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Monday March 12, 2018

Yes it was an adventure with Bryan and Kate and Susie is still working on our new website, look at our online to see the prices have changed, no sales tax and $20 shipping to all states. But Susie' new website is Great. It will take a little while to be live.............

I am heading over to St Helena tomorrow, Pat has suddenly said she wants to go AND we will have a nice lunch over in Calistoga after my test!! Yes I am going back to the surgeon and they will take many ex rays to see if my knees have held up since the car accident.

My Mother is doing OK, with no change, The hospice says we should get ready, not a happy time for Lynda and I............Tomorrow is another day

Tuesday March 13, 2018

Dr. Coon said my knee looked great. I asked and he said he was semi-retired, I am too, we agreed, but he seemed to be happy with my progress, as you know I had the car accident. I took from my visit: so it was nice to hear: You are fine but the pain is normal, that is what I got so I should be patient and wait to see if I can walk as fast as my wife........don't think so, she is younger than I........

Three weeks ago Bryan and Kate got engaged so we opened a 1/2 bottle of Ridge Monte Bello from 1999. It was corked. So I called Ridge the next Monday and an extremely nice lady said she would replace it. She knew I was a past Club Member and knew I was a winemaker. Two days later I received a bottle of 2015 Ridge Estate Cabernet. So of course we opened the Ridge 2015 against my 2015 Cab on Saturday night with 7 of us. We enjoyed both wines but preferred our wine but some of us have been exposed to the Coffaro palate for a long time and we are happy?

Saturday March 17, 2018

Happy Birthday Sharon Gabilan, my first love...........

From Last Night:       Monday March 19, 2018

I have been working on this post for several days so I need to finish.............

Pat was away to see a flower arrangement in San Francisco so she was with both of her daughters. Next century they will be able to beam me there last night for a few minutes and bring me back. I won't be there then so I had nice home by my self. As most of us know, by your self is much easier.

So like I said Pat was down there

Oh, sorry, I had to find a Stone beer IPA. This time it is a Stone Ripper, I will have a few tastes, like 4 ounces, maybe more.

We have to make decisions!!! Pat and I are navigating to Europe next year. This nice company in the East Coast, I found when I first searched there are several companies who organize tours in Italy.

We found one that has communicated, not like many other wine tours I sent messages to. I assume they have plenty of business with their regular customers? So we have a trip planned to see Aglianico Vineyards and wineries. I will write off some of the trip for these two days of adventure in the country. I will go in more detail later. This company wants to arrange 6 nights at hotels and a driver ready for us for 4 of those days. We will be in Italia for 9 days. We have paid for some but they still want to charge us $9110. Pat does not like to spend money and I am on my 5th Tesla (Sure I only had two for a short time, but I have actually possessed 6 with the X loaner for two months......) I digress

Pat is questioning these people about the money. I like spending money so I just want an easy trip to Italia.........long story, but I will go into it ...............

Thursday March 22, 2018

I used to think when March 20 through March 22 there would be 12 hours light and twelve hours dark on those days BUT is my Apple watch right now says sunrise at 7:10 am and sunset at 7:26 pm...........what happened for all of my life..........I heard on these days we would be light for 12 hours and dark for 12 hours, I love my apple watch...............

OK, you know I love the stock market, I made some money before I purchased this property. I barely got by at first, look back to the start of this diary in 1998.............

OK, yes I still love the Stock market. I still own my 400 shares of Tsla and 100 shares of AMZN and 50 shares of Googl. I traded 50 shares of FB, Facebook and only made $150, I sold today because I should be able to buy back below 165.50 tomorrow morning, I will be up at 6:30am our time and see what happens. I did do a trade of TSLA in the last few days and I do have loss with 125 shares extra beyond my core position of 400 shares. But I have made other trades on TSLA and made over $6,000 this year like this ........As you know I do not hide anything so I am confused by all who are upset with Facebook. Let me make this clear, I am not a Facebook fan........I never go on to our Facebook account but I know some of you go there. Like I said the other day I said happy birthday to Sharon, my first love. She posts messages to her family on our website but I have not communicated to her in over 30 years, but I did not know how to get a message to her on Facebook except to my diary here. She is on our Facebook account............I digress

So tomorrow morning I will be looking to buy TSLA and FB and maybe even GOOGL OR even AMZN Or even more, but probably not, because if the Dow Jones 30 closes down tomorrow, there could be a blood bath on Monday and especially on Tuesday, I have seen it since 1965, I was a trader then.........be careful..........Like I have said when Republican presidents come in, the stock market does not do as well, but I have been wrong this time and could have made more, I am still in 67% cash and waiting to buy............

Saturday March 24, 2018

I see all these people marching to demand gun control and I am happy to see them. I hope it will help make changes.

I soon will be 75 yeas old on May 3 and the DMV is requiring me to take a written test before I can renew  by drivers license and thus be able to continue to drive my Tesla 100D Model S. Yesterday I started taking sample tests and so far out of two tests I have 58 correct answers and 22 incorrect. I have failed both tests. I need to study much more before the real test on April 10.

I assume you know where I am going: Why is a test not required to own a gun?

I am so fed up with our government now so I sold all my Amazon and Google stock and also some of my Tesla stock. That means I am in 90% cash. Like I said before I am always cautious when a Republican is in the White House. I could be wrong, but I feel real comfortable even if the market goes up from here. I have made enough money from Google, Tesla and especially Amazon to purchase many Tesla autos, but I am real happy with my 100D Model S so I have no plans to purchase a different Tesla. We are heading to Europe soon and I hope to spend some over there, but most of our cruise and trip to the Amalfi coast is already payed for. Maybe the Market will continue to crash and I can buy back. It is amazing, years ago I put most of my money in AMZN because it was valued at a fraction of GOOGL. The other day AMZN was finally valued the same as GOOGL, time to sell?

Wow, I just realized this is the 40th season here. Pat and I purchased this vineyard and a small house and took possession on March 24, 1979. That was the first season of growing grapes here So this day makes the first day of the 50th decade. I am so fortunate to find this property and love what I am doing. Now we have a new website going up and I am sure some of you have visited it. We will still have the old site to visit, especially for this diary............tomorrow is another day.............

Here is a message I sent to a 12 Pack Club member who asked about the increase in our prices:

"Dave, here. Yes we did raise the price on our Zinfandel and many of the other wines. We wanted to make the prices of our wines more equal. In the past our price for our most popular wine, Block 4 was much higher than the Zinfandel, $35 vs $30. Now the Block 4 is $36 vs $33 for Zinfandel. The 16 month versions are Zinfandel $35 and the Block 4 stayed the same a $38. I have always thought I would like to have all my wines priced at the same price and we discussed it and I lost. But I am happy to report for our 2018 Futures, all our wines will be priced at $17, including Block 4 10 month and 16 month. The Futures club price will be $16 with free shipping for all wines So if you purchase Futures you will make up the difference from before. I am still wishing for lower prices for our bottled wine so time will tell. I do not want to pay more money to our Government, I do not need the extra income.............enjoy........Dave"

7:34 Pm: Pat is in Arizona with her two sisters so I get to do what I want......

Actually Pat and I after 38 years can figure out an evening.........AND we usually get a long by making decisions at this winery in the day.............I will miss her..........I now have to answer all these messages responding to our new Club. I will try my best but I am sure I won't do as well as Pat............She will be back Thursday, I will survive.........?????


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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