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arrow January 10 - January 16, 2016

Sunday January 10, 2016

i am so happy all my teams won this weekend, NFL, and also the Warriors so i am happy.........but have you heard what elon predicted..............

"">>>>>>>>, copied............Elon Musk gave his minions another reason to squeal on Sunday when he made the bold prediction that, within two years, a customer in Los Angeles, using his phone, will be able to “summon” his electric car to drive itself — and charge along the way — all the way from New York.

Have you ever heard of a spread? I have to look in Las Vegas, there may be a bet on this one, So if I can find a bet somewhere I will bet $1,000, that prediction will not happen, maybe four years but not 2 ............SOOOOOOOO, if I win, I make $1000 depend of the odds. If I lose my 550 shares will go up, big.........He can't do it? http://www.marketwatch.com/story/elon-musks-latest-prediction-wows-ahead-of-detroit-auto-show-2016-01-10?link=MW_home_latest_news

Blending tomorrow, bottling in 10 days.............fun

Friday January 15, 2016

We finished blending our 2015 wines on Tuesday and we are preparing to receive about 2600 cases of wine glass on Tuesday, rain or shine to set up to bottle our 2014 16 Month aged wine. There has been a forecast of heavy rain in the next several days, and we are hoping we get a dry stretch on Tuesday, but if not we are buying many large tarps to cover the glass we can't get under cover or inside our many buildings. We can even store some glass inside the winery, but the bottling line takes up a lot of room SO we have to decide when to set up the bottling line, maybe Monday before the glass or after depending on weather because we could store some of the glass in the winery before the bottling line is set up. It will be a challenge. When we start bottling we also have to find a dry place to store the bottled wine...........

I received my latest software upgrade from Tesla, wirelessly while the car sat in my garage. It took over an hour, much longer than other updates so there were many upgrades. I will only mention one amazing trick. I alluded to it last Sunday but I only got to try it an hour ago. I stood in front of my Model S, held the middle button on the remote until the headlights flashed continuously and then tapped the trunk button and the Model S slowly automatically backed out of the garage while I stood outside it. I was concerned at first, because the Model S is very wide and we have only a few inches on each side of the garage door opening. The Model S slowed down a few times and turned the wheel slightly and continued out of the garage within 30 seconds. I am always concerned about driving out so I actually may like this feature. I tried to send the Model S back into the garage but it stopped when the garage door automatically closed. There are more settings for the automatic garage door so I will look at that at another time. I love My Model S 90 D.............

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