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Monday January 4, 2016

I have to make this short, since I want to check out Blu-Ray audio disks. +++ I already tried "The Yellow Brick Road" and was blown away by the sound, yes it was in Blu-Ray but all the information was put into audio and no video but a picture of the label was shown So if you want to hear the best version of Funeral For A Friend, go for it...

So at 8 tonight I am going to check out a few new ones, including Mahler disks and The Stones..............in Blu-Ray Audio Only.........

We are blending, long story........more tomorrow

Tuesday January 5, 2016 

It has been raining all day yesterday and now also today......it is supposed to rain for two weeks..........drought? That makes it very difficult to work with barrels out in the rain. We must first make sure the bungs are tight. There is only one opening in the top of these wine barrels so the whole is about an inch and a half in diameter and we stop it up with a rubber bung which fits very tight.

Yesterday we moved barrels all over the place. We moved all the barrels to different locations in our parking lot, like all barrels for Block 4, over here and so on. We then put all the barrels inside in different buildings. So now we have all barrels organized for the next week, it is easy now, even if it rains. Today we are blending Block 4 and Petite Sirah. When we harvest we usually have many fermentations and some are combined and then pressed into lots that have a different blend. Like, Block 4 is a combination of Zinfandel South in Block 4, and the mix of several varieties in the North section of Block 4. Also we mix in the First Block, which is also a combination of several varieties. So today all these Block 4 different barrels will go into the big tank, 27 barrels in all and then back in clean barrels. There is about 5 gallons of sediment in these barrels and this muddy wine goes into barrels which will ultimately go into our Zp2c wine. Then we also have to keep two barrels separate to combine with our Ultimate Cuvee. This year the Ultimate Cuvee will consist of two barrels of Block 4, one barrel of Petite Sirah and one barrel of our Italiano blend.

3:00 Pm: Our work day is over and we have all the Petite Sirah and Block 4 blended. I tasted the Petite Sirah and I am very happy to report it was great and had an incredible dark color. Tomorrow we are racking our Zinfandel, Carignan and all our second crop which will become our new 2015 Dave's Cuvee. Also tomorrow I will be ready to taste 8 samples of wine in different new barrels. 5 samples will be from old vine Zinfandel and 3 from our blend of Merlot, Malbec and Cab Franc which will go into our 2015 Aca Modot.........It will be fun

Thursday January 7, 2016 

Good, it is a new year so it will be fun. I have a new sour dough starter I started from scratch.....I did use a small amount of powdered bacteria from Amazon at first....it was an adventure but after a week now, without plain bread yeast the starter is hard to stop exploding............so I put the 8 ounces in the freezer the other day and slowed it down and after bringing it to room temperature, now it is a volcano..........So the other day I tried this eruption in a bread. At night I put a cup of this monster into my Cuisinart and I said: Let's see what you can do, it was about 60 degrees in our kitchen so I dumped a bunch of granulated garlic, pepper, sesame seeds, caraway seeds fennel seeds and let it sit over night. The next morning, it had tripled so I mixed up and let rise and made bread, nice and light from a very active sour dough natural yeast.

We are still racking wine and leaving about 4 gallons of sediment in a bucket that goes into what we call mud barrels and this mud will eventually be racked to create Zp2c.

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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