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Friday July 28, 2017

I have a P100D Model S Tesla. There are problems again..........

On Tuesday July 25 I got a call from a driver who told me he would deliver my Model S at about 4 Pm. He called back and said be was heading to Los Altos first to drop off a car which is over 3 hours from me with no traffic. He called again at 2 pm and said he was leaving Los Altos So I offered to meet him in Corte Madera in Marin County. He looked up his navigation and it said he was one hour away from there So I hopped in my Model X loaner and headed to Marin County. I arrived at 3:15 and the truck was not there yet.

I finally took possession of the P100D at 4:45 and arrived home at 6:40 after a lot of traffic. I soon had a large glass of Tequila in my hand.

A little later Pat and I took a look in the trunk to see where the charging cable was and we noticed there was no automatic button to close the trunk. We looked hard all over the trunk area and could not find a button anywhere. I got in the front seat and there was a warning the trunk was open even though I thought I had closed it. I went back and slammed it shut. The next day the trunk was hard to close again. I also noticed the interior was not as nice as my past Tesla cars and the Air Conditioning did not have the premium filter system. Also I did not think the seats were as nice.

I then looked online and there is no way anyone can order a Tesla without an automatic trunk tailgate. The P100D is the most expensive car Tesla makes so I was very upset. How could they even find a manual tailgate?

Since then I have been very depressed and of course I contacted my sales Rep. Today I received a message that they are willing to take the P100D back. I have not heard a price yet but I assume it will be worth more than a new 100D. I was told to order the new 100D and I did this morning. Time will tell but I may finally receive the car I wanted from the beginning!!!!

I must admit the P100D is very nice but it did not seem any quicker than the few Tesla cars I have driven. I did not put it in Ludicrous mode and probably would never do it. BUT Josh is ready to try it out tomorrow

8:00: Pm:
My daughter, Kate first born does not like animal fat. She does eat fish which helps when she is around........pizza is the easiest for me to produce and I have said before with my dough. Then of course Kate can put on what ever she wants on her own pizza. I have said before: If I had been brought up and my Mother never exposed me to animal fat, I would have been fine. The problem is if I would have been exposed at this time in my life and had experienced only vegetables and fish, I think most people would have thought meat has more flavor. So maybe animal fat is not good because it makes us want more and puts weight on us? I would love to lose another 20 pounds but I love meat. Tomorrow night we will have lamb and roast potatoes........I can't Wait..........

Saturday July 29, 2017

Yesterday Tesla announced they are not using Leather anymore so now the only option is synthetically engineered seats. There is no tan, just black, cream and white. I chose white for my new 100D Model S. Kate will be happy to know no animals were killed to make my seats......

8:00 Pm: Last night Tesla gave off the first Model 3 to 30 Customers!! I am ready for my daughter Kate to have one since I am one of the first in the loop. Take a look, it has no dashboard, smooth panel all a cross...........with your speed showing just to the right of the steering wheel..............

On my P100D..........I tried to engage this Ludicrous mode today on a short 8 mile drive to see if my XM radio was working. I pushed the button to warm up the batteries, it may be required to have full 0 to 60 in 2.18 seconds. My XM radio worked about the same as the other ones. But I saw on my 15 minute drive over Canyon Road. I needed 40 minutes to warm up the batteries so if I wanted to impress someone I would have to warm up the Tesla P100D for 40 minutes............ Seriously is that worth $43,000 as an option. I got a big discount as I have said so it will be fun to drive this P for a time.

The last time:..........as I have said was in 1964 when the first Mustang was sold. That 12 months later, Mustang had sold 418,812. Model 3 Tesla has reservations for over 500,000 but it will be hard to deliver all in 12 months, BUT it will be the most exciting car since the Mustang................

Josh wants to make his own wine?.........more tomorrow


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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