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arrow June 11 - June 17, 2017

Tuesday June 13, 2017

Pat is back so I always enjoy our conversations. She has been a way for a week so it is hard on all of us because Pat organizes all the shipments and of course has to find out who to charge...........I keep the credit cards in a secure place so Pat and Catalina ask me for the cards..............So it is nice to have Pat back for all of us in the winery...............

That said, Pat as usual is upset I want to purchase another Model S. It is really hard on me Because Pat has never driven a Model S. She knows I love Tesla and I have plenty of profits on the stock.............BUT she says it is embarrassing to her that I am buying another Tesla. I try........upstairs to see a movie?

Wednesday June 14, 2017

I have decided
Pat may be right so I will not mention my new Tesla for awhile?

Our Cat Gigi, One of our Family members is missing........ the one who is skinny mostly likes little of my food I offer. She usually only eats Fancy Feast and catches birds, rodents and especially Mice IIIIIIIIISssssssssss missing. It is hard on me because I think animals should be out to explore life. I have heard before when a cat is in an apartment and it works out, I do not want to keep them in when there is so much to explore out in the vineyard. It is hard on cats around here. We have lost many and we never found them. Cats and dogs know when to head off and get comfortable and........

So Corey is here the male of the litter.............there is never a week goes by..............I Always see them hugging............Corey is fine now since he likes to eat, he might figure if his sister does not come back tonight. Unfortunately here I have never seen a cat disappear for two days and came back............

That said way back in probably 1956 or earlier, I was in San Francisco........I was watching a neat program on a small screen, I can't remember which program because AND then my long lost cat came in (We always left the back door slightly open for our cats). She had been gone many days.........She jumped right up on me so I have never forgot that. Now I hope after 36 hours, I have not seen Gigi.............tomorrow is another day

Thursday June 15, 2017

My Gigi is still missing so it does not look good for her to survive, Like I have said cats die around here so I will not be having any other cats. It is hard to lose a family member who is here everyday...........

We have to look to the Future so we will be bottling our 2016 10 Month wines starting on July 5. After this year I want to start distributing wine around the country again. The last time we distributed was about 2000. This time it will be at a fair price for anyone who wants to purchase our bottled wine. The best prices will still be purchasing Futures direct from us. So even if a past customer goes into a retail store they still will be able to purchase our wine for about $21? That would save you shipping if I can send wine at my cost or the distributor's cost.........long story


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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