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arrow September 17 - October 7, 2017

Wednesday September 20, 2017

I went in this morning for a look at my wound but it does look like it will take another few weeks...............

The weather here is cooling down now so Harvest is delayed until next week....................

Monday September 25, 2017

The weather is finally warming up again so we will start the Harvest tomorrow with Aglianico and Barbera. Then on Wednesday we will harvest Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Then on Thursday it will be Petit Verdot.

My sore on my foot is still a problem. I have been going to the Wound Center and it seems to be looking a little better. I still have not been craving food so I have lost several pounds. Either the antibiotics or the wound itself has been the cause.

Saturday September 30, 2017

My sore is still a problem so I have only been delegating authority. I usually get into the action by testing grape juice to see where the sugars are at, but I can not get the wound dirty now. As a matter of fact the doctor has now put a suction device on the wound and it is drawing out fluid into a container that looks like a large cell phone. The container is connected by a tube that is tricky to avoid getting caught on something. The pain at times is very severe. Sleeping at night is no fun because I have to make sure the tube stays connected. I carry the container in my pocket and so at night I have to wear loose shorts, no fun. I can't get the wound wet so I have to wash carefully, no shower!!!........

We harvested about 12 tons this week and will finish next week. The quality has been great with sugars at 25 to 26%..........

Wednesday October 4, 2017

My wound is an adventure but I am dealing with it.

Harvest is more important, always..........We will be finished Friday even if we have low sugar. Tomorrow will be the last of Aglianico, my favorite. We have harvested this complex fruit two times before. It is so inconsistent with unripe and over ripe raisins. It is an adventure and i hope to visit wineries inland from Amalfi next year, a side trip will be necessary..........

So Friday will be some 2nd crop for Dave's Cuvee. Today was Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre for Dave's Cuvee or maybe for Terre Melange. I love what I do...

Thursday October 5, 2017

Today we brought in the last of the Aglianico at 26+ sugar and we also brought in Montepulciano at 25+ sugar. I am excited because we will keep Monte separate and thus we will have a barrel or two to taste before we blend it into the Italiano in January. Tomorrow we finish with 2nd crop for Dave's Cuvee.

Saturday October 7, 2017

We harvested the last fruit yesterday, but Pat and Catalina (tasting room) want us to make a late harvest 25% residual wine. Josh and Catarino (vineyard) are not interested.....we will see. If rain comes soon, the few hundred pounds of fruit left in the vineyard may develop the noble rot. We could buy some concentrate juice which is 68% sugar and add some to the fruit in the vineyard. Time will tell.


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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