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Thursday August 28, 2014

as some of you know, I am an emotional person at times. I am still upset about Robin Williams died. My friend of over 45 years is not doing well

Life goes on.............we will all die but hopefully after we are gone people will remember us.

Yes I am depressed because a person I have know for 46 years is not doing so well so we may lose him. This is depressing but we all die.............and he will be remembered

Pressing the pinto the other day was real easy. We are in control. This is a small operation so winemaking for me is easy. I am lucky to be here. BUT there are always problems here:

I could go on forever,  but I can not type well so I will try to make this short 

We have a crush pad and water goes into a container and then moved over to a septic tank. This is called gray water because it is settled many times. We are out in the country so we have these large many containers to collect our debris. I have been impressed with how careful we are here especially at a winery. Most of you probably pay a fee for water and sewage. I don't pay a fee for any agency but it sure cost me a lot of money to put in this system and collect the discharge...........I digress, sorry

SOOO This old container to our winery which held gray water stopped working well. I was told The pump was working too much.......long story..........We needed a new pump, but this pump needed a larger container so we have a 150 gallon container in place of a 40 now!!!............so the pump won't come as often and maybe it won't fail for awhile...........this went on too long so I can't get into the other problems which actually are all fun as well. I like spending money so these repairs are an improvement.  

I like challenges, that is why I love what I do. Harvest is the Ultimate.........we should be harvesting Zin by Wednesday.........

Friday August 29, 2014

8:15 Am: This morning we are going to pick a few bunches in areas we think could be ready next week. We hope to pick some Grenache for a Rose wine on Tuesday and probably some old vine Zin on Wednesday. I will report back later with more info.......

1:45 Pm: We have finished checking samples of grapes in a few sections of the vineyard. We had thought there would be some high readings and we were right. The results are as follows: Zinfandel Block One, 26.7% North and 24.0% South...Zinfandel new vines, 25.4%...Zinfandel Old Vines, 22.8%...Grenache, 23.4%. We plan to pick Grenache for a Rose on Tuesday and do some more tests after the fruit comes in. It looks like we will be picking some Zinfandel on Wednesday.

7:30 Pm: Cats are a challenge, GiGi is sitting  on my lap and creating a desire to have Fancy Fiest but now I let them up in the movie room, after Fancy Fiest and they are creating even more trouble there. She was little before but now she is unhappy because she can not sit on my large lap......It is hard so I let her sit on my lap at times, like now......How can I type and upload the diary though.......I can

9:00 Pm: I have to go up to see the San Francisco Giants play the Brewers. The state of Wisconsin has caused me a great deal of trouble lately re: permits. They want a lot of money and ask for a bond....I am not a fan of Wisconsin.....Bryan is Kate's Boy Friend and he like Duane is a Brewers Fan. Pat has left me today to be with Bryan and Kate of course and are in the stadium, Giants VS Brewers right now.........I have it recorded......... I have to call it a night...........

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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