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Wednesday March 29, 2017, First day for new futures

8:30 Pm: It is still light, I love this time of year, Spring is by far my favorite time of year...........I just went out side for my espresso and such. I see my cats are out watching the new birds. I see the new mother has brought them out to a spot I can't see, interesting.........I hope she keeps her new ones safe. My cats are not interested in food tonight so they are having a good time.

I don't like talking about other wineries wines, but I have tried many new wines from other countries and I have been sent some wines from Spain, and I still do not like their wines, maybe lighter? Like I I have said Pat likes lighter wines so most of my wines are too heavy for her so we try other wineries wines, mostly because I want to see what is being produced. Around here I am mostly impressed but some highly touted wines from sellers and they have not been that great so are they selling wine they have to get rid of? OR do I have the Coffaro palate

My wife does not read my diaries for it is for me now. I like to relate other times in my past. I know I have not developed dementia but every night I make sure I do the right thing..........

Susan Fandel had a nice name. I liked her so I actually did not suggest the somewhat name for my daughter, Pat did..........OK..Susanne we chose

Susan Fandle I met in San Francesco in my last job, so I know it was in 1972. I had been sneaking off at lunch time to see what Art and I could find out.............RE: new public offerings,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...........new companies in the stock market. These new offerings were hard to get before they went public, I am hoping some of you out there in the stock market can confirm it is hard now...............So

Art and I worked for different companies then but met up 42 floors in the Bank American Building in 1969. We were the first offices I knew then in this GREAT building in San Francisco. It was the first I Assume building built in the 60's and 70's in San Francisco When I Went, In the.......When I Went into the elevator, it closed soooooooo fast, this was 1969, it was Huge..........It went up 42 floors in few seconds, less than 120 in my guess.........

So Art and I met on the 42nd Floor, those days elevators would have taken awhile and then take you up to or three floors within 2 minutes, Oh gee I think those elevators are still around,,,,,,,...........BUT

In 1969 that elevator transferred Art and I up to the 42nd floor in less than 2 minute for sure.......hey, I know it was so fast

so I always want to think what is the most important thing at any moment so I think I do a good job. Today I got upset since the IRS says I made a mistake and we are going to charge you $2700 dollars so I had to reset, ignore that problem? after several hours I am fortunate for working hard,

Susan OK, Lee Pharmaceutical made me quit my job, I made $60,000 on that one stock so I thought I was rich. Susan Fandel, nice name similar to Zinfandel I met at my last job and she she was OK, until I told her I had quit my job, she got so upset, those days people did not quit a good job, most of us were only making 6 to 7 hundred dollars a month, but I had a 1969 Corvette I bought for $7000 and owed 150 a month, easy. My mortgage payment in Fairfax was $125 a month. I thought I could survive, I had a finance degree? but Susan did not think so, so I think that was the last time I saw her in 1972 because she had no faith in me. I hope she is doing well now. 

i love where i am .........I only know where I am so I know I am older so do I have to worry about the future? Sure I say everything I think in this diary but few of you people ask me questions, my life is an open book.........ask me
any question and I will not be like Trump

I worry about dementia for me. I know of many friends who have had problems so I want to document if I have dementia, of course we called it something in a different time so I will not go in to that now. BUT I know I have slowed down. I used to not want to go to bed until 11pm and if I did I thought I was not doing good, now I go to bed maybe by 10 or so and read so I have accepted that but as I have said I want to be a wake all times. I want to learn more about .

dementia what is it .........tonight I got upset because Pat did not come up to let me know what she wanted extra for this nice dinner I prepared. It has been a tough day for her like me with our new offering. I had some nice rare Rib and corn on the Barbee, but she did not come up until 6:30 so I got upset. It was not dementia on my part, just not a nice person.           so Yes we have friends and relatives who are questionable according to their relatives, maybe not what they used to be...............so of course I want to make the best wine I can and I have to ask everyday in ways: how am I doing?

Our new 2017 wine form is up and I have heard from several, I lowered my prices so why do that? I am paying taxes to this new Government so I want to lower my prices so I pay less!! Does that make since?

So as you see, we today if into the new 2017 pre harvest offering, I have lowered prices, less than the last several years. Pat is asking why we are not charging as much as other wineries around here. We are not in agreement but I let her know: Do we want to make more money and give it to Trump? We are making more money than I can spend, do I want to buy a Tesla for all my employees?, I know Catalina does not want one because it does not make a loud sound..........I was told my accountants today we are paying taxes, up to 15%, we have not paid taxes at  15% bracket since I do not remember. I do not want to be known as someone who charges more than I need to make, does that make me stupid or not greedy. I do not want to raise prices and pay Trump?..................no

my grandma died at 51 year old, My grandfather was never the same

little birds, kitties, I have too much on my mind.........//////////////.........

Friday March 31, 2017

I know, too much information, I assume I am the only one who reads at all my entries. I know I may make a few mistackes but I try.........

Tasting............the other day I was educated to the new way of tasting wine. Maybe I was not told the right way? When I first got into wine in 1969 I heard I was supposed to swirl the wine in my mouth, and of course some of us then spit it out. Now I hear no one I know tastes wine that way. I mean really, I put a small amount of wine, maybe half an ounce and I do not swallow, instead I swirl to the top of your mouth before I swallow, like: make the wine go up to the top of your mouth and swish it around violently. Pat does not do that and................

I found out the other day Catalina and Jesse who are in the tasting room do not violently swish wine in their mouth, actually I was told they just sip and let it go down. They also taste wine by pairing with food. I do not. I feel the only way to decide the greatness of wine is to swirl. Even a taste of water before tasting wine will change the whole experience.

Dave Tasting

So the other day Catalina and Jesse and I tasted the 2013 Aglianico. I was told customers like the wine and I said, great. But I asked do they know it is intense? They said no. Here is how I described the wine at our barrel tasting event: "Full bodied, intense acid with high tannins" AND below is what Catalina and Jesse wanted to use: 

Pronounced (Al-ee-Anico), this Oh-so-drinkable Italian varietal wine is ethereal, with delicate violet aromas. Its integrated tannins and slight chalkiness show simplicity in the mouth while maintaining the big fruit that we are known for.

 We settled on this so they won, mostly:

Pronounced (Al-ee-Anico), this oh-so-drinkable Italian varietal has delicate violet aromas. Its integrated tannins, full body, and slight chalkiness show pleasant acidity while maintaining the big fruit that we are known for. 

Aglianico is intense for me and I almost always have a glass or two before dinner...............

8.00:Pm: I must have the Coffaro palate as I have said before. Recently I have tried many other wines, mostly from over the seas and some have been OK and some have been disappointing. I like the middle and finish of our wines and few wines I have tasted recently have a beginning, middle and a finish. As I said earlier, my Aglianico for me is not completed because it is disjointed, I like that intensity, but a glass or two is Great, BUT still my favorite wine I have to sip every night...............Our Block 4 has a balance that is hard to beat and the wine that is complete. It is open every night like the Aglianico, but I like to see what is out there, other winemakers...........
For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com



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