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arrow January 12  - January 18, 2014

Tuesday January 14, 2014

Video, well we saw the Golden Globe's and I was happy to see "HER" win an award, for screen play, Pat and I disagree that there was no interest in the movie, I liked it and pat was OK with it. Breaking Bad is great....... House of Cards is good also........Tennis is my next thing and NFL is weekend......

Ok I could sell all my GOOG, my big winner or should I let Google go on. I have Amazon, but I think that one will continue to go up and I sold some last month near this same price......remember AMZN usually goes down at this time of year. I may add more. What do I do with Tesla. I am too close to this, I have a passion for Model S. So I wont sell even with some good news........now what about KNDI the other play on Ev. EV in China could be big........

Matt will be finished with blending our 2013 wines tomorrow. He and Salvador are amazing.......Catarino and I are wondering how they get out of the winery at 3 or so each day......6-7 hours. I sort of work 10 hours and Pat surely works 10. Catarino and Martha, 8or9 hours. Maybe Matt is superhuman........Brendan tried for 10 years and I tried for 18 years, doing everything. Matt and Salvidor are doing great.

So I am still concerned about the IRS..........

My tooth is still hurting so I am going in for an exam tomorrow. I am strange, from what I hear, I like dentists!! They continually help me to eat......

So I have pain and Conklin and I will have a good time tomorrow at 2pm. He was the first Dentist AND also the first person I heard converted his car over to an EV. We will take a look at my Tesla. I have pain so we will get into that also, but I usually don't have pain.......it is a slight  numbness in your mouth but you still have all functions in the rest of your body SO what is the problem with dentists with most of you......., except some inconvenience, like things around your mouth......OK I do not like to go to the dentist except when it is important...... BUT I like them

Wednesday January 15, 2014

9:00 Pm: Ok, I want to stay awake as you know so I have had some tequila and wine, with some espresso awhile back and now after an hour, a small amount of beer, Lagunitas.....Sucks, yes the beer is back 8% alcohol. At this time of the night I do not need much alcohol BUT I do like the hops.......

This was an interesting day as usual, no days are boring round here. My accountant was out today and tried to convince me that we are OK with the IRS agent back again on January 23..........We will talk again on the 22nd.

My tooth is another matter. I have implants and they need to be looked at because of my gums. I will learn more on Monday. In the mean time I am on antibiotics and some new drugs. I refuse to take more Ibuprofen.

Tomorrow is another day so I will try to explain more, go KNDI

Saturday January 18, 2014

We have an event today and tomorrow called Winter Wineland so we are still working to get it going smoothly. They, the staff including Pat, want me to wear white.......red wine and white? Oh well I might take a try at it for a short while. It is supposed to be well into the 70's so as some of you know I will want to wear a tank top, but I could not find a white one.

Some of you may be wondering how my health is going and I can confirm I am back to normal, what ever that is. I am on antibiotics and my tooth is feeling fine now AND my feet are doing well so it looks like I will live for a while. I am on my usual low carb diet which I have done since year 2000. I actually like cutting out on carbs and eating fat. It is hard to eat a lot of fat so I have been averaging less than 2000 calories and that includes wine and/or tequila when I had a lot of pain.

Next week will be busy with a dentist appointment on Monday, Pat leaves Tuesday for a visit up to Seattle and The IRS lady is back on Thursday. I hope to head off to Costco on Tuesday after dropping Pat off at the airport in Santa Rosa. I have been using Costco business delivery more lately so it has been awhile since I have traveled to Costco. I have been spending more time at G&G market since they have live crabs......I like the insides so that is the best way to buy them......steaming fresh is so good, also few calories.......

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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