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arrow March 22 - March 28, 2015

Sunday March 22, 2015

8:30 Pm: If you are south of us, we are 80 miles north of San Francisco, it is raining hard here and you may see some down your way. I heard we would get a small amount but a quarter of an inch in a half hour is fun to see. I have been out for an espresso so I am ready for NCAA or tennis.

Josh comes back tomorrow and Pat and I will be off to Mendocino for two days.........things look good

Friday March 27, 2015

8:45 Pm: This is live now and I am having a Heineken......I know only 4% alcohol but after a few glasses of wine tonight, it is light and refreshing........Pliny is the best

but I must proceed to the last 2 days since we got back from Mendocino, a small town I would recommend to see.............

 We are back from the Heritage House up in Mendocino on highway One. It was a beautiful two days but many people on the coast want to drive too fast SO for the first time I actually pulled over several times because the road over to the coast and on the coast can be very torturous with sharp turns. Several people recently and in the past have gone off the cliff and ............I guess I am getting old..........I do not want to take chances anymore. I used to keep ahead of all people who came up behind me

As I have said before, the Oregon coast is much easier. The roads up there are more straight.

I found the roads in Mendocino smooth, but when I got back to Sonoma County just before you get to Cloverdale there were many holes and even the Tesla was bouncing somewhat...........We need to improve our roads in Sonoma County............

Josh is nice and wants to help out here so that is good.

So now there is a new company who has a chiller. I want to chill down our fermentations so we can control our fermentations. I want our wines to go dry.............no sugar or carbohydrates left. Our tests reveal less than one gram per liter carbohydrates in sugar in all our red wines. A few wines I have tasted recently do have residual sugar left and they are inbalance because they move up the acid. It is like sweet and sour. I am trying to accept these wines but I want to make dry wines with no sugar left. Carbohydrates are not good for my body..........BUT I think I do remember, Pat got me some Cheese Cake while up in Mendocino..........oh maybe it has sugar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I must go up stairs

So Josh and I checked out this guy local, who represents an Oregon Company. He looks like he has the best one BUT I will see. I am talking about an investment of maybe $20,000. We must make better wine each year. I am excited..............


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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