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Thursday November 15, 2018

8:00 PM: I am thinking..........Now what do I do. Harvest is over and the multiple thousands of dollars, the remodel........is finished  AND the Wedding Was A Big Success SSO..............

I have nothing to keep me moving, mostly now in my mind, lifting cases was hard several years ago. So now I am 75 and I delegate.

OK, I have a challenge again, not the winery or family, it is the Stock Market!!

As you know I love the Stock Market and it was my first love in 1960's. I learned and made a lot of money in amazon, AMZN.......... now AMZN is down where I sold it back months ago, so I have bought back all my shares again. There are a lot of bargains in stocks and all are down 20% to 40%. I even bought some FB and GOOGL, TSLA will not go down so I wish I had more??? Yes The Stock Market is keeping me thinking, I need a challenge..............It will be hard for Trump to kill it............I hope

Back when Nixon resigned, I was making money but then The Market started moving down slowly, it was hard to predict what this meant to our Country, that was then, I bought commodities and made some money, but my point is I hope if Trump gets in more trouble, I will be ready to invest, back then I only had enough money to invest in this Vineyard. I was lucky.................buy low sell high, but if you keep buying low at times you have to buy more, only if you believe in AMZN, TSLA, GOOGL AND QQQ............

Soon I will go up and look at the Game. Duane is looking at it live, I have it recorded..........He is one of the owners, part of the Pack!!

Monday November 19, 2018

I said buy low, sell high!        
I have been buying low but have not sold high so I am in trouble? Trouble was my first Elvis song I liked....."If you are looking for Trouble you came to the right Place"..............https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfkLnZhhoTY

I like my place, taking chances...........I have continued to buy 5 shares of AMZN as it goes down and I have big loses just like I did back in 2008 when I started buying at 60 and bought all the way down to 35. I had big losses then and made a lot of money so I am hoping now when the stock is at 1500 where I sold it earlier this year, I can still hope it will go up near it's all time high of 2050 on September 9...............yes

Yes, Amazon and many other good buys have sold off 25% or more in two months. Is the Stock Market getting ready for a problem in Washington?

Winemaking is easy........I will stick with that and have fun in the Stock Market

Tuesday November 20, 2018

8:30 Pm: Pat is away so i get to do what i want? Pat and i get a long well. If we are home together we decide what we want to do, so with her gone, it is about the same..........

Tomorrow night the married couple will be here. Susie will be here of course and Pat will return to take care of all our problems with shipping and orders. I look forward to having fun!!!

Yes, I am in a HOLE...............

Back in 2008 I had maybe $50,000 to play with. I had done well in selling wine at Futures. I still am the only one to sell wine before it is made. I digress..........

I had  been in the stock market in the 60's and 70's

So I knew more than most young investors back then. I thought, unless the United States is going to default, I would do just fine by buying stocks.

In 2008 I invested in Amazon and Google and I made enough money to purchase many
Tesla Model S.........I digress

Now if any of you are following the Stock Market, it is down and I I have purchased a lot of AMZN, tomorrow is another day!!!

Sunday November 25, 2018

The food is still going through my body so not normal............I love the challenge with Seafood Bisque and Turkey dressing with a lot of Pork..........I am recovering...........Stone Delicious is helping

The Family, Susie, Bryan and Kate, has gone back to what ever they do, Pat and I are still here with our new wine offer. So Pat and I will go over to Calistoga to experience a lot of rain, so be it. I wil read and go to three great restaurants.........

Jose will be back later this week and we will need to decide what we will blend in December...........fun, fun, fun....... I will have an escapee in the mean time...........

Monday November 26, 2018

So I am back even on AMZN today after it went up 79 points but Trump now says after the Market closed, he wants tariffs against Apple so look it up! Apple stock and every other stock is down in the extended market quotes. I hope Trump would shut up but I doubt that will happen.

Jose will be back tomorrow and we can plan for our 2017 16 Month bottling in January...........

Wednesday November 28, 2018

As I have said before, this diary is for me. I need to focus

Sure AMZN today was up big so I have a profit again

Pat and I were off in Calistoga last night and today. I FORGOT my meds so I suffered worrying for know reason at 2 Am. I finally got back to sleep at 4Am. Pat seemed to sleep just fine. we had a great time at Sam's Social club for dinner last night and Breakfast this morning, the best eggs Benedict I have ever had BUT

We decided to head back to our great home and secure my drugs, mostly just eye drops, but it is supposed to rain hard here so it was my excuse to come home?  I love the book I am reading on my Kindle and I stayed up late last night over in Calistoga. Pat has two layers on and I have a tank top so it was moist outside and about 70 degrees, inside and out. I am home now and waiting for this big wind storm............so will it happen? I hate my rain gauge that uploads.................it is low on what is happening.......... so I have another gaaaaaaaaaauge which is accurate...........Strange now:..........So sometimes you will see I dump some water in my rain gauge to show what is really happening here. It is strange because I know most people do not care about the rain total, just that is happened.This storm could be fun, but would be far more fun on the Oregon Coast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Escape now but...........Blending and bottling is near, I love what I do..............tomorrow is another day

Thursday  November 29, 2018

8:00: PM: So we are home now...........AMZN is up

I love what I do but it involves organizing. Pat and I came in early yesterday aaaaaand it is nice we did. We have wine to ship now that we have this new sale. I suppose it would have been nice over in Calistoga at high end restaurants but tonight in a small reward to Pat and I, We prepared asparagus and Scallops tonight and everything was  great. Some times I get it right Tomorrow we will have a nice sausage dish, I like cooking.............

Jose was in today and I am so excited I have all I need now to blend our 2018 wines. It has not been easy figuring out Estate Cuvee so we wil not make much of that and My Zin. I am short in Cab so we are hoping we can get our young vines moving a long Again I have limited amount of Cabernet in barrels.......long story send me a message and i can send the excel Spread sheet........ 

I love the Saints so I am heading up top to see the Game against Dallas!!!!!!! Tomorrow is another day

Saturday  December 1, 2018

Yes, AMZN is up big so I finally have a profit but of course anything can happen next week. Maybe I should sell some?

In the last few days I have been working on blending our 2018 wines. That involves determining what is in all our 248 barrels. It takes some time by looking at weigh sheets and the day the wine was pressed. I try my best to determine the percentages in the blends. Here is what I came up with. You will see an estimate of cases at the bottom of column 4 in each wine. Also in Column 3 there is an estimate of percentage of oak........enjoy......... 

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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