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Sunday April 15, 2018

I should have a lot of pressing things to happen tomorrow AND I SURE DO, like what is AMZN doing tomorrow, should I buy it back. I am happy with my positions TSLA but I will  monitor.........

Tonight, mostly I have a family member who has not been doing well..............to keep me happy...........

OK, family members include cats. OK I know some or most of you like dogs also. This Cat has been here for almost 4 years now so he is at a crossroads. He is not happy unless he lays on his back and asks me to give him more food. HEY, I have had other family members tell me "he just likes you"..........I am sorry, I am old and can not keep.........stepping over him.........yes everytime I see this nice cat, he falls down to the kitchen and makes me step over him..............

I tried kicking him out of the way and I was very upset and ruined my night........what was amazing::: he did not take offense: He still did the same thing and dropped down on the place where I have my towels............so yes I flicked a few drops of water after using the towel, he was fine...........what should I do. I can put up with this, but I feel this cat needs a new adventure............he is getting so fat 

Monday April 30, 2018

Way too many 10 things happening!! : don't have time...........We had many friends and daughters here over the last few days and I am trying to recover from fun times.

Sales have been down but The Passport Event has been so much fun. So......Customers come in to have a great time, but most are here because they enjoy the great food at all the wineries. They pay a lot of money so I suppose that is why few purchase wine. So I can say we had 1200 to 1500 people here and our sales amounted to $10 a person.............

My birthday is May 3 so come on in for the Kentucky Derby on May 5. We always have the derby Live here for 19 years now........enjoy  

Friday May 4, 2018

I still think I was born on May second. I am sure I have mentioned this before. My birth certificate says i was born on May Third at 12:08Am. Was the doctor so precise because I was born on May 3 OR did he finally deliver me and see the time was 8 minutes after midnight? Those days mothers were put a sleep or something. My Mother Vivien has told me many times she did not remember the birth of David or Lynda 13 months after.

So I celebrated my first birthday on Tuesday on May 2 but of course I celebrated my other birthday on May 3. We heading to The City to The Fairmont, San Francisco. I have always wanted to stay there. I remember taking a nice lady, Arlene on her prom night way back in 1965 and we had so much fun we ran into the Fairmont in San Francisco pretending and then asked for a room. They were so nice, having fun too?...............

On May 2 and 3 Pat and I stayed at the Fairmont in The City. I had never been there to stay so I booked a room on the 20 second floor. WOWOWOWOW. I hoped for nice view but the window looking out from our room was breathtaking. We could see the Golden Gate Bridge on the left, Alcatraz right up front, Coit Tower slightly to the right up high and of course all the bay. After a few minutes I saw from the right, the bay Bridge and then to the right further the Trans America Tower.....WOWOW. What a birthday!! We saw Coit Tower in Green last night after a fabulous time at http://www.californiossf.com/

The last time I was out front at the Fairmont was on June 4, 1968, I dropped off Ethel Kennedy. I was a volunteer for Bobby Kennedy. I was at his San Francisco headquarters every day for months, doing anything I could. I was soon to be in the Army in basic training at Fort Knox so I had time to do what ever I wanted.  I wanted to help Bobby Kennedy win the nomination and presidency. I was there so much that one day they needed someone reliable to Pick Ethel Kennedy up at San Francisco Airport!!!
I remember not being too nervous. I asked my Mother for her nice bright Gold Oldsmobile. It had no air conditioning. I was with a young teenager who knew both Ethel and a friend with her. The teenager moved down the lane fast after seeing Ethel and the other lady. They were so happy to see him. We rushed down to the car. No one noticed Ethel. We moved off to this flashy Oldsmobile and no one seemed to pay attention all the way down. I with help had strapped banners saying Ethel Kennedy and Booby for president on the side of the car. The friend was not happy right away. She said "Where is the air conditioning?" I had no answer, but Ethel took off her hat and brushed up her hair, I will never forget, she was just fine in San Francisco weather without air conditioning. When we arrived at the Fairmont her hair looked great!!

At first she had to listen to her friend talk, but then she asked me: "Why are you supporting my husband?" One of us said: "he has entered the race so late, only after Johnson dropped out" I was so impressed with her. The next day I got the chance to shake Bobby Kennedy's hand. I knew his route and he hung his hand out...........

From June 4 until finally on June 6  a debate was held as most of you know, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated Saturday June 6, 1968, both Ethel and my lives changed, I went into the army and she had to endure another Kennedy assassination...............

Ethel is still alive. I am sure she would remember being transported to The Fairmont to meet her husband.

I went to see my Mother, Vivien, yesterday and she did not remember I was 75 years old. Her memory in the past was amazing, especially of past things including all the facts. She has been amazing all my life. She has constantly mentioned things that made her proud of me. Her mind I have to admit has failed her. She can still remember the past, but now she is talking about 86 Chicago Way, her last home she owned where Lynda and I grew up. Where we were when my Father Frank died in 1953. Why is she talking about the past now. Sure she is 96 but 4 months ago her mind was great. Is it the heavy drugs she is under or just age? I do not mean the drugs has caused her decline, but they have put her in the past. 

Saturday May 5, 2018

Dinner....Tequila night

Kentucky Derby day and since the first Saturday in May is the event, one of the greatest two minutes in my life, every year. So we did see a great race with Brendan and Everett and many other customers............

Tomorrow is another week. We have to get ready for our trip to Europe.


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