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Tuesday November 8, 2016

8:00 Am: I feel for the people who are hoping Trump will bring them forward into a higher salary. I feel for people who are Republicans and could not think about voting for a Democrat. I feel for people who believe in the right for life and thus will vote for Trump. I feel for people who believe Hillary and the Clintons have broken the law. I feel for people who do not want to vote for a women......So I feel for people who have less hope now. If Hillary wins, I will be happy because we will have a Lady as president. Like I have said, most of the women in my life, I have preferred to a Man, So I feel we should give a Lady a chance...........  My two daughter wrote below:

Here are some links to real-time coverage/tracking:

Kate Coffaro wrote:
I always tell people about the "map" of the United States that Dad printed for me on election night in 1992 (it was just a grid). I remember filling out the boxes with the winner of each state as we watched the election results! 

How crazy that 24 years later, Bill Clinton's wife might be elected our first female president (let's hope). I keep thinking that young girls today following the election will see it as the norm to have the possibility of a female president - it's about time! Too bad the opposing candidate is trying to influence our country to take a step back when it comes to female equality...I could go on...

Susanne Coffaro wrote:
I still remember staying up all night to see if Bill Clinton won back when the TV was in the master bedroom. Not sure if that was 1992 or 1996. But thinking of how Kate and I got our love of politics from you two (esp. Dad :)).

Looking forward/dreading the election tonight.

Wednesday November 9, 2016

As promised many months ago, If Trump was elected president I would sell all my stocks and a few minutes ago I did. I am all in cash now. I have no idea what I will do with the money at this time. I really think this could be the start of the collapse of the United States. All my life I have heard all societies in power will have a downfall after several hundred years, like the fall of the Romans our nation will fall also. I hope I am wrong but when a nation votes for someone with such a vindictive personality like Trump, I can't imagine that it can survive..........

As most of you know, I have been a big investor in the stock market. I have made a lot of money in Amazon and Google since the collapse of the market back in 2008. Back then the market was down big and I believed the nation would survive but this time I am very concerned.

Thursday November 10, 2016

Back in the 70's my whole life was investing in the stock market. I have not been out of the stock market for 30 years until yesterday. After coming here in 1979 I had no money to spare so I put all the money into the farm. After Gallo finally raised their prices for grapes in the 80's, I had enough to invest very little in the Market. I lost because I was in the vineyard most of the day and investing requires constant attention to the news. So when 2008 came around I had some money to invest in Amazon and Google and the QQQ. The QQQ is the top 100 hundred NASDAQ stocks so it is more stable than investing in Amazon. AMZN has been my gold mine. I have never had a loss with a trade BUT......trading is the problem. I would sell after a large rise in Amazon.......Then I would buy back when it went down a little but always less shares and at a higher price. If I had kept all 700 shares of AMZN in early 2009 (at the average price of 45), those shares would be worth $539,700 yesterday. I still had 200 so I did fine by selling yesterday.

I feel naked!! I sold all my stocks yesterday and I miss the action and I also sold 1400 shares of TSLA. Every point up would have given me $1400. Tesla stock is down a little now along with all my other tech stocks. I have to just forget what I would have had. TSLA was 100 points higher several months ago. If Trump was not president elect I would have bought more today. I am scared of Trump, but I always listen. I customer called today and said he is in construction and he thinks Trump will put people to work building infrastructure. I am all in favor of that but will the congress agree to spend the money?

8:15 Pm: OK we are getting ready for a cruise. yes i need to get in to an escape for now. When I get back I will have more knowledge because no one knows what will happen so I am good about my sales in the stock market but I have to start buying back my 1400 shares of TSLA. Like I have said before, the Amazing lights come on everytime I go in my basement, just walk in the basement and it makes me want to drive. I know other cars do beeps but do they open the handles on the doors and wait a minute and close again. I am sorry I am obsessed with my vehicle which wants me to drive...........I love my Tesla Model S.........

So I am up stairs earlier and I see Michael Francis Moore on CNN now. As some of you have heard he is in the news again so it will be interesting when I go up to play the recording. Also of course I have to see Thursday Night Football and the Worriers so I am OK for now and hopeful, Trump will ask for Infrastructure............?????

Friday November 11, 2016

I know Warriers, no warriors or Warriors sso I typed Worriers last night and left it, I thought it was me. I hate making mistakes by typing so it takes me a long time to Stop making mistakes. Most of the time I see them and sometimes I think it is me.

I am off for an escape on a cruise to Mexico.

OK, let's get back into wine making. All of a sudden Josh tells me he will be 30 in January. I think of Josh being more older. He is doing a great job. Today!! he tells me, So gee within 4 hours I had to move around for a change, at least on my computer. SO I have arranged to bottle starting the first week of January So our 2015 16 Month wines could be claimed..........Gee, I just saw WinterWineland is on the 14th so we have to be through bottling by the 12th so Josh can get out of here for his birthday. I have been promised labels before Xmas and bottles are easy so we could start on the 4th of January. Let's go!!

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