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arrow January 25 - January 31, 2015

Tuesday January 27, 2015

We have finished the bottling of all our 2013 wines now and today we will finish the blending of the 2014 wines back into barrels. I have tried a few of the 2014 blends and I am very happy with the quality. We will bottle some of these wines in July and save the rest for next January. At the end of March we will again be offering pre-harvest futures for what will be growing on our vines for 2015. It has been a warm winter so we could see green early in March. We are thinking about our barrel tasting event on the first two weekends of March and we will be serving many of our 2014 barrel samples. It will be fun.

Pat and I have booked two cruises on Princess this time, not Regent. Regent was very nice but very expensive. Princess is very inexpensive if you just eat in the large restaurants. The specialty restaurants charge a fee of $25 a person and even if you book a suite, in room dining, course by course, is $100 a couple. Also none of your alcohol or any other drinks are included. We could buy a package for $56 a day per person which covers alcohol and every other drink, but it can not be used in our suite. We are taking a 7 day cruise to Alaska in June when there will be sunlight over 16 hours a day. Like I said Princess is inexpensive even for a 550 sq foot cabin with a large balcony..........under $7,000 for both of us BUT after booze and such, I figure we will be spending another $2,000+, if we took a few excursions. I can bring on my own wine and be charged a corkage fee of $15 so that will help. I will drive up to Seattle and drop my Tesla off at Susie's place and take the round trip back and then off again home in the Model S. What is really interesting is there are many other ships that go to Alaska but they are more expensive because if you book a suite some of the alcohol is included and you also get to go to the specialty restaurants for free BUT again, in cabin alcohol or even water is not included. Regent is the exception, everything is covered BUT for a comparable suite (539 sq feet), we would pay over $37,000, but it is for 14 days and we would have to go out of Vancouver.

The other cruise will be interesting!! I have said I will not take a plane again so this cruise is out of San Francisco to Hawaii round trip for 15 days, over 10 days cruising. We booked another suite for under $10,000 but of course we will be spending a lot more after the tips and booze. I probably won't be taking many excursions which cost about $200 a person. I will probably get off the ship but I will spend most of my time reading. One of these years I may try to figure out cruises to South America or even Australia and back home, very expensive and very long. I may have to retire...........not

Wednesday January 28, 2015

The best lobster dinner is in Santa Cruz on Wednesday night so I will be down there to have a whole lobster for $12.95, only on Wednesday.......  http://www.idealbarandgrill.com/specials.html

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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