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arrow February 15 - February 21, 2015

Sunday February 15, 2015

9:30 Pm: Hey it is a day late for valentines day. Pat left yesterday to be with a friend and see Kate. Kate's befriend, Bryan is off on a hike. My 93 old Mother, Vivien, says she is surprised Bryan is not around on Valentine day. I think this is the first time Pat and I have not been together on this day. Pat said Kate and Bryan don't think it is a big day..........they are under 30 so I guess there is a knew rule?

I think you want to be with your lady on February 14............

So I am alone so that is good in some ways. I get to do what I want, including leaving things around....... but in the kitchen, since I am the cook, I still like to clean up what is important like left over food.

Of course I could read my book, which I prefer, but I can only read for an hour since I like to lean on my bed or on a ship on a lounge while hearing the wake on our............you know wake: it's the waves that a boat leaves behind as it slices through the water. And that's not all... Wake has three meanings as a noun, and, yes, just about as many meanings as a verb! I loved the wake and I expect more when I have a room next time at the aft, on the middle rear.............North to Alaska in June............

Of course the best time for the Winery is when we do Wine Road Barrel, the event on the first two week ends of March. I am concerned because most owners or especially workers do have concerns about some people who attend this event AAND also I see The Passport to Dry Creek Valley is also discouraging some types of people......................

Yes most people who are involved in the Wine Road Barrel Tasting and the Passport to Dry Creek Valley events............Our biggest events..........are against large parties, of course that includes limos and buses........here I have always encouraged all new young people.........they are the Future!!!.......Why would they come otherwise, most come to see what the thing is about WINE. some of these new people are into craft beer which is good. Eventually I think they will find out wine can be good also SOOOOO I am very upset that most who service these new customers, do not want them near their winery.

I went to a big meeting where The Wine Road had many of us to speak on a video to show: How to act at their winery for this biggest event in Sonoma County. Several of us got up to produce a video which went out last week to all wineries, anyone who will participate in the Barrel Tasting event and I was interested to see most of the suggestions where about discouraging some groups. Limos are not good buses especially because both groups make too much noise and will discourage real buyers to come to their winery. One person said his sales where up 20% because people who came in said they loved it because those noisy people were not there.

I could go on but I have said before I want all people to come in here at our winery. No one will be discouraged in any way. I see now after these several years going from a free event and now charging $30 and still saying you can not go to some wineries.................?? Some people can not see the Future and it is obvious these young people are the future, they can be noisy but..............  

Monday February 16, 2015

I assume many of you know we have been having some very warm weather this year. In the last three days we have had a high of over 80 and it looks like we will be there again today. Even before these last few days our temperatures have been above normal. Many of us vineyard owners and winemakers are concerned because a few vines have even started budding out. If a frost hits in the next month or so we could lose some crop this year. This is my 37th season here and in two years before, I did see green shoots in February. In those two years there was no frost after that so I am keeping my hopes up.

8:00: Pm: So this guy calls the other day when Pat is gone and I was just back from dropping her off in the afternoon on Feb 14 and I talk to him at 4pm and he says Pat knows everything, even when I ask him to fill in his secure credit card. I see he has a sale case to send and I ask him again to just fill out the form because it will make it easier for Pat. He all of a sudden says Pat knows and blows me off by hanging up. So fine I make note of it and send an email to him asking again to send in his shipping form. I was very nice. Now after two days I see a message to Pat:::::::::::::

""""When you get a chance call me before you ship due to another credit card snafu!  I tried calling and taking to someone to change the card but they acted so befuddled that I decided to contact you.<<<<<<<<<<<
Befuddled, me...................I sent him a message again asking to fill out the credit card. I hope he gets the message this time. I know Pat would just appease him even if he calls when she is back Wednesday.........I am not as nice


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