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arrow August 17 - August 23, 2014

Monday August 18, 2014

8:30 Pm:
This weekend we saw over 300 people during our 20th anniversary event celebrating the start of our winery. We even showed a fermentation of Pinot Noir for the start of our 21st year. Several people I respect, I got to see again. Most of the people I am talking about, I have known for years. They are retired and probably happy with retirement. Like I have said ..............I will never retire............I will be here in control until they drag me out. I used to think I would like my ashes scattered in the vineyard................that still may happen........but maybe I should preserve some of my self in another way...........

Some of the retired and others I talked to this weekend, like that challenge of golf. I am more interested in the news. As you know I love the stock market and I am always listening to politics. Golfing I am sure is fun, but I like the real world.......of course like making wine..........

Tomorrow we have decided to pick all our white grapes. We have very little Muscat and Gewurztraminer and maybe 1.5 tons of Sauv Blanc. Maybe we can get 5 barrels and 100 cases in finished wine. It will be our second of maybe 30 days of Harvest. Usually during the Harvest we will have breaks in between the 30 harvesting events and it will get us antsy. Most of winemaking is being organized and patient. It can be a week or two in between harvesting sometimes.........But This year Matt and I think............once we start on Zinfandel, we will not have a day off SO we may be finished by September 29.

Wednesday August 20, 2014

Yesterday we did harvest all our white grapes. I have to say we did not pick the few odd, 120 year white grapes, randomly dispersed through our our vineyard. Paul Citti, a great help in my first year 1979 taught me all about being friends with my vines, even these vines which are eating grapes left for the pickers (They are not good for wine). Paul and I took a liking to each other.........I loved him because he was like a Father to me, just like several other older people who made me miss my Father who died when I was 10. Paul loved vines and he taught me to appreciate my vineyard. Within two months he taught me how to know about my vines by their leaves. It was easy......all vines can be determined by their leaves.

I digress............

We have less grapes than we thought.......That is good because we are hoping we do not have more grapes than last year. I can sell 5,000 to maybe 6,000 cases a year.............but I may have even more grapes after this year with the new plantings, more than 6,000 cases worth. Maybe I should hire a marketing sales person?

I digress......

We got in 1.2385, but does that tell us precisely what we will have in the total cases. Matt settled the solids and racked off the clear juice today into a fermenter. We may get 75 to 85 cases. It should be good stuff. The acid is good with sugar at 23+.

My two kitties, Cory and GiGI were at the vet yesterday to make sure I do not get anymore babies............They act like they never had a major operation, I guess because they are so young, 4 and a half months. 

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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