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arrow September 10 - September 16, 2017

Tuesday September 12, 2017

There are so many changes in the last two days..........
It would be hard to say.

Today after more 2nd Crop yesterday, we harvested, Aglianico, Lagrein and Petite Sirah, yes all in one day. It is so confusing even for me the Master Blender. I will go into more detail tomorrow, but we are harvesting Petite Sirrah tomorrow.

Friday September 15, 2017

For the last two months I have had an ulcerated sore that has not healed. I can stand a lot of pain but finally Susie said I should go to my primary care doctor a month ago. He has dissapointed me. He did put me on antibiotics and the swelling went down, but he had mentioned he should get me to the Wound Center BUT he forgot. The antibiotics ended a week ago and the swelling has come back so I mentioned the Would Center and he said "I thought the appointment was ordered". I finally got in to see the doctor at the Wound Center yesterday. I can't remember being in such pain except during my many Hernia recoveries, but a different pain, sharp!!!!! The doctor scooped out a yellow mucus with a sharp blade to show only red blood. They then wrapped my foot with many different things including an ointment which will cost me $300. Below is what I just sent to Pat who is in The City with Susie.......
"Finally there is no pain most of the time and then a little sharp pain for
a second every 4 hours. It is itching a little though. I could not eat
much last night and only had a small drink and one small glass of wine.
I still do not want to eat but I am sure that will change. I went to bed
at 8 and didn't watch the football game. I must have gotten 10 hours or
more sleep. I think I must have been still in trauma after the pain of
the doctor scooping the mucus out................"
The Harvest must go on!!! We stopped picking the Dave's Second Crop and finished the Petite Sirah, a little bit of Lagrein and most of the Aglianico. Yesterday and today we finished most of the Cabernet and we are now harvesting some Zinfandel which usually goes into My Zin. Originally I thought about making only RaiZin in the future but I have changed my mind, we will be making My Zin instead.


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