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arrow April 24 - April 30, 2016

Monday April 25, 2016

We had a great time with friends and relatives this last weekend. It was the passport event. This event is a great event for us. We did have less visitors, just like the last many years, but still a great time.

Before the event, I even met and mentioned to the committee that we should sell more tickets and maybe we would get more sales..............but oh no, we are concerned about all the people coming into the valley and having wine and driving........so they did encourage designated drivers. Seriously, we had much less traffic, 40% down and 30% less sales and we still have the same great wine and prices. I had customers come up and say they had been to several wineries that day and there were very few customers. We have a lot of wineries participating so I think we should sell more tickets, but I give up. This is not as much an important event for us any more. I love it though because there is such great food.........BUT oh I forgot to mention, the winegrowers of dry creek valley has decided to cut back our rebates for food any and other expenses. They have more than $300,000 in the bank SO what are they doing with it?

I do not like the Blaze. I bought a Fit Bit, I like my Apple Watch better. I wanted to check out the Blaze because I have a lot of stock in Apple and I like my Apple Watch, I am 73 and love to see the sunset and sunrise displayed all the time on the front of the Apple Watch, sure I know I am only a few who likes that, but I hoped for other things to like with the Blaze AND first it took me TWO hours to finally get someone to help me to install........seriously the tech at Fit Bit had a lot of trouble helping me. I finally figured out it was a Windows 10 issue,,,,,,,,,,long story.

So we are selling our Beautiful house in Seattle. I love Seattle, I love this house. Seattle is so green and has long nights in the summer.......ALSO it does rain, but usually light and it can snow sometimes which makes it interesting. This house we are selling, I will miss but I hope I still will get up to see Susie in her new apartment. She just started working for Microsoft so I am interested to hear what they have to offer her. I will see Susie soon in Portland. My birthday is approaching..............I think to the future, I am still 72 years old, but soon to be 73..........my back is feeling better 

Friday April 29, 2016

Of course a lot has happened in the last few days. Apple came out with their earnings and then Facebook and Amazon reported. I sold half my Apple stock when they reported. I still like my Apple Watch so I may buy back since it is down more after earnings............So on Tuesday I was depressed after the Apple earnings so I bought Facebook right at the close on Wednesday and hoped the earnings was going to be a surprise after the close....... so, yes a surprise earnings up big and I still have my modest position...........Then I put an order in to buy Amazon on Thursday the amount about the same as what I sold in Apple. I put a limit order low but it still was filled near the close. I had a loss at the close, but wow in extended trading, Amazon went up by 60 points, 10 percent. Great earnings..........So I sold Apple at a loss and made more with Facebook and Amazon..............I love taking chances

Of course the NFL draft is on tonight and I love my new book so I will head up at 9 and check out my new processor..........We had trouble with our last processor in the winery........so this one looks good........

So Pat and I are heading up to the Oregon Coast, I will enjoy my 73rd on Tuesday

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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