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Wednesday April 2, 2014

I have an iPhone but rarely use it because I don't make many calls outside the office. I would buy an iWatch if I could see the time of day at anytime. I wear an inexpensive Timex that has kept perfect time for three years. An iWatch could be a problem for because I do not want to have to push a button to see the time. Of course the battery could be two fold.......that is, one for the time and one for all the other things required to sync with my iPhone. So how do we display all information at ounce. I personally want my mind to comprehend everything at once and thus in front of me at all times.

I have said this before and I know what will be achieved in my life time and it will be something like this:

An image will be displayed in front of me.....an image that would give me anything I want to see or access. It will be transparent in a way so it will not hinder our motions........ Sure there is Google Glass but I am talking about something that would be more advanced and thus less intrusive......First it will be an image but later it will develop into something through the mind............The iWatch could be the start of this..........

8:30 Pm: I know I handle pain more than most. I keep focus, so when I fell down this last week I did not comprehend what had happened. I now know I have 2nd degree burns..............after 5 days it is worse now, oozing. They say not to pop the blisters but I am hoping that will speed up the drying...............They say nothing about scabs that I have read so far.......I guess I should look into that now...........but yes I expect scabs.......I already see some all over my right side.............Yes that cast iron skillet has put me in pain.

I'll be fine...........

I have a bigger happening!!! Pat and I have decided to gut out our office. We decided this a few weeks ago, but I have done little to help get ready for this big change. I don't mind changes, but Pat usually dose not. She looks ready. She has moved many things into other parts of our house. She will be away for a week seeing the Giants. In the mean time we have to move things around to make sure we have phone and network going. I will be ready.

In the mean time we are selling our Pre-Harvest Futures for the 19th year, I think. This is the 2014 Futures. We forgot the Sauvignon Blanc and had to give refunds because we had the wrong prices.....a few problems, otherwise sales are good..........Thanks  

Thursday April 3, 2014

I am recovering. My back is better and my leg is not oozing anymore. I wore a loose sock last night and it helped. I did not get a good nights sleep again but this afternoon for a short 15 minute nap, I did get to meet Nadal.......

Pat is getting ready to leave. I know she will have a good time seeing San Francisco Giants games next week. Like I have said while she is gone we will move everything out of the office, tear up the floor and move all our phone communication and network capability somewhere else........BUT we should have the network and phones working within an hour. Then we have to decide what things look like after that. We have plugs and extensions all over the place........how many do we need? I need to take pictures tomorrow and have Catalina post on Facebook. I sold all my Facebook stock at 71+ so I need to buy it back............I like owning stocks that represent products I use. I don't use Facebook but people around me do.

Saturday April 5, 2014

I wrote some stuff last night when I was in a great deal of pain. I have included it below in case some of you may understand it. Today I am in more pain with my foot. Now at 2pm I have taken off the wrap. This morning after sleeping very little, I got up in great pain from my foot. After I took off the wrap I felt better because the gauze had attached to the oozing wound and of course that hurt when it was pulled off of the skin. I am now sitting here with a towel underneath my foot and I think that is better than having the gauze stick to the skin again. At dinner time I will wrap it again and at bed time I am planning to take the wrap off and put a towel underneath my leg. I am worried about tossing and turning during the night and thus rubbing on the towel so I will see how that goes. I think the burns need more air to dry out.............below is what I wrote last night:

Friday April 4, 2014

I am in pain again. It seems like only 3 ibuprofen works to ease the pain. Celebrex, one pill does little and wow it is expensive. I had celebrex and Hydrocodone left over from my knee surgery two years ago. I stored them in the frig so I am sure they should still be fine, but neither works for me. I probably should take 4 ibuprofen every 4 hours and I am sure I would be feeling less pain..........but I consume about 600 calories of alcohol at dinner time for two hours so I do not take ibuprofen from 2 pm until 10 at night. I did get a good nights sleep on Thursday night so I must be doing better? Pat and I have so many things going on with our futures and wine club, it keeps me busy...........so

Sometimes I know drugs of any kind including alcohol can give you a false security feeling. That can create a problem by covering up the pain. Sometimes, especially with back problems, I need to be still and by taking pain killers, I can re-injure my back and not know it. But I have found moving around and being active is what my burns need while my back would be better staying very still for probably only one day or so. I guess I fell on my back with the hot food sitting on me, mostly on my bottom right foot. I remember sitting there for a minute or so screaming. I know I got up and took a shower knowing my back was in the greatest pain. I don't even remember looking at my foot until day three and then realizing I have a burn. My back has subsided. I will be fine..........but

I know we all have experienced pain in one part of our body and then you get another pain and the first pain is forgotten. That is probably why Acupuncture works, it directs the pain away. My pain was more intense with my back and then when the back problem became less intense I felt my foot. Now that my foot has been feeling better by walking around, my back is being felt again. I remember the pain in my back at the beginning and I know I probably should have stayed in bed the first day or so. I might have hurt my back by staying active. I think my foot should be moved around more so I am not sure what should be done next.........after all, tomorrow is another day.  

The stock market is down, I will talk about it next time. Also we are moving everything out of this office on Tuesday..........

4:00 Pm: Back to Saturday now. I just read another section on 2nd degree burns and I see now I should not be moving around a lot and I don't need to bandage the area. Here is some of what I read:

  • Protect the burn from pressure and friction.
  • Donít bump the burned area. Try to use it less than you normally would. This can help it heal.
  • Drink enough water or juice to prevent dehydration.

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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