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Monday May 9, 2016

I am home after a great trip. I have to buy more Tesla stock, what a wonderful car.....

Tesla is a great car and if I was younger I could do it Justice. I used to drive like some of the adventuress drivers I experienced in my wonderful car, 2000 miles. 

My model S is a heavy and large car. It weighs 4800 pounds or more with my body in there. I could take any turn but the small cars, like 3000 pounds and short would pass me up.

5 years ago, no one passed me up, with BMW and Tesla then no one passed me up on a widely road.................

I guess I am old........I think any one who has a Model S could beat anyone on turns, but I am old

So now we are home.........I did not see any TV so we only heard sports results later in the evening so I will be up soon...............

Wednesday May 11, 2016

The Warriors are playing again so i will go up and see. I rarely watch a sporting event without fast forwarding. Pat hates that so we usually watch in separate rooms, Pat in Susie's old room and me in our Theater Room.

Josh and Jose worked hard disgorging our 2013 Dave's Sparkling Wine. Look and search if you are interested in what I sent  in the past.............

Jose was without shoes, it was so wet..............We used the anti-foam again in less than a drop, we have dispensers.  So after a few hours the two "J's" did a great job............BUT

We had maybe 10 groups in here today, very unusual so Pat and even I had to help out in the tasting room. Back from a trip we are both asking each other: What do you see? and we reply to, and then "Which orders should I charge". I love being busy but Pat is going away again to the City. I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat and I have decided to hire another person to help us in the tasting room, any one who can make a suggestion, would be appreciated.............

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