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Sunday June 25, 2017

I wanted to clarify what I said about compounding money at 50% last week. Yes I did have $5000 in the stock market back in 1966. I hoped I would make 50% each year and by compounding I would have a million dollars in 13 years. I started investing in risky stocks then and actually did make 50% in 1966 but I could not keep up that percentage. I did make nice money on 1972 when I quit my job as a banker, but never  enough to become a millionaire. So 13 years later from 1966, in 1979 I bought this Vineyard for $240,000 and l owed $170,000. The property has appreciated nicely since then.

Tomorrow will be a nice day to talk to Catarino, Josh and Jose. We have to prepare for the bottles coming Thursday. That means we have to find a place for 21 stacks of glass. That means moving a lot of wine in our storage building and that will take some calculating. I will be ready.

Monday June 26, 2017

i am not nice some times........it is my sister's birthday to day but I did not wish her.           

If anyone reads this diary or knows about my wine prices. I think wine is too expensive and I even lowered my prices this year. I feel for the poor as I have said before, but I can't do anything because I can only offer wine at these low prices, but the people I am talking about need more than wine. They need jobs and seriously is Trump offering jobs? I hope so..........I can only hope? Jobs will come?  

As I have said or communicated before I was lucky to find something I have a passion!!! I love what I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So like I said I feel for the people who are in need so what can we do? We donate to charities but I would like to do more but I am getting older..........

Wednesday June 28, 2017

I have tried to control myself............

My diary can be seen by anyone so if I tell a family member and copy what I say they get concerned!! So from now, long, I should not copy and show and send to them what I write. They can read it if they want ........this is my diary what,  So I can't say what I think? I have not talked to my sister in months.......I just want to document

So I have sold a lot of Tesla stock and may sell more...............ggggggggeeeees  I sold enough to JUSTIFY a purchase of:

This will be a complicated week. I have been working around this for weeks.

I decided to trade in my nice 2015 Model S, 90D, which will go 250 miles at 80 miles an hour. Why?, I sold a lot of Tsla stock to justify my new Tesla. It will be ASSSUME.........HUUUUUUUUUUGe......0 to 60 in 2.5 second. I am happy to admit, I did not floor the last 90D, which would go 0 to sixty in 4.8 seconds. A I scared, yes.......I will let Bryan check it out............

Bryan, Kate's significant.......Wants to drive the X90D loaner up to Oregon,,,,,,,,,,,,,wow it was complicated to get it done without me in the car. After all week, I figured, anyone could drive this X as long as I wanted my P100D.......

It was Easy though, I just had to be focus on the delivery........I spent most of my day looking at my Tesla Charts.........no.............., but mostly organizing for our Bottling on the 5th or 6th........

as I have said I have to figure first where all this Glass is going tomorrow. We will have 21 stacks10 feet high and we carefully move the high stacks off the truck. The truck is only about 11 feet high as we unload the glass. Next week when we bottle, I have to move all the bottled stacks, they are either 45 or 60 cases on pallets. I have done this now 18 years so it is easy, if I delegate authority..............sometimes     

Thursday June 29, 2017

My new S is still in Georgia so I will wait?

I want everyone to know Catalina is now putting all your 2017 Futures orders. Pat had asked me to do it but Catalina has stepped up, that deserves a raise.........

I hate the dark, I always love a sunset on the coast, it is the most light. S0 if I had to die, in a year or two I would love to be on the Oregon Coast that whole time. Go there and enjoy...........no one is there on the beaches and sure it is not always clear, but for two years it would be an adventure................a lot of storms

On August 21 one of my two favorite places in the world will be having a Total eclipse of the sun. It will last 90 seconds and people will see it from Depot Bay, Oregon, Coast......wow to The Grand Tetons, most favorite places, but I probably will be harvesting Pinot grapes so I will not head to see darkness for 90 seconds.....gee we may have to stop harvesting for 90 seconds, we will be at 80% darkness...........

So as most of you know we are never to look into the sun!!!! I assume some one looked too long and was blinded. I always thought that made no sense if I only looked for one second, yes do not do more!!

So back in 1969 or 1970, I met this nice lady who was pregnant, she was happy because she would soon have a child. I think she was my age about 25. We started talking at times when i was working for Bank of America on the 42nd floor. I had control of all information on corporate accounts, I may go into that at another time, so I would see her because she had info and was nice. I was one of us to analyze ALL these large companies to determine if they were worthy of a loan. It was easy, most of the time.......long story

So one day when this nice lady..........I can never remember names but lets call her "Happy". I asked her if she wanted to head down the cost for a short time.........I had already taken, OK asked a lady or two to go down the San Francisco Coast, about 15 miles, easy for me then to drive since I was 26 and had a fast Corvette. I would go down this undocumented road and find the beautiful Coast. She said sure I'll come......and we brought a late snack I guess. The so called date only lasted 2+ hours and we talked about her plans being a single mother. I liked her and nothing happened. I still remember the day though at sunset:

So we were out at sunset. It was very clear on the Coast for a change. We started talking, all of a sudden about the sunset and what we had heard about not ever looking in to the sun. I can only guess what we said but I know we looked into the sun at sunset. I am still alive So I think one second can not hurt us and I bet that night we looked into the sun for many seconds at a time. I hope, Happy? Is doing well.........  


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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