! Amazon like TESLA makes little profit so I am investing in The Future, That is what I ask my customers, buy our Futures and save a lot of money.

Yes I have no control over TSLA and AMZN like I do with here at our winery and Vineyard. I have faith that we can produce great wine, it is easy ..........we have control.

I am ready for next week when we start thinking about bottling our 2017 16 Month wines, so I am ready for the future..........Tomorrow is another day



For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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