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arrow November 22 - December 5, 2015

Sunday November 29, 2015

My Mother is 93 and soon will be 94 on Feb 5. We went down to Millbrae, 92 miles from me, so I charged up here and made it back on Thanksgiving night. We had a nice family gathering.

I will say this guy Oliver at Assistech is not a nice guy. He has sued people who have complained about him, but he is saying I should accept his defective Around Phone. He is claiming it is too late to return the phone and so far Chase is backing him up. I have now sent pictures of the battery showing all the wires loose and thus not connected and of course the phone will not work. Oliver is saying it is a warranty problem now and has given me a false number to call. I am hoping Chase will back me up.

So I pick up my new Model S, on Thursday. Tesla has already given me a price for my trade in. Tesla needs loaners. They never have enough. Tesla will probably keep my Model S in San Rafael to use as a loaner while service is done.

Kate and Susie came up for a visit Friday and we had pizza. Last night Pat and I had left overs, turkey with dressing and such. Pat and I are ready for the next few weeks, Josh and I are ready to tackle our sparkling wine problem and I am still upset with Chase since I am still charged for the Around Phone.

There is a great deal of sediment in our new 2013 sparkling wine. I guess Matt made a mistake and added too much yeast and sugar. We now decided to put all the bottles in our large freezer. We set the temperature to 24 degrees. The 12.5% wine will not freeze until 21 degrees so we are hoping 24 will be cold enough so that the carbonation will stay in the bottle when we pop the crown cap. When the cap is popped we should see the sediment fly out quickly. We need to displace the three inches of sediment with new clean sparkling wine. With the wine at 24 degrees we can cap the wine again. Then we will pop another bottle and use the first bottle to top off the second bottle and a few more. It will be a fun experiment on Tuesday. We hope to have pictures....... 

Monday, November 30, 2015

I am working on a new fast solid state computer for the first time tonight. I am using Windows 10 and switched everything over in the last few weeks so I was ready to go today. I have Windows 10 on two computers and I like it, but for some unknown reason we had a small problem, the Windows logo on the far left, bottom would not work with a left click and only worked to show a few things with a right click.....Long Story......So after 4 hours of looking and trying several things, Brad and I decided to reinstall Windows 10 and I am happy so far, everything is working well, so this is a test to make sure i can upload a diary............

It is now Tuesday and I could not figure out how to upload, but it was not because of our problems with Windows 10. The reinstall did not disable any of my apps so I highly recommend to reinstall if any of you have problems. Since I am working with our new fast Solid State drive computer, we had to install the program to upload. I now found it buried in tools so here is my latest diary...........test

Thursday December 3, 2015

So most of you forget or not knew, I went down to pick up my new Model S90. I know several of you could have purchased my First Model S, financially, but for some reason or other they had to pass. From a few I heard where do I charge, so they like Oil convenience.

 So the drive home was driving through a nice storm, maybe .75 around here. So it was fun to try the new S......I did not check it out much so maybe I will go out for a run tomorrow. It seemed to handle a little better but there are controls.........Autopilot is an adventure...If interested come back another day................well at least an hour, I have to start the Packer game..............

Friday December 4, 2015

So, I left San Rafael yesterday with my new 90D and had an adventure. San Rafael is about 65 miles from our place. There was a good amount of rain coming down so that can be a problem, especially in a new car. Even though this is the same Model S that I have driven in the last two years, there were a few changes to navigate. Yes, navigation is different. The cruise control and the wipers/turn signal nobs have been interchanged so I kept on hitting the cruise control when I wanted to turn. I evidently had the autopilot engaged because when I came up to turn left I was abruptly stopped automatically when I moved out slowly to turn. I guess I was too close to a car going by. Then all of a sudden in another intersection, I could not move!! After it happened twice and hearing honking, I noticed the dash signaled that I was touching both pedals at the same time. The brake as usual is on the left and the energy pedal is on the right. They seemed to be in the same place as the last Model S but maybe they were a little closer or I was in a different seat position So from then on I tried, mostly successfully, to keep my foot to the right as far as possible. Then I thought I disengaged the autopilot but I guess not, because when I put the cruise control at 73, I was kept about 5 lengths behind the car in front of me (I had set this option to medium). My Model S would slow down and speed up automatically. I had also set a warning for when I went 10 miles over the speed limit, I would be warned by a chime. That happened several times, I like that!! I may go out today to check out the new 90D. It will be a learning experience. There are so many settings for the autopilot I have not mentioned...........

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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