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Tuesday May 9, 2017

In a few days we are heading up to Canada as far as Jasper. We are staying 4 nights at Fairmont Lake Louise. The whole trip will be 3500 miles in my Tesla Model S. It will be fun.......
We took a walk out in the vineyard yesterday and it looks like we will have a large crop, maybe enough to make as much as 7,000 cases. That is why I am selling 2017 Dave's Cuvee for as low as $7 a bottle when a Club member purchases a whole case of 12 bottles, so $84 for the whole case. I have told Catarino to only harvest the ripest bunches in our old vines, probably starting in the first week of September, also to harvest only the ripest bunches in most of our other varieties. That way we should have over 12 tons of fruit for Dave's Cuvee. We may have to harvest that fruit in two stages. In the past few years we have waited until the end of harvest to go through the whole vineyard and pick fruit that was missed the first time through and also bunches which were not ripe yet. We may even blend in some barrels of wine we do not need for all the wines we will be making. Last year we blended in some Aglianico which helper give the wine a little more structure. I wish all of you could come here and taste the 2016 Dave's Cuvee which is in the barrel until we bottle in July.........enjoy


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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