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Thursday October 25, 2018

Gee, it is 9 days away until the wedding. Kate and Bryan are coming on Monday and it will be intense!! Kate and Bryan are making this a time for games and dancing. I will be just enjoying walking around and talking to all my guests. It will be an adventure         but Not

As challenging with getting ready and seeing all these people coming in to fix a small spot on a wall. Sure these nice workers made a few errors but in all I have been impressed. So

It is involved: doors........ but we have to level the walkway into the tasting room and I think we could do it before the wedding.........no problem if not........be careful just step over the entry in the tasting room and not trip on a high spot of 1/2 inch so My friend Pillor is experimenting to see if we can have a product which can feather out and cover up the spot and be durable.............

8:30 Pm: I am stressed out...............stock market ...........Tesla......... Amazon to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!......

We heard we are having Pizza  at the wedding and the Pizza guy has cancer or something and he will not be here for the wedding. I am stressed like I said.........

As you can imagine I will be there at the pizza station getting in trouble if things are not going well.

Harvest has been interesting and I want to say Jose has done a great job. Our Alcohols are down so let's see what will happen. I love what I do.......wine is complicated.............

Thursday November 1, 2018

Our tasting room is almost done. We set up tasting there today and you can see a camera on our old website. Go to Coffaro.com and hit old website.

We are almost ready for the Wedding on Saturday. It is hectic around here. All our 2018 wines are in the barrel.

I did start investing in Amazon again and I had big loses until today. I also bought some Google and Facebook and more NIO. TSLA is back up also.

Monday November 5, 2018, 65 years since my Father died

Kate is married, my first born. I had to make a speech at 4 pm, so I was stressed!!!

I will post the speech at the end of this post. I have made speeches before and I wished I had posted them here since this is my diary............

The late speeches at 8:30 were better. I can say Bryan, Susie and Curt's, speech Bryan's Brother were more interesting to me. We could not have gotten the event done without them. I looked at the schedule and I was to speak at 4 and then four + hours other people would speak.................

So at 4:30, after the speech, I said I need a small drink and survived until 11:30PM. It was a great time. We had so many helpers...............I could not type all.

I need to escape to Politics, Tesla and Amzn down for a change so I will go up and see some football. And Politics..................

Kate!!!!!!!! My speech:

I have a glass with Campari and My sparkling wine with a splash of Mezcal.

As some of you know, I do not drink before 5pm but I will make an exception, especially on Kate’s Wedding day. I like to wear shorts and a tank top in this kind of weather but I listen to my three ladies at times and I am dressed like this today, for how long? You Wisconsin nice people, I am sure you are enjoying dry weather and 90 degrees.

First of all I want to thank Pat. Thanks for getting me back last night from the dinner. One of the reasons I married Pat was I knew she was smarter than I. She helped create two daughters, Susie and of course Kate the soon to be Bride. Both these ladies have achieved more than Pat and I did at such a young age.

In a few minutes I am happy to welcome Bryan into our Family. I could go on forever about when Bryan and I have had nice times ………….I now will have a son. Bryan is tough on me so he is everything I hoped for in a son. Thanks Bryan, you will keep me young.

Except for our family, you all did not know Kate when she was young. Kate and also Susie have been challenging me right from the beginning. I am outspoken and say the wrong things at times so I am put on the spot.

Now about Kate. Kate was very controlled right from day one. I was so excited to have my first born. I used to say: “Katie cakes perfect in every way”. Video cameras were just coming out then. At the time I had a Vinyl collection of every recording Elvis Presley made SO I sold my whole collection for $600 to purchase a video camera. Don’t worry I replaced my collection with CD’s. I recorded many videos of Kate. One day at only 17 months old Kate said her first sentence. As she grew older I remember the great times we had reading books together and listening to her problems of the day. But then Kate turned 10,……… so young? Soon most of the time I was chased from her room. It was a tough time for me. I needed a new love so I started the winery around that time. The three girls were ignoring me most of the time.

I had a little hope when Kate became a Raider fan at 11 years old. When Kate was 15 and Gruden became coach, I Purchased Club Seats and we would head over to Oakland. Those days, the only time we would talk was at a Raider game. Kate did not like wine but Susie was my buddy sometimes and she would sip a little wine. Then WOW, Kate went off to college and her friends found out I had a winery and then GEE, Kate started liking wine. Things got much better for me. She became my Kate again. I want to raise my glass to Kate and Bryan, enjoy your life together…………Now let’s get them married……..

Wednesday November 7, 2018
I am always looking for an escape. I hoped to head to Calistoga tomorrow but Pat is too busy. Jose and Salvador will get me the barrel  percentages counted...............THE next be thing

I don't have all day to play the stock Market but I still remember when it was my whole life: Buy low sell high, it is easy for me just like making wine. Most things come very difficult for me but I love wine making and I love the stock market because it is easy to make money. AMZN is nice

Saturday November 10, 2018

 I remember When I got here in 1979. I looked across the hill and most of everything on the hill was Black so I assume before sometime in the 70's a fire started across our Dry Creek Valley. I am concerned since it could happen again. 

Right now, as you know we have many fires in our California State. It of course is not Global Warming? It is Climate Change? Sure there has been times in history when climates changed so is this just an aberration?


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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