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arrow February 5 - February 18, 2017

a lot has happened so I want o go back to what I wrote several days ago

Sunday February 5, 2017

so yes she is 95, my Mother Vivien

Monday February 13, 2017

So Trump is getting me upset, but my stocks keep going up but who knows...........

Why is Tesla worth as much as Ford??????????? The price of Tesla in the last few weeks has gone up by 40%, so do I sell, yes I did, big mistake.............I sold all my Tesla the day after Trump was elected and then bought half back at 182. Tesla closed at 280 today so why did I sell half, oh well, I am still ahead. Don't ever worry about losing money when you could???, most stock people would agree with that. The Stock Market is an auction, it is a bidding crazy time when socks can go up by 10% in one day......oh I could go on, but I guess we should go back to wine..........

Yes this is a winemakers diary, fine, but i have other interests

I am thinking about flying again.........I have been on 4 in 17 years and I hated all. I have to convince my self that it is OK to be not in control. I like to be in control at all times,.......So I hate planes and airports.......OK I should relax and read my Kindle at airports while seeing delays.

so I have booked a cruise to Amalfi for the third time. I cancelled the last two because fear of flying. I decided on Business Class for sure so I see the prices have come down a little, but still $8000 for the two of us, and we could get a couch seat for under $1000. Please don't let me have a kid in back of me dig into my back!!!! And I have been on only 4 flights in 17years........

So there are two possibilities.........Regent which will cover everything including Business flights and a hotel the day before for us to settle down. Including all decent wine and drinks and nice restaurants and nice free excursions OR

We could do Norwegian, for less, but how much and how much trouble. I went over to Europe when I was 29 years old and only took a Back Pack, it had to weight 50 pounds. 1972 was different here, I hope Europe has not changed as much. 

I only want to go to Amalfi and Venice but these cruises could take me to my other heritage. My Father was born in Sicily and my Grandfather was all Greek.

OK, Regent pays for everything on a 10 day cruise for $32,000, I have a large suite as usual. And Norwegian would be about $22,000 with a larger suite but we have heard with less quality of food, but they have 12 restaurants, we will not be bored like on Princess.............

Thursday February 16, 2017

Today is a better day now after going in for my Root Canal. I was only fearing rain because I would have to replace my shorts with long pants...........oh no. I wore shorts and no socks with my usual Birkenstocks, I really don't think they care what people wear when coming in for a root canal.........So the rain was predicted all morning as I took off but maybe I was up North and the storm had already come in and past but just 10 miles South I ran into many rain showers. So when I got down South 30 miles the rain was almost over there. I was 15 minutes early and waited for a small shower to let up and walked in at 9:07 Am.

The receptionist was energetic and helpful. I said to her, I have an appointment for 10 minutes, right. Yes I try get peoples attention......and she was nice and said it should be about 1 hour..............Seriously you have to hire this guy for a root canal, I was out in one hour.

OK Billy, I have tried before to talk about him but It would take days if I could remember all.

Billy lived down below me in a rental. I sure did not know that then in 1971. I bought this small 1000 square foot house up 120 stairs in Fairfax California. As I have said before, up 120 stairs is nice because I had no one around me for 1000 feet to the right or the left and someone down 60 stairs to the right of my trip up 120 stairs. I must admit I have heard about several houses up stairs in Fairfax but none as much as I. SSSO I purchased the house at $14,000 and sold it for $73,000 in 1979. It was the lowest sold in Marin County that year...............

Billy saw me walking up those stairs in 1971. I was 28 then and I had strength at 6 foot and a half inch and now yesterday My doctor said I was 5 foot 11. I have to check that out......I digress

Billy came up the stairs one day and started talking. He said he saw me come in a few weeks before and take my time to come up my 120 uneven stairs, every stair was an adventure. Billy was interesting because then he said you are doing better climbing up the stairs. He brought up Hash. I had just started trying grass in 1969, two years earlier, Hash was different, strong. But we were young and talked a lot. I told him I wanted to make this 1000 square foot house better. He suggested a deck........long story. I hope to continue if I survive my Banff trip, this May, 3500 miles, but in a Model S...............

Friday February 17, 2017

My diary from the past, not necessary about wine:

1972 after I left my job at a great bank.............Billy suggested a deck and I was instructed to climb up my 120 stairs to deliver 90 pound sacks of Concrete mix. I had retired to my house then and was investing in stocks. I had two phone lines, then there was no internet. I would talk to a broker or two in the morning. Billy would come up in the afternoon or evening. He proposed a deck off my house, it turned out amazing, probably at least 1200 square feet. He found some 4x4s for a good price......seriously a deck with only 4x4s underneath. I had many courses in engineering and architecture so I know more than him, I supposed so he had these many 4x4s delivered up my hill of course off to the side of these 120 stairs........seriously this is a long story, of course for my diary.........

There are many things on my mind as usual, most important, we are going to make less wines............more tomorrow

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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