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Tuesday May 12, 2015

It has been a busy few days. I tried to visit my Mother, 93 years old, Vivien in Millbrae 90+ miles away. With my Tesla, I can get there on one charge in my garage. I could actually get free charging in Petaluma but I would have to sit in Petaluma for 30 minutes SO it costs me about $3 to drive down to Millbrae, my guess with PG&E grid. 190 miles round trip or charge easily in my garage with any 240 volt outlet, just like any clothing drier outlet. I digress, I was still feeling like I was exposing germs through my mouth so I decided to stay home. I am feeling better so I am on recovery preparing for my trip North to Alaska......

Josh, Jose and Catalina have started to take over the tasting room. If any of you want to talk to me I am available in the office all the time. I might be cranky at first, but I like an adventure. There is so much to do here. Josh, Jose and Catalina are really doing well and I am so happy to have such great friends here.

Brad is still working with Bri.  sorry, Dri, I am not good with names

The Sparkling wine was disgorged and ready to ship. We did not need Matt

Friday May 15, 2015

I tried to post a diary yesterday so I will try again.......here it is to see if it works........

 I have had several wines lately from other producers and I still say I have the Coffaro palate. I came here in 1979 and now I know I like young wines. tonight I opened many wines including ours from 1997 and forward. I have to say, I am not the person who likes old wines...........they have no fruit left............
, it was a evolution
Way back in 1973 I opened a bottle of 1958 BV Private reserve. It was so smooth and it so impressed me, I wanted to be a winemaker.

I tasted many BV Private Reserve wines after that. I bought them on Futures for 5-$+7 a bottle up to 75. I moved here on this property in 1979. I could only appreciate BV Private Reserve or Bordeaux. So as i have said I only had Bordeaux or BV Private Reserve. I did not like Zin and I did not like most other wines here in 1979, but I appreciated Petite Sirah, it was more like Cabernet which is what I mostly liked about BV Private Reserve. So now BV Private reserve is, a guess, $150 a bottle? I tried a few last year, they have no fruit. So that is my question, Why do these producers want to get rid of their fruit...............

I know most awards are given for smooth wines so, no fruit works out, but more fruit with a little of sugar has done well too. We do not place our wines in competition anymore, because I have the Coffaro  palate


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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