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Thursday June 18, 2015

Written last night June 17 9:00 Pm: I am old but alert to everything.........

It is nice to be back from our cruise and there is so much to do here. I like being in control so now that Matt is gone we are doing much better.........

Catarino and I walked out into the vineyard all around. Last night our cats came back late, and stayed through all the hoopla about the Warriors winning, another victory for the Bat Area.

OK, I am recovering,,, We always have problems when we come back, like today we have a new problem: our forklift so we have to deal with that in the next few days, much more than that

Our trip was great, most of the time, Pat says I have no patience but I think I have a lot, at times, like where is the waiter for my next nice wine??!!! Yes the wines were fine again on a cruise but it is hard to compare.........I like three wines in front of me at least, like tonight I have 5..........

OK, the 2013, Block 4 compared to the 2013 16 month. So The 10 month version seems so much younger. Like I have said this vintage is great, even though I liked the 2012, this is better, but do I bring up a comparison tomorrow, to compare the 2012 and 2013???? OK I also have open the 2013 Lagrein, Petit Verdot and Aglianico.

So I think the 2013 10 months younger has nice complexity but more intense so less smooth than the 16 month version. I prefer the 16 Month 2013 Block 4 because it is so drinkable right now. I have to take the time to check out the oak after we bottled the 10 month in July. If we used different barrels in the last 6 months, it could be interesting. I love making wine......

So Catarino and I had a great time out in our 25 acre property. To walk around it is 3/4 a mile. I did it, but my knee was hurting at the beginning and was fine at the end.......?.too much fun time driving my Model S.........I love Tesla.., but I did have to move my right knee at times to speed or let up, sooooo responsive it is

What Catarino and I saw was a medium crop on the Old Vines which is great, nothing needs to be done there but the new vines are growing too much to produce great fruit so there is so much to decide, I want to cut more than half out of the new vines............there is so much to say and I sure would like to transpose everything tonight by speaking. I am looking into it because speaking into the computer and transcribing here now would be much easier.............because I have so much trouble typing........more tomorrow


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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