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Wednesday April 23, 2014

I am improving slightly, but still having trouble sleeping at night. My back is fractured in three places and the specialist I went to thinks I may have a stress fracture that has been existing for years. I plan to pick up an x-ray taken of my back from a previous doctor and meet back with the specialist on May 5. Friday I am going in for a bone density test. I expect complete recovery in a few weeks. I actually have stopped taking ibuprofen and thus taking only one aleve in the morning and one in the evening. I must admit ibuprofen does work better for me so I may go back to taking it. For the last three weeks I have consumed about 12 ibuprofen a day which I think is too much so maybe 6 will work better than aleve.

8:00 Pm:  I decided to add a couple of Ibuprofen and doing fine.

Ok I have not mentioned the stock market recently but you can bet i was following it. Last week I sold all my GOOG. I have made enough money in GOOG to pay for at lesat half my Tesla. I have not been happy with their website lately. It seems to be going downhill. We used to be able to cache what we selected in a search and they keep hiding it. Then now I have trouble going back!!!!!!! I have to hit back bar and forward several times to find what I had searched. Hey Google is a great company and I am sure it will continue to go up.

I mentioned GWPH, they are in to Medical Cannabis. It is up, but a chance. I still own a lot of Tesla and have purchased some Apple and more of Amazon. Even Facebook looks OK now. KNDI could be huge but very risky. I am even starting to buy back some more 3D printing stocks..........Tomorrow is another day...........

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