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arrow April 13  - April 19, 2014

Monday April 14, 2014

There has not been much to say since my back is no better. My foot is healing nicely and the scabs are coming off with just slightly pink skin underneath. I guess I will just hope my back heals. While twisting, especially when getting in bed, the pain is almost unbearable. I probably should try my recliner at night but I don't know if I could get sound sleep.

Pat gets home today and then we must deal with the wine club. Also I am still working on taxes.

Catalina was nice to bring me 6 bottles of wine from our storage last Thursday. After two days I did try them blind. I had been grabbing a shot of tequila in most nights. The wines I tried were the 2012 Petit Verdot, Block 4 and Escuro in green cap (10 month barrel aged) and red cap (16 month barrel aged). I thought the red caps were smoother and the green cap was more intense so the choice would depend upon your mood or food. 

Thursday April 17, 2014

9:00 Pm: It has been a very intense few days. We have had to re-due many credit cards to the right number and there have been even more bounced cards after running today. We even had Costco's Elavon screw up many transactions that created 97 duplicates. I had to refund all those people..........don't get me into the Club.......It is still wonderful...........

My back is no better, maybe worse so I decided to call and received an appointment with a Nurse practitioner at 4:30 today, very impressive......my regular doctor was sick. This new doctor, as I call her, scheduled an xray for tomorrow. I am having trouble dealing with the pain in the night.....the day is fine.....why........? I have no idea why I have more pain at night nor does anyone else. So tomorrow I go in for an xray, I asked why not a scan.......her answer was, Dave, we only do scans if there is a known problem. Xrays, first and as she suspects, if they are normal, she will send me to a conditioner, my words not hers. I asked about acupuncture and she gave me a name. I also have an appointment with a known back surgeon on Monday.

Don't worry about your wine. We packed up many wine club boxes and the grapes are looking great. I am going to make an effort tomorrow afternoon to walk out in the vineyard to see the green growth. I also want to see our new solar system going in. In a few weeks we will completely be solar...........

So I have this intense pain. As some of you know, I have tried marijuana at times so of course I tried it during the last three weeks while I have had my back pain. I can say it does not work for me. I like marijuana because it helps me think about the future but for injuries, it makes me paranoid.

I filed for a Passport because we are heading for Canada in June. I received it last week after a few weeks. Then in a separate envelope, generic to a point I would through it a way, I opened to see my original passport from 1972, the last time I filed for a passport. They asked for it for one of the proofs. I never expected it back so this was so nice. Like Pat said some of us want to keep it because of the past. One thing I noticed, from my May 5, 1972 passport, is my signature....it has not changed.....no one could duplicate it without a lot of time. If I stop in motion, I can not complete it. Fred and I worked on our signatures while working in the post office, of course on spare time, not. I am certain we stopped after 5 years and perfected our signatures, mine for certain has not changed.......but I digress, I have an excuse, after all tomorrow is another day,............

Friday April 18, 2014

My xray of my back came out positive!! I have a fractured bone in my back. The nurse practitioner said it was bad news, I think it is good news since now I know in a few more weeks I will be back to normal. I just have to find a way to sleep comfortably on my left side. My right side is where the bone is fractured so I have to stay away from there. I have no trouble walking and actually I just walked a half mile to see our new solar down by the creek. I am staying active and will drive down to see my Mother on Sunday. I will be consuming more tequila!!

9:00 Pm: I have pain from the xray so I will go into that later.

We just moved everything out of our office and some of it is upstairs in our kitchen SO we have relatives and friends, 20 or more, to help us for the Passport event and be in our kitchen at times and SOOOOOO we have to remove all this stuff in the kitchen to somewhere else. So

I figured I had to have my cane again, probably only to get out of bed so Pat got it for me out of my closet. OH gee, I guess I should have gotten it by myself. She saw many containers of wraps for my 2nd degree burn. I don't need them anymore but she wants them more organized.........is that important now? so

Pat and I have decided to meet in the kitchen tomorrow morning at 8am and move ALLLLLLLLL, everything out of the kitchen to somewhere else. This will be fun............

Now to the pain. I know I can stand pain more than most. I was fearful that this pain is so intense,.......if it persisted......I would be in big trouble. I know now I will recover in a few weeks, but right now I am not comfortable when sleeping. So I need to keep fighting for sleep, eventually we all get tired. I only need 6 hours of sleep so I have been in bed before 11pm and back up before 8:30, but in that long time I can get 6 hours of sleep. So the xray today has given me more pain.

At about 9am, I got into Healdsburg about 20 minutes away to park and go into the hospital. I saw someone within 15 minutes. The guy asked me to lay on my right side and I told him I did not know if I could do that so we settled on my left side. It was painful but it took only 5 minutes and than he asked me to move on to my back, the worst place for me. It was more painful and I had to get back over to my left side to get out of the cot. So the rest of the day has not been easy because those movements on the dolly caused more short term pain. I was told. I can stand pain.............now it is time to go upstairs to see Giants baseball and Nadal tennis.......I am happy to be alive.........

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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