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arrow December 10 - December 31, 2017

Monday December 11, 2017

The pain is still intense in my right leg in many places, one week after my full knee replacement. Last Wednesday I had the worst pain at 6 in the morning. We called the doctor and they said I could take Ibuprofen along with the Oxicodone. That sure made a difference. Actually I have now stopped taking Oxi and I really don't think it was helping me much. I have done my prescribed exercises and i see that the swelling has gone down somewhat. Today I have spent two hours on the computer and now i will go up and ice down. In an hour or so I will go out for my walk when it warms up a little.

Today we will start blending our 2017 wines so it will be nice to coordinate it.............

Friday December 15, 2017

Susie was 30 yesterday, how time passes........Today we saw the new Star Wars together, her choice always......... Every year we go to see a movie around her Birthday..............

I must agree time has passed finally, for the first 10 days it was tough, I am tough but it was nice to stay in bed again and just read novels. I did not ice enough, by elevating, I was told by my physical therapist........

She is nice, not old enough to know what it feels like to have a full knee replacement, But I want to do better than the last time

I could never sit on the floor by crossing my legs...........I would be amazed to see people my age immediately jump on the floor and be comfortable. I tried when I was 20-30 years old and then I gave up. I was always uncomfortable sitting on the floor, even waiting for Santana, but I did at times..........and then when Santana came on, everyone would get off the floor and roar, Santana always blew us away. I was happy, I was standing up and dancing........

OK, so this nice lady wants me to bend my knee to 125 degrees. I have to let her know: I could never do that back when I was 20 years old............So try it:  flex your knee now and measure if you can go back 125 degrees by bending your leg...............

Tuesday December 18, 2017

According to my physical therapist I am ahead of progress. Yesterday I could bend my knee to 105 degrees, this is after two weeks. I have no trouble walking without a walker now and the swelling and pain has been less every day.

We are right in the middle of blending our 2017 wines and today we also received the empty bottles, glass as it is called, for our bottling in January of our 2016 16 Month wines. 

Friday December 29, 2017

New Years is important to me as I have said in the past. When my Father died in 1953 my mother, Vivien, took Lynda and I to a first run movie in San Francisco. I saw all the celebration of calendar cards set off from the buildings out of windows because the year was over and there would be a new year.............all over Market Street I could hardly move so many paper calendars.........so I have never forgot it. Now in the next few days we will celebrate New Years with are family.

Josh and I did receive our new bottle Table. It will move empty bottles easily not like the past when we had a person, moving every bottle by hand. Automation is great. Happy New Year to all of you. We are ready to bottle after the Winter Wine Land Event.............After the NFL playoffs January 16..........enjoy 


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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