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Wednesday July 1, 2015

 8:00: Pm: I am already thinking of 2016..........long story
 I walked up to the front of the vineyard yesterday with my two kitties, OK they will always be kitties even thought they are15 months old. It was still 105 degrees yesterday at that time.........we got to 108 yesterday and this was the first time I had seen my kitties in two days. I am sure they have been sleeping somewhere in the shade. I hope they survive another night, maybe the coyotes are laying low also...............

Today was a big day!! AWS delivering our new Chiller/Heater for harvest so we have more control in harvest. Like I have said before I want to control our alcohols.

so i have tasted some 2011 wines again after a year.........so you know I am not a fan of old wines, but these wines seem so young, but still not to my liking, in other words I do not like old wines because the complexity has changed to less fruit characteristics. To night I tried many 2011 wines, my zin, block 6, estate cuvee and cab. They have still too much fruit..........They are very nice but have no tannin SO if you like smooth wines you will love them AND they are tasting so young and will age for 10 more years or more SO I will try them again soon...........confusing, like all wines that age.I had to bring up an Aglianico from 2013 to get some guts

Today was very consuming...........At 7 we had our first load of glass and by 8:15 we had our second............the big truck drivers come in here and have been here before so I give them a bottle of wine. They are so amazing........We received over 3,000 cases and it is still hard to find room for all that glass, bottles for wine...........

Then right after that, AWS Prospero came in to deliver our new chiller, heater. They did not bring everything so that is interesting.........long story

The guys in here from AWS were mostly here to train Josh and Jose who are taking over for Matt who has failed me. As I said before Matt had agreed to come in for a few hours to help out at bottling but now I am paying two techs, probably hundreds an hour to help out because Matt..........

So someone from another winery called today and asked what I thought of Matt..........it seems he is just looking for a harvest job, low pay so I told the head winemaker, he is qualified for anything but he did not communicated to me in the last few years..................AND he owes me some hours........I am sure Matt will line up a job 

As most of you know, I love my Tesla Model S, fabulous in most ways but one:

Thursday July 2, 2015

The stock market is closed tomoorow, I am unhappy
I still love my Tesla, but I hate the Sirius/xm reception. Even sometimes in the middle of the freeway, lately, I lose reception.
My Ford Fiesta was no better, but I thought my BMW 5 series was much better........SO does Ford and Tesla do a lousy job with XM radio or has all the satellite reception gone down hill. I am going back to Tesla later this year and I am looking for a booster antenna I can suggest to Tesla. I took it back last year in November and they said they took the whole back window out and replaced the antenna WHICH is imbedded in the back window...............is that the problem?? My BMW had a fin like thing on the top back of the car, but Tesla has nothing on the top of the car. If any of you know of a booster for XM radio that works AND could be put on my Tesla, let me know...........I sure will be looking


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